Long before their marriage, Naruto's persevering influence would transform Hinata from a shy introvert to a much more powerful and confident Hyuga, inside and out. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Neji's personality had been described as cool and realistic. The fan-favorite ninja chose to sacrifice his life for both Hinata and … Like most of his Konoha 11 peers, Neji might have wanted to start a family of his own, and Tenten was one of the ninjas whom he was closest to.

With Ririna, they agree to call off their contract and Yukari chose Misaki over Ririna.

Plus even if he did return her feelings it could not actually go anywhere, I feel that all those stories where they fall in love and get married are actually pretty unrealistic (aside from the fact that it happens within the span of five seconds). This Shion, however, was actually Taruho, who disguised himself as her to protect the real Shion from harm. Wanted sasuke with ino and sakura with sai, naruto and sakura would be perfect if couple .. Iam so angry. Hmm, I believe that Kurenai’s child is actually a girl, if you look at her hair, you can see that she has a lot of it, at the top, and it goes to the back.

Itachi Loves Sasuke - Naruto Shippuden 339, Naruto and Konohamaru! Relatives Yukari Nejima (根島 由佳吏 Nejima Yukari) is the main protagonist of the series.

The other being his little sister. but garra is not mentioned

Perhaps there is a good reason why the identity of Metal Lee's mother is kept a secret, but for now, it would have made the most sense for that woman to be explicitly stated as Tenten. He noticed that she had trouble erasing with her pen eraser, being too small to be effective. Although Jiraiya had a bad habit of perverted tendencies and Tsunade had already found the love of her life, there's no denying that there was a very close bond between the two legendary ninjas.

I think maybe they weren't hyuuga bloodline and just some chicks.

While the manga does not up and say it, the fact that every Hyuuga looks like every other Hyuuga means that they practice inbreeding (Incest), as heir to the Hyuuga clan Hinata would never be allowed to marry outside of said clan (plus the elders would never allow the Byakugan to belong to another clan), I like sarada but they are cool as well ^-^, i want to ask something During the war, he was killed by one of the Zetsu’s who tried to attack Hinata. Hiashi stopped and killed the Head Ninja. Team Guy is not able to acquire the scroll they need but it ends up not mattering: the Chūnin Exams are prematurely cancelled. In the anime, Neji is put in charge of a team of Academy students to teach them survival skills.


Aware of Naruto's new ability to sense negative emotions, Shikamaru Nara provokes the Sound Four during their battle, making them angry enough to attract Naruto's attention.

Despite technically being cousins with Hinata, she would commonly refer to him as "brother" (Nii-san), possibly because their respective fathers are twins. Sasuke Uchiha came back to Konoha after his journey to find out how the world works. Jiraiya & TsunadeAlthough Jiraiya had a bad habit of perverted tendencies and Tsunade had already … LOL!!! I watch kakashi from when he was young right up to the ending of naruto. Related: Naruto: 10 Facts About Hinata, Answered. Kidōmaru modifies his arrows, increasing their speed and strength so that Neji won't be able to dodge and attaching a thread to them so he can guide them in flight. Lee believes that this is a special training method and asks to be allowed to carry Neji in the same way, but Neji flatly refuses. They first met during their families first meeting. With the Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms, he could attack multiple targets at once, either several opponents' tenketsu to restrain them at once or deflect incoming volley of projectiles; in the anime, he improved the technique to double the number of strikes. And also remember when Sai calls Ino beautiful when he was trying to learn how to give nick names to people in their first meeting..

This was also the first and only time they talk to each other during elementary school.

Are you referring to Ino and Sai’s child? In the anime, two Kumogakure ninja attempt to kidnap an unconscious Hinata during the confusion caused by the invasion of Konoha. Tenten attempts to revive him with the Curry of Life, but he has a low tolerance for spicy food and consuming it only knocks him out again. Although you could also talk about the topping too. He rushed after Sakura and Shion and arrived in time to save Sakura at least, but Shion had received a fatal, toxic bite from the real Kusuna.

After they arrive, Neji instructs the team to follow the mission's original instructions to locate the star rather than get involved in the village's affairs. Main article: Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie THAT WAS REALLY CUTE.

That was very nice I love narutos son and sakuras daughter.

Main article: Konoha Crush

I like them. Until each of their respective deaths, Nagato and Konan continued to fight for their shared dream of peace. His name is Inojin Yamanaka.

Kiba Inuzuka and Tamaki, they may or may not be a couple, however I’m going to mention them anyways. Neji is moved to tears by the gesture and bids Hiashi to stand, finally believing him.

These are just the initial couples we know off that are married within the world of Naruto.

Lv 6. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans.

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