I personally got told they (just some vicious people) were going to cut off my hair, or that I had to go back to Africa with my ugly hair.… Read more », It's not his fault that black people are being bashed for the hairstyle. You want to preach about cultural appropriation? 3RACHA LOCKDOWN (@straysos) April 18, 2019. don’t ignore this. I think him hair stylist was good right ?

Either way, if you aren't black, you have no opinion on the matter except to support and protect them.

lmao yall stupid they are dutch braids ~ coming from an African American person themselves i cant tell you they were not cornrows. Y'all r just overly sensitive. do not claim straight hair to one culture when 1, no discrimination applies to the hair style and 2, half of the world has straight hair (no matter what ethnicity), how many other kpop idols have sported braids before though? These are normal loose braids, whereas cornrows have a tighter and flatter look. LEARN ABOUT YOUR OWN FREAKING CULTURAL BEFORE YOU SAY SH*T. I'm so tried of black kpop stans being ok with culture appropriation in kpop. Tf is wrong with ppl.. Chan your braids were sexy asf. Yes, cornrows are usually worn by the black community, but who said it was disrespectful for a white person o wear them? arent. WHO ARE WE TO TELL CHAN OR ANY OTHER IDOL WHAT THEY SHOULD WEAR/DO?

Stop being children and let them be happy. Ight. I think that some people are just being over the top. this has got way out of hand and the way people have been addressing this situation and addressing the boys is disgusting. but hey! But what makes me wonder, why didn't BP's Lisa get such big backlash like Chan does right now? A rough debut for Stray Kids' HyunJin as controversies of him bullying and making sex jokes surface on the internet. people always want to turn nothing into something. This is exactly that 'but RM' situation that everyone talks about. Dude its a FUCKING HAIR STYLE, as a black person I'm not offended by this AT ALL. So STAYs in the future lets not be like how we are right now.

everyone makes mistakes, but telling him to die and leave the group is disgusting and immature. First and foremost, let me put y'all on something real quick.

No one seemed to discriminate against him for having a hairstyle that (not trying to be racist, it can be worn by anyone) is mostly seen worn by african americans/blacks. they shouldn't even be mad in the first place.

I have a strong belief that if your not black you shouldnt ask him to apologize or come for people who feel offended.

We are surrounded by cultural including music, fashion, food, language, etc.

but the braids change had, were not Cornrows.

People will only blame us, because we go to bars and get drunk, ”wrote the victim.

I think that asking for an apology is okay i dont understand whhy they would need one but its still okay. It’s not even black stays demanding an apology, it’s just sad people who want to cause drama and place some hate on… Read more ». Can I not use it? Then the perpetrator got angry and said dirty words as the victim always refused.

Woojin Released in Sexual Harassment Scandal, Former Stray Kids, Woojin Denies Sexual Abuse, Jungwoo fans defend allegation of Woojin’s harassment, The day Mia Khalifa managed to steal the role from Lohan, Ricky Martin: Meet the singer’s wide list of brides, Cardi B: comments on the TINY Halloween costume. Lol.

If anyone finds this comment offensive you are in your full right to say so - however if you believe this scandal is REALLY that bad please explain why… Read more ». He even said he regretted… Read more ».

Bang Chan has shown his respect to the black community and every other community time and time again.

hiiiiiii, black stay here!!! The reason being, why can he use this hairstyle as fashion when african americans are getting oppressed for their hairstyles? destroyed woojin merch i think pic.twitter.com/sBcQ7pfAkl, — aleah | IN生 (@stayfixs) September 9, 2020.

aren’t you amused by korean culture and music. No, you don’t get it. ur not a fake stay if you’re fighting for another cultures rights..... and ur not a fake stay for being a sensitive person.... fake stays are those who make fun of or diss others just because they don’t agree with their opinions. Learn the difference between Cultural Appropriation and Cultural Appreciation. EVEN IF IT WAS HIS CHOICE, ITS HIS HAIR LAY OFF!! it's a hairstyle. Im gonna STAY♡. or??!

Okay so that would say that normally blacks cannot straighten their hair cuz it's an insult to asian people who have for the most of them natural straight hair... does that make sens seriously?? No one was born with dreads, that is a conscious choice.

(incase you were bitter). Anyway, I doubt he had say in it, let's wait for jyp/chan to say something instead of talking about ot8 and 2racha. Stray Kids member Woojin accused of sexual harassment Victims Reveal Their Sexual Harassment Identity In a later tweet, the victim explained that the perpetrator of the sexual harassment was a K-pop idol who had left the group and currently does not belong to any agency.

We are a global community where everything belongs to everyone. Let's never… Read more ». he looks good as fUCK too so everyone can just leave him alone.

Indians have been stereotyped and made fun of because of yoga. If you leave braids its for style not protection. so i dont see the major… Read more », we don't claim the black people in these comments... talm about " just hair" ms girl.... we removing your black card, yall are weird asf... whenver some western white artists wears cornrows or a durag and shit it's bad and racist but when some kpop boy does it there is not all problem.... both are wrong idc, Good god, this hurts me so much!!

So what is the difference? Then the victim explains the chronology of being sexually assaulted. I've tried to understand why black people get so angry about it and I just cannot. In recent videos, he has been looking very unlike himself.

Doesn’t matter race or not, he’s doing nothing wrong. Ironic.

Personally I feel like there is no hairstyle that belongs to one culture, if someone wants to have cornrows in their hair that’s fine. Dude, cornrows ARE Dutch braids..anyways as a black, I could care less he’s wearing braids. The point has already been made, several hundred times, you don't need to add to it. And it's not like other people that are not black don't do the hairstyle, so why are people asking Chan to apologise?

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