On Target. After 3 weeks and many texts, calls, and offers we landed a deal and got this game changing boar bought. Bear 84 x Creature.

Stress Negative, Teen Spirit x Best Man x Teen Spirit’s Dam, National Jr. Show Grand Champion Barrow & 5th Div.1 Gilt Ft. Worth Grand Champion Barrow, San Antonio Champion Cross Barrow & Reserve HvyWt. Tongue Tied (Spot)

One Unique and Extreme Individual. Mother is sis to Reserve Heavy Cross ’18 FW. Bred By Steve Cobb & Family. Teen Spirit is the crossbred boar that we wanted and needed for our customers as well as our own program. Bear 84 x Super Monster. Smoke Ring. Specializing in custom swine semen freezing, semen storage and shipping, and AI supplies. Teen Spirit x On Target . He is so impressive when he drives right at you, being absolutely enormous in his chest width and spread. This boar hit me so hard when visiting Wintex Farms. He is so unique in his length of neck and elevation up front, while

Bred By Steve Cobb & Family. Where are we located? This boar hit me so hard when visiting Wintex Farms. He is shorter bodied with an absolute ditch running all the way down his back. Off-Season Price: $100 (Oct 12th-Feb 21st). LOCK IT UP Hot Route x Kissing Cousins x Outta Hand x Triple X. Our trip to Cobb’s resulted in the purchase of three absolutely incredible boars! Nirvana is a true barrow boar in every sense of the word.

Housed at Premium Blend Genetics. Night Moves. When wanting to take the next step in making champions, then step up and get ya some TEEN WOLF!!!!!

He is very flexible and correct off both ends with great reach. ME AGAINST ME Padlock x Best Man x Undeniable.

Never have we used a boar that has had the ability to consistently stamp litter and litter throughout with the heaviness of structure, square build, and great show hog look that he possess as Limitless has been able to do for us. Bear 84 x Super Monster. Teen Wolf (Crossbred) 150.00. Attitude . KINDA BIG DEAL is our fall 2019 off the farm weanling purchase from Wintex Farms that we were very excited to have join Stay Classy!

Littermate barrow to him was named Grand Overall Barrow at the 2019 Expo and was said by many to be one of the very best barrows shown at the Expo. Bear 274. Mother of this guy is a littermate to R U My Sister, and was a great show gilt being named Grand Champion Market Gilt at the 2014 Georgia National Fair. He is heavy boned with a big forearm and big hindleg that is square and stable. Anchorman x Teen Spirit x Hot Route. We are not a boar stud and will only collect on days that are needed so a heads up is appreciated. He is perfect about his pasterns and great foot size with a square chest floor and a square hind leg. Specializing in custom swine semen freezing, semen storage and shipping, and AI supplies. Line-bred Pedigree. The Audible FFA – Reserve Hampshire Barrow STC Champion Boar.

Blue's Brother Wedding Night x Sky's the Limit.

Bear 274. Free Spirit Teen Spirit x On Target. WinTex Farms. He offers an interesting blend and twist of pedigree being sired by the popular Teen Spirit and out of a Monster Square sow!

Bear 76. Anchorman x Teen Spirit x Hot Route x Best Man's Sis Bred by Wintex Farms Stress: Neg EN: Reg#: KINDA BIG DEAL (Anchorman x Teen Spirit x Hot Route x Best Man’s sister) Bred By: Wintex Farms. Mouse Trap X Sky’s The Limit. ANCHORMAN combines freakish traits from every angle you analyze him, while doing so in a very sound, functional package! Great pedigree and an outstanding boar that we a VERY EXCITED TO HAVE!!!

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