An Ember news report comes up on the TV about a superhero named “Spectre” he was found dead yadda yadda alleyway yadda yadda take caution around that area yadda yadda Ember is dangerous and that they commit these crimes easily, same old stuff. Login with Google. Sara's expression didn't look that great though, seems that she's possibly thinking that John is some monster who just beats people for the smallest of problems. Seraphina then asks why both Arlo and Elaine viewed John as monster, promting Arlo to further reveal John's background as the King of New Bostin High School, his subsequent expulsion, and how the supposed "cripple" formed many lies (such as his homeschooled background) to prevent questioning. Then the same dude that got attacked in the first part tells Isen to make a story about the fake Jokers running around, telling Isen how he got attacked by one and that Isen should definitely publish it. I mean hey, Sera said she gunna talk to John so high hopes yo, >john kept telling me to protect you>then he put his revenge over your safety, i wonder how much of this makes sense to seraphina, i think her talking to john's dad and getting the backstory from his old school could be good, or at least answer the question of why he was so insistent on being a cripple, also i'm curious if she gets the isen thing, i seem to recall john attacked him for his radar scanning whatever power? Fulfilling his destiny won’t be easy though, because there are battles, frenemies and deadly conspiracies around every corner. Arlo admits to losing to john and thats when his title was taken. She was a lot less surprised than I'd thought shed be, I guess she already thought a lot over. Learning to deal with its flaws is just a normal part of life. Story is repeating the same behaviour for quiet long. You are right The Creator just changes hair color for John and blyke. Ngl, I am really disappointed in John. At least Sera's now going to talk to John. I do believe the ends justify the means, but John's end isn't really an end as much as it's an escalation of the problems already present. they only got corrupted by their power and weren't superheroes to begin with. I always assumed you wanted to take over Wellston because you were sick of seeing Seraphina be mistreated. But John’s got a secret past that threatens to bring down the school’s whole social order – and much more. Mentioning anything about these chapters outside threads marked with [Fastpass spoilers] in the title is completely forbidden. This series doesn't support forfan translation not yet. However, while Arlo knew of John's incredible strength, he had sorely underestimated his opponent that day and lost horribly. Glad everyone finally woke the fuck up. This thread is to discuss the latest chapter available under fast pass. Since Sera said she's not ready to talked to him yet. Every fucking time he is showing how coward he is in actual life. All points lead to substance abuse.”. Last Viewed Read chapter Episode 165 of manga unOrdinary. Isen says that they must be very high level to do these kinds of things(he says elite tier mob bosses :/) Blyke reacts and thinks to his mind that the work must be exhausting, but that their levels must be getting higher with all the fighting, foreshadowing the possibility that Blyke might become a Superhero. I mean other than the fact Arlo said John attacked Isen outta a petty grudge. He admitted to purposefully suspending seraphina because of a suspicion. share. Idiot down, and that the whole team hates his guts. If he was really pulling the victim card, he'd mention how he apologized to John, but got spit in the face. It then cuts to Isen and Blyke at a restaurant/diner (idk) and Isen complaining that he hates his job so much, they “argue” about what the press should really be doing and what they should keep a secret.Isen then tells him that the press team found out about these fake jokers, how he shut Mr.

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