Shirt, socks, everything you need. It's a myth! Outside Springfield Elementary School, Jimbo, Kearney and Dolph hoist Martin up the flagpole by his underpants. Inside, Lisa, Colin and Mayor Quimby are on stage. In Krusty Burger, Ned and his kids are about to eat. MOE And turning off your lights could save--. LOVEJOY That's for selling out your beliefs. They crowd drops him. Grampa leans forward but the beam of light follows him. ßşõ­�ç'vª[,ê…¿ı]ı‡¢¹)eÿ† ûcâ˜O©ü™O‰A\1~"2-5¢&±)Ô«µÉ¸,jUèŠXc”>4(Ü/”DF„Ä‚“E:ËÜÌÙÖ³*ärAGğQî(9Ê�ˆ@ùŞpn2Ìw:%�˜åñ‘­P—™êÏm¹Ó¦ûáÀúìG³ß, 8FGc;I).,pXWb<>8H-MB>J+7@! (they all groan) Without the attitude. Scratchy climbs down the side of the craft, making his way onto the Moon's surface. Epa! LISA 2 Nov. 2020. Wait a minute! Springfield Town Hall. BART Let the Lord's light shine upon you! CARGILL Does whatever a Spider-Pig does, No he can't, he's a pig, Homer pulls the hammer out of his eye. She sighs. There is a deathly silence, followed by huge boos from the Springfieldians. Maybe we should kiss, just to break the tension. I will put my "yard trimmings" in a car compacter. We follow Bart's skateboarding journey through Springfield. Lake Springfield has higher levels of mercury than ev--. Milhouse, you don't care about the environment. She moves on to the next house, where an old lady answers. (fade to much later; Nelson is still going but is tired) Ha ha... Ha ha... Ha ha... MRS. MUNTZ He gets in the front and drives off. The worst day of your life so far. Inside Homer's head we see a monkey clapping cymbals. Their conversation can also be heard. (hit with pellets) D'oh! If you can find a greasier sandwich, you're in Mexico! HOMER Marge watches Grampa's ramblings on Comic Book Guy's camera-phone. Marge spots "EPA" on the side of the helicopters. There is a hole in the middle of the lawn, which appears to be submerging. A young boy is canvassing door-to-door, just like Lisa was. Mrs. Krabappel is on Principal Skinner's shoulders; she opens her sweater to reveal a T-Shirt with a downward arrow and the words "Not My Boyfriend". BILLIE JOE ARMSTRONG Russ Cargill, head of the EPA. Homer is about to hammer a nail in. Just moved here from Ireland. As it is lowered, it crushes the L in the giant SPRINGFIELD sign. MARGE He returns to eating donuts off the gun. Each will cause untold misery--. Nelson, honey, where have you been? AGNES SKINNER MALE EPA OFFICIAL Well you'd better hurry, they're goin' fast! Hey, buddy, sooner or later, people are gonna come by and discover this! (the crowd mutter excitedly) It's right there, just... outside of the dome... Everyone groans. Perfect. (Homer pulls its tail and it squeals; Homer laughs) You nailed her. From halfway through, Ralph Wiggum sings along with the tune. FRINK I thought that too, until he said "yard trimmings". MARGE First Church of Springfield, daytime. BART FLANDERS We need a new one of those things! A phone rings the "Nokia theme"; Homer searches for it, then realizes the pig has swallowed it; he squeezes Plopper, who spits out the phone. The Environmental Protection Agency. Lisa groans again. CARGILL #1, 'Go to church' is crossed off. MySpace Isn't he dreamy? the pollution in Lake Springfield as I am. HOMER COLIN NED NELSON Beware! As it sinks, green bubbles start to appear and soon the whole lake is green and bubbling. My Dad's a musician. If you love fish like I do, you want them to die with dignity. A van labelled "S.P.D. Twitter Da-da-da-da! As she looks around the street, everyone in their houses closes curtains and slams doors. I think fishing might be more fun with you. No offense there, Carl. EXT. Look out! One more time. You know, we are on the roof. A parade fills the street with blue mice not unlike Itchy, who rides in a car. Trapped forever!! He enters the Oval Office. A spacecraft flies over the surface and lands on the Moon, to the music from "2001: A Space Odyssey". MILHOUSE But I knew you wouldn't listen. FRANK EDWIN WRIGHT III SCHWARZENEGGER NED (chuckles) Bart, you know, whenever my boys bake up a batch of "frownies", I take them fishing. As he watches Homer leave, he sighs. Bart walks past Ned. HOMER Martin Prince sits on a seesaw. MARGE Then say hello to the newest Simpson!

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