"Assuming the employer was able to get more than the basics about you from a prior boss or other reference, you might be fortunate enough to hear back from your reference," says Taylor. "These are among the last steps before presenting you with an offer," she says. Here are 14 signs an offer might be coming your way: You may be one of a handful of finalists. "This can indicate that not only are they seriously considering you, they are concerned they might lose you to someone else and will need to make an offer sooner rather than later," adds Kerr. Make sure that you give off positive energy, are dressed appropriately, and engage any employees or employers in a warm and friendly manner. However, it's important to realize that the hiring process can take some time and you may not hear back right away - or at all. "Assuming the employer was able to get more than the basics about you from a prior boss or other reference, you might be fortunate enough to hear back from your reference," says Taylor. "This is an obvious sign that at the very least you are in the running, as interviewers will only check into references for serious candidates that are in contention," Kerr says. Do NOT put your job search on hold while you wait to hear the news on any job! It also could be a formality, so don't read too much into it, Taylor says. This is a great indicator you'll be getting a formal offer, says Taylor. It's back: Get up to $270 trade credit when you trade select consoles towards the preorder of the PS5 or XBOX SERIES X|S. How to Follow Up on the Status of a Job Application, What to Include in a Job Application Letter, Here Are Follow up Letter Examples With Writing Tips. "Most interviewers make up their mind, whether they admit it or not, within the first few minutes and so those candidates that they know they will pass on will definitely get a quicker interview," Kerr explains. "It may mean they're comfortable around you and seemed to enjoy the time," says Taylor. They called them all by mid Tuesday afternoon. Check in aggressively. Went through two in person interviews and haven’t heard back since Feb 1st. First, check the job listing, as well as any emails or other contacts you’ve had with the hiring manager or employer. But remember you don't always have to answer personal questions. "They most likely prepped some people to share their positive experiences.". This is definitely not a courtesy they'd extend to everyone, says Kerr. If they know then you can wait till you get the green light. Do you have a really good feeling about this? This story first appeared on Business Insider. Also, when a hiring manager shows you around, they're in a selling mode. Did the interviewer invite you to continue the discussion over lunch or coffee? "If so, it means they could already envision you at the company. It is usually best to wait a week or two before making an inquiry. Nodding can also suggest a genuine interest in what you're saying. For example, you might include at the end of the cover letter that you will call the company’s office in a week to follow up. Actually I had two interviews, the first being a week before. "While you can never be certain, and you definitely don't want to get your hopes up prematurely, there are certainly signs that might hint that you're about to get some good news.". This feature lets you quickly set up alerts based on keywords you specify. Alison Doyle is the job search expert for The Balance Careers, and one of the industry's most highly-regarded job search and career experts. I had a great interview for a great job last week. All rights reserved. Did the hiring manager ask you about other firms you're interviewing with, or try to sell you on why they're a better choice? "But if you've been asked to return for a second round of interviews, that's an encouraging sign that you're a serious contender, says Taylor. It is also acceptable to stop by an employer in person when you have previously dropped off an application in person. The Balance Careers uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. All depends on what job you applied for and how well they do a background investigation before hiring you. You should be ready to briefly mention the basis for your interest and why you would be qualified. Again, these messages and conversations are still your attempt to make a strong first impression. ", Michael Kerr, an international business speaker and author of "The Humor Advantage," agrees.

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