8)Earthworm Jim's "Princess Whats-Her-Name.". Illustration, Dark Spiky Pyramids Pattern. Also, in Disney's Robin Hood, although all the characters are animals they are heavily antropomorphized (is that a word?) Let's not forget a classic comic strip of iconic status. Endlessly torn between the adorable and sweet, blonde, Betty and the difficult, but alluring, brunette, Veronica, Archie was engaged in an ongoing struggle that plagues most men. Sadly, this show is a lot harder to find than it used to be. "Brave's" Princess Merida & her triplet brothers. :) I love Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach and Kenshin Himura from Rurouni Kenshin: http://ui09.gamespot.com/2024/ichigokurosaki.jpg. Illustration of colorful spiky pattern with 3D appearance composed of overlapping triangles in yellow, blue, red, black and pink colors, Sunset over spiky mountains. Vector illustration in flat style in colors red, blue, green, and other, Spiky sea shell pencil sketch. 2)Princess Toadstool, from the Super Mario Brothers. Also, "Peppermint's" full name In Strawberry Shortcake is "Peppermint Fizz". Let's start with Batman. themagster-- So glad you have decided to join HubPages!!! I have never seen or ate a red orange or a orange apple ! That red-headed go-kart racer from Sugar Rush in the movie "Wreck-It Ralph's "name is Jubileena. Love it! Best of luck!! Baseball softball esports jersey design with spiky splash abstract pattern on the jersey and combination of, 3d cartoon punk rocker with spiky hair using a smartphone tablet device, 3d illustration. Vector illustration in ethnic style, Cactus logo. In anime there are demographics that cover different target audiences. Thank you!!!! It was another fun cartoon that was also made into a live-action movie several years ago. For some reason, it's now pink. My daughter loves this show, and I just became aware of it a couple years ago, when she asked to watch it. We all remember those classic cartoons. He only got violent when he was provoked by meddling family members. Radial shape. Despite what the opening song says, Family Guy is full of violence and sexual jokes. Of course, I seem to have forgotten one of my favorite redheads! I have a little girl, so I have seen Dave The Barbarian, though my daughter wasn't a huge fan of the show. Abstract futuristic 3D render Spiky stickers. I still wish I could be her. Pattern background wrapped this purple smooth colors give a unique look and addition to spiky edge stripe on the sides, Cartoon 3d punk rock character with spiky hair dances like a fool, 3d illustration. These tackle more adult topics, full of adult language, violence and sexuality. Golden royal head decoration with sharp spikes and gem stone - realistic vector illustration, Spiky punk rock cartoon character holding a gold key, 3d illustration. Anna Marie Bowman (author) from Florida on November 01, 2016: I know. themagster from south of england on February 02, 2011: Hi Anna Marie, I was so excited to find your famous (and long running)cartoon redheads hub that I've joined hubpages myself. An abstract painting with a spiky abstract grid-like structure. there is one that i love that i didn't see you mention, Sally from Jack & Sally in the Nightmare before Christmas! Abstract monochrome motif isolated on white, Black and white of a recurring spiky dangerous angular cross-pieces and lines pattern. Illustration Set of Different Simple Yellow Orange Sun Icons on White, Spiky stickers. As my daughter has gotten older, she has moved on to other cartoon shows, aimed at a slightly older audience.

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