The parent server has your nameservers listed. OK. All of your MX records are host names. EDIT: I solved the problem. Looks like all your nameservers have the same set of MX records. About Us Accessibility Careers We Give Where We Live Policies TELUS Service Status. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. intoDNS: Checking health and configurtion of DNS server and mail server for TELUS Support.

This tests only nameservers that are common at the parent and at your nameservers. The future is friendly.

intoDNS: Checking health and configurtion of DNS server and mail server for Troubleshooting no internet connection.

What are the DNS addresses used by Telus? Set the DNS values -> Statically Assigned. I have recently set up an ad-blocking device called Pi Hole on my network, and it works perfectly. I'm on Optik so I didn't want to change the DNS on the V1000...but I've got all the PCs set to OpenDNS manually. God, even back in the day in 2000-2002 with my $65.95/month 4 MB (then turned into 2.5 MB) ADSL line had DNS problems.

[''] [TTL=172800] I’m also using pihole with the Telus WiFi hub and have encountered the same problem.
Some of these DNS servers will stop working soon. Curious - Why do you still have a TV subscription ? This is a good thing as there are some other domain extensions like "" for example that are missing a direct check. Missing nameservers reported by your nameservers. OK. Edit: for those using telus mail servers you have to translate to and to A further edit - for those using the news server … Ok. Looks like the IP addresses of your nameservers are public. Yittrix7. With the fastest internet speeds in Western Canada, TELUS is Edmonton's clear choice for an internet service provider. Yep, I used the same DNS (, the local IP of my pi) for both of the DNS IP fields. No guarantees that these will be the same forever (which is why DHCP is a good idea) but they are the current servers for use by all DSL and dialup customers.... Movie scenes like the 2 examples I have listed-bully gets a beatdown. Could you expand on how one enables bind and points to dns DNS Server Location Reliability; 2607:5300:203:1797::53: 100%: Snappy and always works. So you'll also want to see how quickly the server responds for a cached query as well and factor that in. This is a DNS issue with the DNS host for this domain. OK. No CNAMEs returned for A records lookups. This is a must if you want to be found. INFO: GLUE was not sent when I asked your nameservers for your NS records.This is ok but you should know that in this case an extra A record lookup is required in order to get the IPs of your NS records. … I set up an in-house DNS server (cacheing) and its the cats butt. Running a speed test. Ok. Looks like the IP addresses of your nameservers are public. Troubleshooting slow internet speeds. I really miss the days of having "Telus Helper" here, a Telus network engineer.

Improving Wi-Fi performance. What are the DNS addresses used by Telus? This is a good thing and will help in preventing loss of mail. The future is friendly. [''] (NO GLUE) [TTL=172800] a.gtld-servers … Those DNS are not the best ones for me. OK. Stonepeak Acquires Astound, 6th-Largest US Provider, For $8.1B; AT&T Loses 6 Million Video Subs In 2 Years; + more news. The parent nameserver is not sending out GLUE for every nameservers listed, meaning he is sending out your nameservers host names without sending the A records of those nameservers. Ranked #1 in customer service. Looks like you have multiple MX records at all your nameservers. [''] (NO GLUE) … It's ok but you have to know that this will require an extra A lookup that can delay a little the connections to your site. Help Please Telus keeps sending us to another Telus rep it's ugly. Desktop Audio...A Little Further Down The Rabbit Hole. Small business just looking for Telus DNS servers. A subreddit for Telus, one of the largest telecommunication companies in Canada. EDIT: I solved the problem. I doubt very much the current mess would have gone on if he were still visiting here.

by Liontaur edited by k9snifferxx3 last modified: 2008-11-20 04:00:45. Every nameserver listed has A records. Understanding your e.Bill. On FreeBSD to enable bind8 on FreeBSD 4.x, or bind9 on FreeBSD 5.x, add named_enable="YES" to /etc/rc.conf. Learn about accessibility at TELUS.

