With a true Flex Fuel Tune, you will no longer have to worry about content percentage or "bad blends", as the Flex Fuel Tune provides great power and reliable safety.

Element Tuning Competition Engines for Subaru BRZ, Scion FRS, Toyota FT-86 with FA20 or WRX FA20DIT. Not only does Custom ECU Tuning add horsepower and torque, it also increases driveability, smoothness and in some cases, fuel economy. Taxi wins title at 2013 Whelen US TimeTrial Championship finale. Your factory ECU does not need to be flashed or even removed, just unplug the connectors, and plug the Hydra harness and EMS in. Will you pro tune using OpenECU or Open Source? Clients are also encouraged to review our pre-tune checklist to make sure that their car is tune-ready prior to scheduling a tuning appointment. - Yes, we provide air-fuel ratio and boost charts along with corresponding horsepower and torque charts when requested. IAG subcontracts several of the industry’s best calibrators to provide pro tuning services for our customers. It’s very important to me, more than peak power, that my base maps are tested in real world conditions and under racing conditions. With David Santiallo scoring 2 Unlimited Class wins plus 4 second place finishes vs.

The rear of this car is just too light without the muffler and junk in the trunk. The Hydra will then automatically compensate adjust the fuel, timing and boost maps for the difference in ethanol content. So if you have one cam that is off 1 degree at idle that can be fine tuned and if you’re overshooting, undershooting, or too slow to respond, the closed loop rate can be fine tuned to hit the target as fast as possible without overshooting.

The third main from right to left has a larger oil port. No problem.

All of the parts that IAG carries may be professionally installed at our service and retail facility. Allpro is an independent Subaru-specific shop that has been servicing the metro Atlanta area since 2009.

What happens to you oil volume requirements when you need to feed two journals with one main? Pauter’s 4340 forged X beam rods which are manufactured to the highest standards in the industry. As long as there was no component failure we would reuse the same bearings, crank, rods, block, and pistons and continue the durability testing.It was not uncommon for us to push all the extremes to find the maximum and minimum operating range of each component and it’s clearance. Please use the search field below. Professional Subaru Tuning. Used by some of the fastest cars in the world: GST Motorsports: Redline Unlimited Time Attack Champions, 2 Time Global Time Attack Champions….and just about every track lap record.

If you want to get your car tuned, you can find your nearest EcuTek dealer by: Searching on the map below and clicking on the map pins to reveal the dealer's contact details. Element Tuning Competition Engines for Subaru FA20 or FA20DIT. –    Different Engines. Dyno Tuning. Pro tuning is also for clients that wish to take off the shelf COBB maps and tweak them for improved drivability, throttle response, and reliability. Scooby Clinic has evolved to become one of the leading lights in vehicle tuning in the UK. Clutch Master Clutch and Flywheel Give us a call and see the difference! We pride ourselves in not only delivering remarkable products but also remarkable customer service. Don’t want to run the FA20? Engine Oiling!

Installations. Element Tuning engines are the only engines to solve this problem! Complete performance solutions with exceptional service by experienced technicians. Simply unplug your factory ECU, plug our harness and Hydra EMS in.

You can also set your how aggressive or how slowly you want the closed loop to control the fuel changes. “Philip Grabow is likely the first man in history to win a national Championship in a taxi.

At Element Tuning we realize all the elements are needed for success. Now the direct injection pump is mechanical but with the Hydra you can tune your pressure target based on RPM/Load. Fabrication. The only way to have long term durability data on your engine program is to continue using the same parts.

Boosted Tuning is experienced in Flex Fuel Tuning on Mitsubishi's and Subaru's. Check out some of our favorite customer builds, community events, and activities including the Performance Auto Solutions crew. Even under OEM power levels excessive oil temperature from this motor has oil pressure dropping into the 50 psi range. Philip Grabow may have used both Element Tuning’s Hydra EMS powered Scion FRS and Subaru STi during the season and led the points heading into Sebring, but he was without a car. Shop today! The Connecting Rods.

What dyno do you use for pro tuning? –    Fuel Pump(s) Control. My personal car also runs twin pumps, one in the saddle tank, and the Hydra is triggering both pumps. Specializing in Custom ECU tuning for the Mitsubishi Evolution 8, 9, X and Subaru Impreza WRX/STI, we have repeatedly delivered great tunes, that keep our clients ahead of the competition. I could go on and on but I’ll leave the rest open for discussion or questions. - No, you can schedule a pro tune with us even if you have not received work from our facility. Installations.

Having a Google software engineer on our team has made all the difference in the world here and trust me when I say we can do just about anything, all you need to do is ask, I’m not kidding.

Dealers are generally shops that offer our products to their customers, think of them as authorized retailers. –    Injection Response (On-Time). We have a fast and productive Remote Tuning process. We experienced OEM rod failure under racing conditions in the 350 ft/lbs of torque range. Our bearings and clearances have been tested for 10,000+ miles of racing. Global Time Attack win Road Atlanta naturally aspirated. It was a tough break for the North Cup and double round winner, who had trekked all the way from New York to compete for the title.

