i have a 1954 no mint mark wheat penny with a chunk of copper stuck on the left wheat side in good condition is this error worth anything? Mintage numbers released by the Philadelphia Mint show that 390,958,000 examples were minted. Please give me your thoughts and opinions on how this happened and what to do as I am a new coin collector learning the ropes. A whole box of penny rolls costs $25.

I have a 1951D no l in Liberty Wheat Penny.Have you ever seen one.

The 1922 wheat penny (the one without a mint mark) is very valuable. Essentially, all 1925 Lincoln cents are worth more than face value — so, it’s wise to hang on to any 1925 pennies that you find. Image Source Flickr user Matthias Shapiro. Who knows? How do I know what they are worth? These cool errors show part of the design missing — as if it would be hanging off the side of the coin (if only you could see the design floating in thin air alongside the coin)! Damaged and cleaned coins are worth much less. Has any one seen a 1955 penny with 55 over 55 and has crack runs through the 55 and missing the word trust. Wheat. Surprisingly, unlike the others, this coin isn't an error.

MS-63 has a retail value of $1 and MS-65 examples have a larger jump to $16.

What should I do with them ?

My next door neighbor growing up showed me a steel trash can half full of wheat pennies.

Below is a complete list of values for every wheat penny made, save two. Sure, you won't strike it rich if you do find one, but with some reaching $500 in value, you'll be glad you took a minute to glance at your pocket change!

What do i do to sell it?

1864 Indian-Head Penny With "L" on Ribbon. I believe the wheat is even double stamped. Check SOLD listings on Ebay or find a Facebook groups with experts who can help you to get a general idea, check multiple sources and compare. They are in beautiful condition but every penny in the roll is mark 196.1 .anyone have any information or values on this? Also i fhink i have a double die 1955 wheat ! I did not start collecting again. The secondary mint mark is far more visible on the D-over-horizontal-D variation; in fact, it is the strongest horizontal re-punched mint mark in the Lincoln Series. The R in liberty doesn't even look like an R. Were there any errors or is it just beat up.

While some original edition pennies from 1909 boast significant collectible value, there are other editions of the Lincoln coveted by coin collectors as well. are they worth any thing, I have a 1983 penny with no FG and can't get no information about it can you help me please. A famous sculptor named Victor David Brenner designed the Lincoln cent — the VDB are his initials! Generally speaking, repunched mintmarks range in value from about $5 to $20. The Lincoln cent (sometimes called the Lincoln penny) is a one-cent coin that has been struck by the United States Mint since 1909. These doubled 1955 Wheat Pennies were then distributed into public circulation, where it didn’t take long for consumers to start noticing the error. Cant read stamped twice with bottom cent covering date is it worth any thing ? I have three 1982 copper small date d pennies who wants them. I have a 1944 steel penny and a 1943 copper are they worth anything?

A 1931-S could command $40 or more in the collectibles market. headlines, happenings, and events from 1925, Images of America: The United States Mint in Philadelphia, What the most valuable 1925 wheat penny is, Which 1925 Lincoln cents are worth holding onto. Designed by Victor D. Brenner, the Wheat Penny, officially known as the Lincoln cent, featured a former president for the first time. I primarily collect and study U.S. coins produced during the 20th century. This is a great time to invest in wheat pennies, especially since the release of the new penny in 2010. My love for coins began when I was 11 years old. They were later removed because citizens felt it was disrespectful.

Since this penny is most likely going to be the hardest of the seven to find, it does pull in higher values. In the case of a Lincoln cent, it’s most likely that an off-metal planchet error will be a dime. Over a period of years, wheat penny values may increase based on the trajectory of their historical values. Keep protective casings on hand just in case you find a valuable coin in mint state condition. Coin collectors treasure the little mistakes that pop up on old coins from time to time.

Of course, some mint years may be valued much higher than others, and other factors such as minting location, condition and scarcity also play a role in the value of any given coin.

| The U.S. Brenner’s design for the obverse featured a bust of President Lincoln facing right, with the motto “IN GOD WE TRUST” centered above. "D" and "S" are the most common, but there are other mint marks to be on the lookout for (though not all of the following mints manufacture(d) pennies).

I have a 1918 penny &1944s penny can you tell me what they are worth.please any info to point me in the right direction to find out would be greatly appreciated. Is.

The Wheat Penny’s legacy continues to live on, with it being one of the most recognized coins no longer in circulation. I have a 1943 penny that looks kind of silver is it worth something. Appreciate the share, best to you. Here are 5 of the rarest and most valuable types of penny errors: #1 – Doubled Die Pennies. If so, good luck! This concept was so widely enjoyed by consumers that all future coin designs would feature different presidential busts. (A mintmark is a little letter on Lincoln pennies that will tell you where the coin was made.). Is it valuable? I hane wheat penny with a Indian head on the other side the date in a miss print i think it says 18 with a backward 3 and a 3 do u know this coin and is it worth anything, I have a quarter that was cut wro g and miss printed and missing the last number of the year its from year 196 something cause when ever it was made was messed up the print of yhe quarter is it worth any thing, I have a 1942 no mint mark penny is it worth anything, I have a 1955 penny with a 3 for a mint letter would like to know value, i have what appears to be an extremely valuable 1959 sgs graded pr70 lincoln penny. The odds are much better than the lottery! I have a 1944 steel wheat penny. All 1925 wheat pennies are pretty common in well-worn condition. I have a wheat penny 1957 is it worth anything? Have the item graded by a professional third party grading company with a good reputation.

This penny is not only double stamped on the obverse and reverse sides, but the stamping is checkered across the entire penny. What do those letters mean?

Mint State (MS) denotes coins with no wear at all. I got a 1943 wheat penny with no mint mark. I just found a 1944S copper wheat penny. For selling coins, Ebay is always great. Since most people found and kept the Doubled Die 1955 Wheat Penny within the first year they were in circulation, many examples are in near uncirculated or uncirculated condition.

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