The end of its neck always seems to be out of sight from the observer, a long black mane runs down and up the neck of Long Horse. More will be added to the list soon. Any creatures that fall under those categories will be deleted, and the user who made the page will be blocked for one month. Before editing on our wiki, please take your time and read the rules. You have a account, use it properly. Contact Staff. He also tends not to provide exact details or origins for his creations. ?, "Breaking News", House Head, Meatgrinder, Bellringer. The Trevor Henderson Wiki focuses on gathering information's about cryptids created by Trevor Henderson. ?, "Breaking News", House Head, Meatgrinder, Bellringer NO TROLLING - Please when editing, make your edits useful and approachable. The Lamb appears to be a fleshy, four-legged creature, with its legs hanging down from its body, like noodles. Speaking of Vandalism, it is if not one of the most biggest problems I and other people have on the Wiki, with vandals doing stuff like (but not limited to): Deleting Entire Page Contents, Renaming Pages to Offensive Names, Adding Information to pages that’s either offensive or spam, Adding Images that are either disgusting or unrelated to the topic of the pages, so on and so forth, and since a lot of people (including YouTubers) are trusting our Wiki for information, this is a very bad problem. Do not vandalize pages or troll here. Each gender has an arm span of 30-36 meters (9-10.9 ft). Its "bulb" produces a light source different from normal bioluminescence but eerily resembles a high-intensity gas-discharge bulb seen in modern street lights. So on August 15th, I went out, made a discussion (link here: and a Poll (link here:, and invited as many people as I possibly can, and I got very positive response from many people, with most of them telling me to give it a go, and got at least 26 votes for me to become the new owner (even with one person who previously voted no changing their mind and saying that I am the perfect person for the Wiki, so if you count him, 27). If you are here to troll and create trouble, this is not the place for you. Thank you for visiting our site, we hope you come back soon. It hurts to see how bad the Wiki has gotten since the first few weeks I was on it, and now I just want to take the chance to save it before it gets much worse. Lucerna Capitis. As the name implies, it's trapped in a red space/room. The n adult male and 3-4 (9-13 ft) for an adult female with the maximum being 6.5 meters(21 ft) for a male and 5.2(17 ft) for a female. The Void Nugget is thejuvenile state of the Lamb or the adult state of the Lil' Nugget. The Lamb is a very unknown and mysterious creature of Trevor Henderson. Head Light Henderson tends not to specify which of his creations belong in what verse, increasing the vagueness his mythos exudes. Another problem that we are strongly facing is the amount of harassment and disrespectful comments being thrown by multiple people in the community (almost all being people who haven’t even created an account yet, i.e. Mascot is a large costume resembling a blue humanoid bug. Community Central is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Trevor Henderson Inspiration Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Trevor Henderson Inspiration Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Its "head" is a mix of multiple unknown elements that make it near impossible to destroy by normal means. The founder of the Wiki himself, BattleStation, has been globally blocked by Fandom, and WeirdWojak, the only admin of the Trevor Henderson Inspiration Wiki, also got blocked, causing him to lose his admin rights when he got unblocked. This is a wiki based on gathering informations about the subject, not to joke around and make a mess out of this wiki. The ban obviously depends on the reasoning of it, and you can always discuss the ban with one of the staff members of this wiki. Character Profile Wikia is a FANDOM Anime Community. Each gender has an arm span of 30-36 meters (9-10.9 ft). The Trevor Henderson Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. Started by: Drblackbox Date: 01 Jan 2019 00:11 Number of posts: 5 RSS: New posts. The second in the mythos is the verse most of his creations are implemented into, which focuses on monsters, cryptids, ghosts, and supernatural entities. Get more knowledge on all of the cryptids created by Henderson. So I did what I saw CzechOut (one of your staff members) suggested in the other adoption forms for the Trevor Henderson Inspiration Wiki: get public consent. Do not keep or disperse any of these items as you may be punished by life in prison or even capital punishment. Yes, been editing everyday since September 5th, 2020, How many days/months have you been editing there? Staff Site. He is a ruthless entity who loves causing pain and death in order to feed off the negative emotions of others for sadism. The Man in the Red Room, also known as the Thing in the Red Space and the Fungal Person, is a monster made by the Canadian horror artist, Trevor Henderson. 5 Trivia Apparition events involving Cartoon Cat have been described as "a desiccated fusion of Mickey Mouse and Felix the Cat". At least 11 main aromatic chemicals are in its skin, although indole and 3-methylindole are responsible for most of the smell. The head light "bulb" has currently never been able to be destroyed or scratched by any modern means, it is also classified as Non-Decaying due to it not being able to break down as no organic matter exists. The Trevor Henderson Mythos is a group of universes created by Canadian artist Trevor Henderson.The verse, while originally focusing on an anthology-like aesthetic, with no repeating creatures, changed to focus more on the "recurring characters" such as Long Horse or Siren Head. Since April 30th, 2020 (4 months 13 days by the time of typing this). Henderson states there are three universes in his mythos, one focusing on various giant creatures treated like an ordinary occurrence. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Aliases it is said that it slithers around in the air like a snake and you can hear a slight sound of bones cracking when it moves it's neck joints. 1 Appearance 2 Gallery 3 Trivia 4 References Cartoon Dog appears so far in only one confirmed image. Now, I know this is the 6th time someone tried to adopt the Trevor Henderson Inspiration Wiki, but after looking through all 5 of them, I have seen that no one really has explained the issue, so hopefully what I am gonna type here will get you a better view and context of why there's been many people trying to adopt said Wiki. The Long Horse is a peaceful creature created by Trevor Henderson. It has been stated to possess enigmatic psychic powers, and may even have the ability to levitate. Any creatures that fall under those categories will be deleted, and the user who made the page will be blocked for one month. The biggest problem here, and the reason why I want to adopt the Wiki in question, is that there are no active admins/owners in the Wiki.

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