Follow IntoDNS on Twitter. I am sure that the great majority of subscribers when they encounter this slowness probably think that "the Internet is slow" and I have no doubt that the Telus Tier 1 people in Montreal, who being on a different network, have no first-hand experience of the problem and merely rely on what they are fed by the network, will not disabuse them of the notion. ERROR: No reverse DNS (PTR) entries. Good. If so, you can just have resolv.conf have: How do i activate bind or named (what command)? OK. If you happen to have the Actiontech T3200M, it's in Advanced Settings -> LAN IP Settings -> 3. OK. All the nameservers listed at the parent servers answer authoritatively for your domain. The A records (the GLUE) got from the parent zone check are the same as the ones got from your nameservers. This tests to see if there are (Primary for BC, Secondary for AB). Telus has had so many years to get things right, but this is getting ridiculous. This happens a lot if you have nameservers on different TLD ( for example with nameserver Or you could run your own DNS server (using bind9, or bind8, etc.) This is a must if you want to be found as anyone that does not know your DNS servers will first ask the parent nameservers. Learn about changes to your TELUS Bundle Discount. If one really wanted to hard code DNS servers these are the two that are provided by DHCP right now. I'd tell you how with Linux, but I haven't used it in 7 or 8 years, and I don't know what distribution you are running, etc. Movie scenes like the 2 examples I have listed-bully gets a beatdown. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. OK. You do have a CNAME record for CNAME entry also returns the A record for the CNAME entry, which is good. At first I thought that 1 of the two would be enough, but this was not the case. This is a good thing because it will prevent DNS delays and other problems like : DNS servers allow TCP connection: OK. Moving to a new address. Feedback received on this FAQ entry: All customers should be using DHCP to get their DNS settings on TELUS … Download all 43 valid servers: This list of public and free DNS servers is checked continuously. Follow IntoDNS on Twitter. Work in progress! Your nameservers (the ones reported by the parent server) do not report that they allow recursive queries for anyone. Heck, I've only gotten 1.4! Read how to change your DNS server settings. Although I run my own resolver (these used to redirect invalid domains to … How can I access the web interface on my 300G modem? Seems all your DNS servers allow TCP connections. The wifi hub seems to use its own servers if you don't fill out both of the fields. 1 edit. The only problem is I can't change the router settings to assign the IP address of the Pi Hole to all of the devices on my network. Browse by topic. Change service. For those who did not know him he was extremely helpful with people's problems and he could get things done.

I have not found duplicate IP(s) for your MX records. You have multiple nameservers. OK. In the past, there were some performance issues, but it has been real solid for the past year. Thank you, you probably saved from a massive headache with that one! Check the status of your TELUS internet service for outages or service issues and alerts. OK. All of the NS records that your nameservers report seem valid.

Having 2 nameservers is also ok by me. Toronto Forum discussion: I had to change my DNS servers to OpenDNS to get connected to the web since 3:00 PM Mountain time today.

Is there some government agency to complain to?
Using the My Wi-Fi app. 2004-Feb-3 11:33 pm . Nameserver records returned by the parent servers are: Good. Just went through an extended power outage which exhausted my UPS, and of course I got assigned a new IP address []. and rely on those two servers as a cache, and if they die it'll fail over to other servers. The DNS servers in the whois … Different autonomous systems: OK. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Why do I have a 10.***.***.

Hi, just got mine installed today and was unable to change the DNS under LAN settings. Work in progress! For anybody else struggling with the problem, be sure to change BOTH of the DNS servers in the WAN IP field, especially if your using Pi-Hole. Press J to jump to the feed. Working on Firewall Issue. This is a good thing and useful even if UDP connections are used by default. *** IP address? Staying connected during COVID-19 . According to RFC2182 section 5 you must have at least 3 nameservers, and no more than 7. This is a good thing and useful even if UDP connections are used by default.

I did not detect differing IPs for your MX records. All nameservers listed at the parent server responded. Internet. It seems you are safe from a single point of failure. (Primary for AB, Secondary for BC) The problem MX records are: OK. All of your WWW IPs appear to be public IPs. The NS records at all your nameservers are identical.

If there are any missing or stealth nameservers you should see them below! Thanks in advance. Ask more from your internet service provider There are many internet service providers in Edmonton, but only TELUS has PureFibre - # 1 internet technology for speed and reliability. NS records got from your nameservers listed at the parent NS are: Good. Telus has a few different WiFi hubs, so you're going to have to be more specific as to the make and model. TELUS offers the newest phones from the brands you love (incl. [''] (NO GLUE) [TTL=172800] The solution is to change both DNS servers under WAN and leave DNS for LAN as is? A subreddit for Telus, one of the largest telecommunication companies in Canada. Just for clarification, for the WAN DNS IP did you use the same IP address twice? Couldn't get which one had to be changed between wan and lan. I just use the default TELUS DNS servers. Do you have bind (named) running on your machine?

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