All ratings are relative compared to the other weapons in the gun’s category. Although I like both these guns, shooting slugs from them can be painful, especially after a dozen shots.

Trap and skeet shooting? If I were looking to drop that kind of scratch on a semi auto 12 gauge it’s going to have pretty wood furniture…. The VEPR-12 semi-automatic magazine fed shotgun from Molot seems designed to change the game. mags. In order to meet the local law requirements, Vepr-12 has a fixed buttstock, automatic last round bolt holder and barrel length of 26.5" (67cm). Also considered potential liability at trial.

Barrel: 19 inches I don’t get the part about magazines and home defense. It was immediately clear (especially after reading this authors Saiga 12 review) that he didn’t want to like this gun. The VEPR-12 is definitely an improvement over the Saiga-12, but as far as I can tell it’s still a solution looking for a problem. best point this is ohio man was open carry a gun wich is leagle police detain him with out cause orther then the gun they found he can sue the state and police. Double shame for being a shill.

Although the slide release is inside the trigger guard, you have to put your finger behind the trigger and push quite hard to release. Uh – then I might suggest you not buy a Kimber 1911 frame in .45 and shoot flat front ball ammo. I am 922(r) compliant and added a tank muzzle break, this helps reducing muzzle flip.

I’m not worried about needing more than 6 rounds of 12 gauge for home defense. 7 years ago. So,wouldnt it be embarassing to be the 1st person to be done in by it? Stock Saigas often simply didn’t work at all. How can you as a journalist allow personal bias against a COMPLETELY different firearm affect your opinion of this one?

So… Second, see my comment right above yours. I just cannot see how this can be dangerous.

There is a little round button just behind the mag well, press that bitch up and rack the bolt. However, it does not happen all the time, especially if you are using light loads. So I suppose you ran your 3 gun AR bone stock with zero modifications then. That skeleton stock is actually a left hand folding that has been pinned open due to 922r. If there were only a single “overall” rating, it may not reflect what’s important to some people vs. others. If you are a person that is looking for ONE gun then do your research and grab it but why badmouth others…? In the meantime I’m giving it one more star than I gave the Saiga-12. True the manual from I mash is terrible, but 10min on the s12 forums fixes that problem. You can adjust, but shooting at different distances will be an issue. Check out our full stock of Molot products, everything from the Molot Vepr .308 20.5" Barrel Rifle to the Molot Vepr 12 Gauge Wood Thumbhole Stock Shotgun and the all new VPR-12-80 shotgun with the custom manufactured Zero Rise Muzzle Brake!

Get yourself some higher capacity magazines and prop it by the bedroom door loaded with buckshot and you’re nearly guaranteed to kill whatever busts down your door. Il est calqué sur le fusil d'assaut Kalachnikov d'origine, et construit sur le récepteur de la mitrailleuse légère Kalachnikov RPK. I just bought one of these for $699 out the door with tax shipping dros was $915. It is accurate. We test the gun exactly as it comes from the factory. Second, ITS NOT DESIGNED TO RUN LOW BRASS BULK BIRDSHOT. Semi-auto AK-style shotguns aren’t new, and we’ve reviewed them before on the site. Considering unconverted Saiga’s go for that…its a great deal. It works well for things like skeet and hunting, but when you get into “tactical” uses or competition shooting the game becomes a test of who can stuff rounds in their gun faster. My Saiga-12 shtogun review comes to mind, in which I detailed exactly why the gun was a piece of crap and the fan boys retorted with “well, obviously you need to fix the gun before you test it!

It’s much more convenient and a lot quicker to reload. – Tactical Black $ 949.95 Add to cart; Caesar Guerini Tempio Syren Trap 12ga. Had some MD 20 round drums and standard factory 5 rounds.

i would like to see an update to the review considering 800 is the new price….. +1 Given that, it was easy to let the Saiga go…guessing the Vepr wouldn’t be much different. They included that button on the bottom of the receiver… it is in front of the trigger… this allows you to lock the bolt without an inserted magazine…. Instead of the traditional stock there’s a skeletonized tubular stock and a pistol grip. The height over bore with a VEPR-12 or Saiga makes a bead not work well. they said no one should be detain because of open carey of a gun, so u first need break the law, some kind law they take your gun do they have just cause to beleave gun not leagle ? It cycles every type of ammo I throw at it. Finally for increased corrosion and wear resistance the chamber, barrel, gas block, and bolt carrier operation rod are all chrome lined. Let alone write a review without reading the freaking owners manual?, I bought a single VEPR 12 (for under $700 shipped btw) and its FLAWLESS. I hope my previous comment doesn’t seem anti-2nd. cause to beleave its not they just cant arrest us or hold u, they need reason befor they ack, On the flip side, you have to draw the line somewhere and if there were a rating category for every possible facet of a firearm then the ratings would be longer than the review article. After a detailed search i’ve found this option from Israeli company Fab-Defence: It’s better than the Saiga-12, but the safety is an issue for me and the gun feels like it has very sharp edges and rough machining.

Showing up without them; likely.

Top competitors compete with what their sponsors tell them to so they serve as walking advertisements. I haven’t run birdshot through it yet so I can’t comment on function with low brass loads.

I fire the magnum slugs, I don’t see how the safety is a problem, no sharp metal jutting out. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. I have heard that the dis-assembly pin tends to warp or mis-align relatively quickly on this firearm. What exactly do you mean by a manual bolt hold open? I think you mean (4+4+4+4)/4. I can't even say that about my Remington 1187P (perhaps the R12 will correct this..?).

You didn’t give it a fair test!” To which I reply that guns are tested in factory condition, and a gun that needs to be “fixed” before you can actually use it is a pretty piss poor gun. Overall Rating: * * * once they have reason they check all your guns, but u have do ack break the law make atf see u, That is the bolt lock. Urban warfare. Ok, then which semi-auto magazine fed shotgun are you comparing it to? I get that the Russians suck and always will pertaining to their foreign policy as well as their Red Brethren China. VEPR-12 Shotgun.

I don’t see the Vepr as much of an improvement. This does two things for me. Does anyone know if the 20-shot drum magazine (for instance for Saiga) operates with this Molot Vepr? Modifying it goes sort of against the whole straight-out-of-the-box concept. First, there are four (4) ratings before the overall. Beads only work when mounted directly to the barrel and people honestly miss with them a lot.

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