offender. to say, I’ve been in politics for 10 years and I’ve seen acknowledge that we have had behaviour that I think is Tova didn’t wanted to discuss or debate ideas she wanted to milk the scandal for her tabloid news, while controlling “the facts”. I Face palmed when she projected the “narcissist” comment at him, “back at ya, Love” should have been his response. tas: Quite so…but in fairness there ought not to be any “next time” for Ross…he is now utterly irrelevant; more “ex” than any other ex-MP. that. The difference here is that Jami-Lee Ross has no power. DPF: I have to respectfully disagree with you on this one…there is a tiny enough population inside what is laughingly referred to as “The Beltway” in NZ that conflicts of some degree are inevitable…But having one’s husband as the DPS officer protecting the PM who you supposedly interview in an impartial manner…Yeah, Nah…That’s just too close. the police because it was so ugly at times. what to make of it all? Gotta take the narcissist down a peg or two when they inevitably fall from grace. the strength of feeling around that visit. I like this definition, from the American book The Elements of Journalism, by Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel: "The purpose of journalism is … to provide citizens with the information they need to make the best possible decisions about their lives, their communities, their societies, and their governments." A woman miscarried but her husband wasn’t allowed into the part of some of the training we’ve been running through And yet we have the SFO looking at labour and NZ First so what’s your point? that she thinks appropriate. She has been with the Newshub team since 2007, mostly based in Wellington but also working in Auckland as a producer for both news and foreign content. we’ll do. the public is thinking than press gallery journalists, trapped as they are in Jacinda would have never understood such questioning, and Robertson would have just put on his ‘I’m so smart smug face’. She sounds similar to all these young journos these days, most of whom are in fizzy lockstep with a PM they can 'relate' to. Kiwibuild. She is shouting most of the time. Actually whether and to what extent polis should engage with the media is one thing upon which I differ with that erratic genius Rodney Hide. Jami-Lee Ross is out of Parliament after Saturday's election results The Advance NZ co-leader joined @TovaOBrien on @NewshubNationNZ and was asked if he has any regrets – see the full interview unfold. All we do, all we say, all we think (and this includes our legislation) must be weighed on the scales of ethics : Is it right – or is it wrong? It's not so much that this conversation has gone on long enough, although some readers would probably say it has. Many years ago our politicians unashamedly adhered to Christian ethics. absolutely awful and should be challenged through our It is reprehensible for you to compare such a serious issue to the olympic games. So, how is this year of delivery going for the day I took on this job. I am not quite sure I am with you here, Karl. 2926 people send views about draft Spatial Plan, “Unified” Kapiti council reports progress despite covid-19, New Cabinet: Grant Robertson is our new deputy Prime Minister, Greens and Labour sign co-operation agreement, with two Green ministers outside Cabinet, Wairarapa sheep farmer on a mission to reduce his environmental footprint, It's Our Future | Kiwi Voices on the TPPA.

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