I normally attended a rather strict Catholic school, and there were many of us who believed that all our problems would be solved, all our dreams within reach if we just went to Ridgemont public high school. The real Spicoli, Brad, Rat, Ramone, Stacy, Linda & Mr Hand 'The Rat' can be seen in all his glory on page 173. By the end of the school year I had become so accepted that even Principal Gray had forgotten about my project. I eavesdropped on conversations around me, made copious notes, winked at the teachers who knew, and made my way. I can’t remember all the times I left situations “to go to the bathroom” and furiously scribble notes on conversations and facts I’d just heard. The book has long since been out of print but can be found online at websites like ebay with paperbacks selling anywhere from about $40.00 up and hardcovers selling for $100.00 and up. 1982 "RIDGEMONT HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOK" Ridgeway, OH, Fast Times At Ridgemont High By Cameron Crowe (1982, Paperback), 1st/1st Printing FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH Cameron Crowe CULT CLASSIC, 1981 "RIDGEMONT HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOK" Ridgeway, OH, FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH - Cameron Crowe - 1st Printing - HC/DJ - VG, 1980 "RIDGEMONT HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOK" Ridgeway, OH, Fast Times At Ridgemont High - Cameron Crowe 1982 Movie Tie-in Edition T, Fast Times At Ridgemont High - Cameron Crowe PB 1st First Edition, 1983 "RIDGEMONT HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOK" Ridgeway, OH, Cameron Crowe FAST TIMES AT RIDGEMONT HIGH 1st First FINE/FINE, Vintage Jewelry Brooch LISNER FLOWER 11774, VTG CROWN TRIFARI Signed Pink Glass Cabochon Rhinestone RARE Rose Gold N, 1857 LOT Of 12 Pratt Antique Botanical CHROMOLITHOGRAPH Prints WILD FLOW, Vintage Jewelry Necklace ROSEARY UNIQUE 7416, Pennsylvania Impressionists Auction: Coppedge, Rosen, Schofield, Redfiel, Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds Poster - Canandaigua, NY 7/15/12 Rich Kelly, ANTHONY LAPAGLIA" PENCIL SIGNED 1940's MID-CENTURY MODERNIST WOODBLOCK P, BLINK 182 *AUTOGRAPHED Signed POSTER + VIP Laminate + T Shirt + Ticket S, Vintage Jewelry Bracelet PEARL DESIGN STERLING CLASP IN POUCH 9777, Vintage Sterling Silver & Pearls Pin 9.3g FREE SHIP. They were everywhere, standing on street corners in their Lynyrd Skynyrd t-shirts, in cars, in the 7-Eleven. To search or share Ridgemont High School photos and yearbooks, you must first To change to manual billing instead of automatic payment, please login and go to the "My Profile" page linked from the left hand side of your screen under where you would have a profile photo. Next, click the "My information" link. To edit your profile please login and click on the My Profile link on the left side of your screen under the profile photo. Ridgemont High School. Click this link. NOTE: It is the responsibility of the members to post content, photos, yearbooks and information on the site. Charles Jefferson is also. DAMONE - I don't know. On the page which opens you will see a list of Reunions that have given their details to the site. I wore standard Southern California attire–tennis shoes, t-shirt, and backpack, but as I pushed past the other students, I began to wonder. Please contact the school or school district for assistance with this. When I try to register it says my email address has already been used. What is 'NEVER SEEN' for sale concerning this book and movie is THE REAL ORIGINAL 1979 CLAIREMONT HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOK (CALUMET) - The yearbook that was issued to classmates at the end of the year of Crowe'. Ridgemont Alumni has 1,193 members. In fact, for the first month, I was completely ignored at Ridgemont. You can find them. Class of l967. Find Alumni in Ontario > We realize that a Ridgemont High School year book may be hard to find so registering to complete your school's Virtual Yearbook She began pointing out campus notables through her windshield. To change your profile picture please go to "my photos" and browse to the large scale view of whichever photo you want to make your display photo, then click on "edit photo" button on that page. In there, click on the "Admin" link to go to a page of administrative options. I started school the next week as a seventeen-year-old senior named Dave Cameron. “Still writing?”. I attended the prom and passed by his table near the entrance, where he sat with Mrs. Gray, greeting students and introducing them to his wife. As the year progressed, they became my group, and they were the characters I spent most of my days with. I told them the story of Dave Cameron, of my project. “Cameron! “It was a great year,” I told him. A gathering place for graduates and former educators of Ridgemont High School in Ridgeway, Ohio. Maybe. Considering the age and the infamy of this volume it's condition is TOTALLY AWESOME! I named a few. Once you're logged in, click on the "My Profile" link in the left menu. The object, I told him, was to write a book about real, contemporary life in high school. Four other teachers were also informed. The yearbook does a good job chronicling what really took place during the 'Fast Times At Ridgemont High' school year. All pages are there, intact, not loose, not folded etc. My entire lifestyle changed that year. The reason for this issue may be because you have created two separate profiles in our system but are not logging into the profile that has these notifications/messages waiting for you.

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