But a third option is to build a subframe for the cage underneath the car. Instead, every piece of tubing should be carefully notched to provide the absolutely best fit possible. According to Ruth, the DIY route has become more popular for entry-level customers looking for a roll bar/cage. The 2012 NHRA Rulebook has 12 pages in the General Regulations section that pertain to frame requirements, which is far more than we could ever outline here in detail. Racefab ‘s roll-cages not only fit your vehicle better than any other, giving you more interior space and a extreme quality look, but our cages tie the strongest parts of your vehicles frame structure together making your vehicle stronger and easier to tune. This allows the cage to drop in place a few inches so that the top of the bars can be securely welded without the roof of the car or the windshield getting in the way. Most Jeep Cherokee owners know the XJ’s uni-body construction needs strengthening, especially if you are going to do more than mild trails. These should help whether you are building your own cage, or shopping for a fabricator to help you out. The lesson here: Slowly sneak up on each piece of tubing you notch. Every weld undergoes scrutineering by our quality assurance team, and is performed by the most qualified welders, certified to the highest aerospace certification D17.1. We'll send you the most interesting Chevy Hardcore articles, news, car features, and videos every week. An 8-point roll cage includes a main hoop, a windshield brace across the roof, a back brace, sides, subframe struts, and gussets. Said Giroud, “The roll cage that’s designed to save your life on the track is meant for an environment where you’re using proper safety gear — a helmet, harnesses, and everything else. The pens are separated, however, to prevent droppings from entering the cage below. – Bret Voelkel. Take a little extra time to remove a little bit of material from the tubing each time until you get it perfect, rather than cut too much and try to bridge the gap with welding wire. Roll cages are predominantly used in cars that are being used for racing and stunt work because of the aggressive driving style and the increased danger. The usual course of action when building a cage in a unibody car is to create attachment points for the cage either by welding in square tubing to create frame rails or metal plates against the sheetmetal. But again, the rule applies that asking questions at the track is always best case. Therefore, it is necessary to measure the angle at which your roof meets the side of your car so that you can determine the angle that the tube will need to bend. This particular Mustang is being built to meet SFI standard 25.3B, which is for full-bodied cars—either unibody or tube frame—looking to run under 7.50 seconds (but no faster than 6.50). The stainless that we used actually has a higher tensile strength than mild steel and approaches that of chromoly.”. We will safeguard your e-mail and only send content you request. No cutting on the car and very little cost.". Again, the primary goal here should be keeping you safe regardless of your driving habits, and remember, you can never be too safe. Fact is, you can never be too safe. Beyond this, there are 10, 12, and 14-point designs that provide more structural integrity. 10 pt. "You can make a cage out of mild-steel DOM tubing that is just as safe as a chromoly cage. "Any time you have plans to go faster, I always recommend building the car for the future," Cline explains. Give it some unique style: paint your frame, add some decals, make a mock roll cage with painted PVC piping and surround your cockpit with speakers for an incredible sound. “So even though the rules say you don’t have to run it, we really suggest you put at least an 8-point in any car that’s going to be raced.”. However, if you are confident in your abilities, then giving it a go will be a rewarding challenge. SKU: BSCW50. At the surface, a roll bar and a roll cage are designed to accomplish one very critical goal — to keep the driver safe should they be involved in an accident;  particularly a crash that involves the shiny side down. Roll Cages and Roll Bar Kits. Thanks alot. As we’ve mentioned before, the primary purpose of a roll cage is safety, and bad welds do not make for safe cages. There is a cost, but as this went to press the downloadable plans were a manageable $38 apiece. Bolted-in bars require a pair of 6-inch steel plates — one underneath and one above, with four 3/8-inch bolts through the rocker sill to hold the two plates together. Im looking for something with the bend radius' and all dimensions required to manufacture one. I was going to buy them but I cant find a place in Canada that sells them and the places in the US are expensive to ship them. Used when installing a roll cage or roll bar when the bottom of the cage is wider than the frame...such as a pickup truck. COPYRIGHT 2014 - RACEFAB INC. - - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The cost to have a roll bar/cage varies widely from region to region, and a lot depends on which shop you have it done at. What it really boils down to then is a tradeoff between cost and speed. by Jasper Aaron. Besides making for easier upgrades as Cline mentioned earlier, this also creates a 360-degree protective halo around the driver, provides for excellent structural integrity, and makes creating seat mounts a simple process. "I'd rather throw away a pile of poorly notched tubing before I'd let one piece get on a car I'm building." By using these two measurements, you can find out the length of the tube you will need to go diagonally from the main hoop to the baseplate. $205.95. Our cage is designed in house, entirely in solid works, from factory Jeep Chrysler files, providing unparalleled strength and a precision fit. “Our philosophy has always been that in the case of a rollover, the roll cage that protects the top of the windshield is much stronger and provides a lot more protection,” explains Jim Wright of Chris Alston’s Chassisworks. Roll Cage Kits,Roll Cages,Roll Cage Kit,Circle Track Roll Cage,Truck Roll Cage,Maita Roll Cage,BMW Roll Cage,Street Roll Cage,K-5 Roll Cage,Bronco Roll Cage,Chump Roll Cage,24 Hours Lemons Roll Cage,Seat Mount Kit, Racing, Accessories, Seat Mounts, Safety Components, Tubing,Roll Bar Padding, Seat Belts, One of the most crucial decisions you’ll make when building your own roll cage is deciding on the materials that you are going to use. This gives chromoly a distinct advantage in terms of weight, but that advantage comes at a cost that customers must weigh (no pun intended) before they build. If anyone has something like this i would appreciate it! 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