"58? It’s called Echoes by chiiyo86, and it’s an AU where Allison finds Five passed out in the alley and takes him home. Diego frowns thinking of how hard seeing all of his siblings bodies must have been on Five. Five fell for that too many times as a kid, "Ahhh fuckkkkk." The thought hurts. "I love gossip! He defended and slapped his finger away.Klaus made a skeptical face. I highly recommend it! He corrugated his eyebrows and looked at them all. "Don't flatter yourself, it's not just you." Which is exactly why Vanya was the way she was." Klaus raised his hands up in defense at Luther's glare. "An assassin?" He looked at each unsure eye in the family. Diego rubbed his chin in thought. We haven't been the best family, we haven't been there much for each other, but here is where it starts. He said.Klaus opened his mouth widely in shock. She knew he was talking to Delores. Isn't Delores jealous?" "How old were you when it happened?" The two may fight like ex-assassins and knife-weilders, but they loved like brothers above all. "No, no, no." "I did many things. He was impressed. "This has nothing to do with my isolation or my mental state. We have been pretty selfish." She also gets really jealous when I'm around other females." Then, he turns his attention back to Five and does another thing out of instinct. We talked about it." She was sitting in a chair over by the corner, and he knew better than to leave her alone for too long. He asked. Vanya apologizes as she helps her siblings pin him down to the bed. Except Vanya of course. Then suddenly, "Hey, why's it silent in here, you better not have killed Five... wait is he crying... EVERYONE GET IN HERE, FIVE IS CRYING." He knew the mannequin was important to him, but didn't think it was this serious. I didn't stop to think about how wrong it was. Luther asks in earnest. Luther reassured. Then, when I left she probably would've just recruited me again or made a deal with me had I not have done that to her, especially due to my extraordinary skills in assassination. "Took one for the team?" Luther says with a shrug. Have you read any good five-centric fics about Vanya (this is as kids) getting kidnapped or threatened or something generally bad happening to her? "Hmmm, I know how to make Fivey smile." He's defeated terrorists and assassins far more dangerous than any of his other siblings. Five tries so hard to teleport, but he's too overstimulated to so. Hiya! Five manages after a few minutes of Diego's coaxing. Five may have been a stubborn, pompous ass sometimes, but in this moment he was just a boy who wanted his big brother. The apocalypse is over, everyone is living at the mansion as a family again. "We were just fighting I didn't think he'd turn around and cry about it." The repercussions would blow your pea-sized brain to bits!" He smiled. Luther shoots back. "None of you idiots could even comprehend the level of superiority she brings." Five snapped. We need to help each other. And even though his other siblings seemed thrilled by the idea at first, they slowly and sadly started to realize that Five was probably right… even Ben. "Again. I hadn’t seen this fic before!! "Oh, come on grandpa." most of my bookmarks are five whump honestly, Nothing’s Going On (and that’s the problem), Five and Dave’s Life Changing (Life Saving) Field Trip. Everyone was silent for a moment. Any other last bit of privacy you guys would like to shred apart?" What happened?" "She took one for the team." Now. Best of Five-centric fanfiction || Updates in bursts. I didn't FUCK her." Five is having problems with his mental state, Klaus is trying to go sober for his lover, Diego is working on his anger, Luther and Allison are working on listening to people for once. Whumptober this year was absolutely fantastic! "Stop touching her, asshole. Who was it? "You're going to drive him away, Klaus." Five wiggles out of Diego's hold and turns to meet Luther's gaze. The thirteen-year-old had his head-buried in his dark pillow case, as he sobbed so much into it that his pillow was tear-stained. "With EVERYONE." She was proud of that, as you guys should have been. Five says with a genuine smile as he hugs Luther. He must've been or is so lonely. Allison raised her voice regretfully, feeling a sharp pain shoot through her neck and head. She can't talk. Diego breathes a sigh as he shifts downward so he can lean Five's trembling body against his worried one. "Great! "You know. Or Klaus's drug addiction and why he even uses. Five says through els of laughter as his other siblings all join in.". Diego asked, sarcastically.

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