Element Tuning Hydra EMS plug and play Stand-Alone The closest results to your location appear first. With this data we have been able to build an engine that not only makes huge power but has near OEM oil level consumption. Why? IAG Performance located in Maryland sells as well as installs aftermarket performance parts for the WRX, STI, Forester XT, Legacy GT and BRZ. With E85 becoming a frequently used fuel to gain more power, Flex Fuel Tuning is becoming more popular. Element Tuning Competition Engines for Subaru BRZ, Scion FRS, Toyota FT-86 with FA20 or WRX FA20DIT. Our custom valved BC Suspension with Hydra EMS power had us leading our class. With only days to go he struck a deal with long-term sponsor BC Racing to borrow a 700hp supercharged BMW M3. Professional Subaru Tuning. Hitting these targets can be adjusted through the DI Fuel Pump Pulse Width, DI Dump Valve Response Time, Dump Valve Phase Trim, and PID. IAG subcontracts several of the industry’s best calibrators to provide pro tuning services for our customers. Entering a search location will renew the search from that location as the center point. Nothing will kill your brand new motor faster than inadequate oil pressure. Our engine program has over 9 years of R&D through thousands of miles racing Subaru engines exclusively. A great Custom ECU Tune, providing awesome power is the key to making a fast drag car. This why I’ve taken so long to release any real information until I’ve tuned the base maps and encountered typical issues a customer may come across. With the Hydra EMS just finished days before the event we filled the FRS/BRZ up with E85 installed some street tires and were off to battle test and punish the Hydra powered FRS. I found pushing the limits here at high RPM can pay off but it’s a fine line that changes with HP levels. Philip Grabow of Element Tuning to race 700 HP BC Racing BMW M3 at NARRA Whelen Championship Finale, Element Tuning Hydra EMS Stand-Alone for 2013 FRS/FT86/BRZ, http://elementtuning.com/store/#!/~/product/category=439245&id=1509847, Element Tuning Hydra EMS powered FRS/BRZ takes on Formula Drift/Global Time Attack Atlanta. Always be sure you are buying from a COBB Authorized Dealer to ensure you are getting real COBB products, a full product warranty, and the best customer service! Second in the championship, David Santillo (BSM Corvette Z06) had expected to take the fight to Grabow, but spun a bearing in his Vette on Friday. 18×9.5 Rota T2R with 225/45-18 Goodyear F1. The highly anticipated  Toyota FRS/Subaru BRZ Hydra EMS is for sale.

We build the best engines you can buy! Even if you have never remote tuned before, we can walk you though the easy to learn process.

Credit is given where it's due Highly accredited & Dealer Certified. Fabrication. We've been recognized by top Subaru brands such as IAG Performance and Cobb Tuning as certified installers. Cat delete and muffler delete pipes Tuning Services Available for Subaru's with COBB Accessport, Enter your email address for special offers from Neon, Enter your email address for special offers from IAG Performance, 1241 New Windsor Rd Westminster, MD 21158, Stage 2+ (Injectors & External Upgrades): $699.

The mandatory pre-dyno inspection costs $99.99 for EJ Subaru engines and $149.99 for FA engines. All too often motors are built too loose causing lots of engine noise, too much cylinder blow-by, and major oil consumption issues. We started out doing Remote Custom ECU Tuning and we continue to offer it today. We have advanced expressions that allow us to tweak output controls and do things that are not part of the “fixed” maps.

We stand behind our work, and our customers and partners stand by us. Ready to purchase or have questions, feel free to call us or click here:  http://elementtuning.com/store/#!/~/product/category=439245&id=1509847. The car was developed by BC Racing for an upcoming viral video.” Photo by NARRA. Our Custom ECU Tunes make safe, reliable horsepower and every Custom ECU Tune is tailored specifically to your car and your modifications. –    Simultaneous Direct and Port Injection strategy. Phil Grabow continued to stretch out his championship points lead with their Scion FRS by taking the win at Virginia International Raceway round 10 but David Santillo came back with vengeance at Pittsburgh International Raceway taking two wins to stay in the national championship hunt.

Design. COBB offers parts and tuning for Subaru, Ford, Porsche, VW, Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi and BMW! Find a Tuner near You There are over 1,000 EcuTek dealers covering most countries in the world.

With a true Flex Fuel Tune, you will no longer have to worry about content percentage or "bad blends", as the Flex Fuel Tune provides great power and reliable safety. DEALERS VS PRO TUNERS.

We can even remotely setup your flashing/logging software on your tuning computer if needed. Dyno Tuning. Installations. DW1000cc Injectors CLICK HERE for a full list of AUTHORIZED Dealers and Protuners. Dyno Tuning. Element Hydra EMS Boost Control Solenoid Design. I think many already know I’ve been testing and developing the Hydra EMS for some time in our Time Attack car and successfully winning many races. At Element Tuning we realize all the elements are needed for success. Want to run E85 but it’s not readily available?

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