New Bad End: Milodan War Lion for short PCs, by Wsan and coded by Gena138. Fixed an inverted check causing crashes and/or displaying the incorrect version of a three paragraph chunk mid-scene. Tomorrow’s patch should polish up bugs, add in the missing rewards, and give you guys a cheat code to replay it. Bizzy’s busts should function properly now. The chemist pregnancy event now properly newlines below the room description. The Image Pack is available, though you need a stand-alone flash player to play it. This fixes a bug where you could technically wear multiple collars at once and glitch out Sera’s. Forums > Adult Games > Trials in Tainted Space > Need some help understanding the Treatment. New location on Dhaal: the Paragon Playground, a high-end brothel. (0.8.119) Removed the “must have a penis” requirement from the option to put the hat on Kiro. Then there are others that will go down a rabbit hole of debauchery that they could not have even imagined in their wildest dreams! Urbolg’s new “Annoy” scene now has a disabled button with tooltip to give a little direction for unlocking it. Fixed some variations that were left in raw text without being wrapped in appropriate logic. If you think other classy outerwear should also be tagged as appropriate, feel free to report it as a bug, and I’ll make a call on it tomorrow. You do not have to be just a human there are a ton of other races that you can be and there is a detailed back story and fact file for each of them. Kaska no longer attempts to disarm the disarmed. The submissions form has been updated and is now accepting submissions that expand on existing character content. Cuddling with Dreg should no longer warp time backwards and break status effects and/or the game. Several features are available for the player to access, intentional, or otherwise to get the most wanted benefit in the game. The game is all text-based so it is all left up to your imagination. There’s some legwork to be done before meeting Feruze on Dhaal – namely attending a high class party to make connections and perhaps gain some intel on who – if anyone – knows where the probe is! Click the "Install Game" button to initiate the file download and get compact download launcher. This patch includes an early version of the party, still lacking some polish (and prizes), but I will be looking at adding a cheat code so that it can be revisited if you want to try it now without missing out on rewards. I like the way there is kind of a map to help you progress, I wish I could really see what is going on, Most certainly not a game that is for everyone. You’ll need to have a penis, not be sterile, and have at least 10,000 credits on hand. There’s two hidden mini-events in the party that can proc featuring Anno or Beth Carver, depending on their states and previous interactions. The game has many RPG mechanics to it and once you create your character you set off on your adventure. Trials in Tainted Space or if you want to call it, TITS is an erotic text-based game from the people that brought to us the very naughty Corruption of Champions. The gabilani chemist can now be impregnated. The majority of these exploits may have been left in the game through diverse points of growth and are subject to change if and while the game is in expansion. Written by BobSamade and coded by Fenoxo. Trials in Tainted Space. As mentioned, Princess Nasti was written by Nonesuch and coded by the fabulous Drunk Zombie. Shekka’s follower sex scenes should all properly count for giving her an orgasm. Back on the content pipeline, we have a couple of treats for all you lovely backers! You can no longer run from Feruze’s second fight. The game has a grid to the left of where the text is and this is your “map” each area you go in will have people to talk to, do and of course fight, but there are other areas on the grid where nothing happens except a description of the area you are in. Written by Fr0sty and coded by Gena138, this 200+ page submission allows you to meet and greet a popstar group that SteeleTech has interest in. [PUBLIC | TiTS] Your Invite to the Pants Party, Tweets from I plan to close it next weekend for review, so if you have a document (or idea) for doing sexy things to your favorite NPC, now is the time to polish it and drop it in the box. New plot even on Dhaal: High Class Party! The Haunted House of Whorrors! At a bare minimum, I wanted a gender-agnostic option for the seasonal Kiro content I added and for the accessory you get as a result to have some slightly more robust interactions with your stats. You can no longer go jogging or swimming at the gym on New Texas while immobilzed by your giant package. Proudly powered by WordPress. Then I’ll get an Image Pack out for the public (and hopefully a backer patch with some new content soon after.). A bunch of typos and smaller bugs got fixed. New Busts: Dhaal Party Slyveren, Lorelei Nun, New Halloween Event: Lorelei’s Nunnery! I suspect most of you will see the “friendly” version of the event, but there’s a fairly involved combat fight that’s possible as well. The contests can be challenging, and losing does involve taking shit from Riya. Tomorrow the loss scenes will be polished up and a new build released. New image pack images: Anno & Shekka cum kiss by. Just a quick update on work for today – I coded most of a male korgonne encounter. I’ve basically spiraled into depression within 2-3 hours of getting up for the last three days for an assortment of reasons, and I’m probably going to step out for the next week to play some BG3, Hades, etc and generally try to restock on sanity while enduring the tumultuous hellscape that is the year 2020. I hear that futa Paige is going to be Lighterfluid’s next coding project… (Art by Sulcate). (Requires stand-alone flash player! Jerynn will no longer collar you if you are already wearing a collar. I am just not a person who is into heavily texted based games. “Suck Her” added to Kiro’s Halloween scene options when you choose to give her the hat. New Dream: Syri fertility cult, by Doots. Trials in Tainted Space or if you want to call it, TITS is an erotic text-based game from the people that brought to us the very naughty Corruption of Champions. It’s “nastiness”, Standardized “save” (think D&D) difficult class systems have been added to the game to help differentiate between “hard/easy/etc” when implementing somewhat vague prompts from writers. A metric fuckload of bug fixes, tweaks, and improvements. New Jumper Loss Scene: Get Taken for a Ride, by Zandar and coded by Gena138. Joined: Jun 19, 2016. Lisann’s Rodenian character drawn by Bullifrawg on discord! This did not happen. Head to Anon’s Bar (on Tavros Station) after completing the Zheng Shi probe arc. Combat in the game is I guess ok. To tell you the truth, Trials in Tainted Space is not a game for me. You can only use melee or ranged weapons, not both which is a bit annoying if I am honest with you. A new event has been added to Poe A! It’s meant to be a level 11 or 12 encounter, but given that I’m holding off on level 11 & 12 until the javascript port is workable (because they would need coded in both independently), I’m not too worried about the balance atm (so long as it is winnable).

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