After Liam told Hope that Beth is no longer with them and that she needs to try and move forward, Douglas told them that Beth is indeed alive. Their bond grew so strong that they worked together to free Marcus Forrester from prison. She got her phone out and sent a text message to Hope, stating that she was on her way to tell her something. ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ Spoilers: Thomas Schemes Against Zende Forrester, Will It Turn Deadly? Ridge stated even though he doesn't really want to, he's willing to have a child with her. Caroline visits the gynaecologist. In 2004, after being aged to 18, Thomas became involved with Caitlin Ramirez, Hector Ramirez's daughter who was an intern at Forrester Creations. On the jet ride back home, Thomas admits to Hope that Steffy encouraged him to date Hope so Steffy could have a happy marriage with Liam. The Bold and the Beautiful rumors indicate that Thomas will return to help his family with a difficult situation while also finding love. While Brooke, Hope, Thomas, and Thorne all agree it would be the best way to honor Stephanie's memory, however, Aly Forrester resents the idea. From January 15, 2002 to August 4, 2003 (on a recurring basis), child actor Patrick Dorn was the first non-twin child actors duo to play Thomas. Hope dumps Thomas, leaving him hurt. Thomas accepted the challenge and Sally even bet her company that Thomas will win the challenge. Thomas begins showing interest in Ivy, causing Wyatt to become a little concern after Thomas belittled the Spencer family during a Forrester meeting. They kissed several times, unknown to Thomas. Dayzee dumps Thomas for not not telling the truth before Stephanie, leaving him heartbroken. Thorne and Thomas confronted this to Eric and Rick, Thomas, Thorne, Eric, and Caroline had another meeting. Whilst meeting with Brooke to discuss Thomas' dangerous obsession with Hope, Bill received a call from Justin, whom was devastated to reveal that Emma had died in a car accident. Find out what's ahead this week on GH, GH's Ingo Rademacher and Maurice Benard have honest discussion about anger issues and parenting, Netflix Christmas musical to feature GH alum Ricky Martin, WATCH: Trailer drops for Halloween film starring GH's Ashton Arbab, Lauren Woodland returns as Y&R's Brittany Hodges, Y&R RECAPS: What you missed the Week of October 26, 2020, THE SCOOP! Caroline saw Thomas working out and shirtless and Thomas joked with her about her relationship with his dad and asked how it all started. All were shocked, but Xander was swift to conclude that Thomas was at fault. Caroline is devastated and Ridge feels empathetic. Despite this, he continues to offer Caroline friendship. Sally later returns to L.A. with the news of Thomas' inability to stay away from Caroline, the mother of his child. They spent their first evening together as a family, where Hope confessed to Liam that she never stopped loving him. Ivy is angry at Steffy and confronts her near an electrical panel. Thomas and Hope discussed this incident and decided to marry in two days' time, for Douglas' sake. Thomas sees Liam calling for Hope and encourages her to take a ride on the ATVs, but Hope eventually sees Liam. Steffy admits to Thomas that Ivy witnessed the accident and she's been acting weird ever since. Welcome to the #BoldandBeautiful family @JMattAtkinson! If Thomas won, their marriage could continue without interference from the family. Ridge asks if it's his son and Caroline confirms it to be the one. For a long period of time, it has been Thomas' mission to make Hope his wife. B&B tapes milestone episode, shares gratitude with fans, THE SCOOP! Completely uncomfortable with it and believing it to be inappropriate, Brooke wanted to tell Ridge what Thomas did, but Thomas convinces her to keep it quiet as it will create an misunderstanding amongst the three of them. Ridge then quickly calls Caroline back and they marry. The role has previously been played by Drew Tyler Bell (2004-10), Adam Gregory (2010-14), and Pierson Fodé (2015-18). Liam urged Wyatt to dig into Flo and try to find out. Drew Tyler Bell (2004—2010), Stephanie Forrester (paternal grandfather), Sharon Ashford Hamilton (maternal grandmother). When Thomas discovered that Bill had engineered Sally's horrible review so he could buy Spectra and replace it with a skyscraper, Thomas invested $100,000 in Spectra, which got him fired by Ridge; Thomas and Sally affirmed their feelings for each other and finally made love. Sally replies, "Spectra. Their relationship was further strained when Thomas began supporting Hope after she left Caroline's cousin, Liam. Fodé's portrayal later earned him two consecutive nominations, in 2017 and 2018, for the same category. Furious, Ridge decided to cut the Taboo Line, but Thomas interferes and he announces the line will continue on, causing Brooke to be put in the middle between Ridge and Thomas. She felt uncomfortable with the position that Hope was holding "Phoebe" in and told her to stop, but she refused. After her death, Thomas and his sisters were upset when Brooke took over as a parent for them and married Ridge. The doctor unwillingly goes along with it, and Liam decides to stay with Steffy. Caroline remembers taking Pam's anti-anxiety pills, making her unaware, accusing Thomas of taking advantage of her. Rick later came between their relationship, and Thomas began dating Amber Moore. [13] There was brief speculation that the character was going gay;[14] however this was never a storyline. Ridge informs Caroline about the vasectomy he had done last year and he had been planning to get it reversed as a surprise. He believed Rick was responsible for her death as he was driving when she was killed. Matthew Atkinson will be the new Thomas Forrester. When it came around this time, [having worked at Y&R], I knew everyone there. While on the island, Brooke comes across some berries, but Thomas believes that they could be poisoned. The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Deranged Thomas Hears Voices – Hope…. Rick falsely claimed that Thomas pushed him out of a window, and Caroline eventually left Thomas. B&B's Jennifer Gareis has a secret to share; is she returning to Y&R? When she saw the unmistakable bond between Ridge and her baby and realized he really wasn't in love with Brooke at the time, Taylor confessed everything to Ridge, about him being the baby's real father, about Brooke's false pregnancy, and how Brooke convinced her to have Thorne be the father instead. Wyatt listened, but still remained skeptical, so he told Liam that this may be involved in the secret. Don’t forget to come back later for more The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) spoilers, news, and casting updates! Starting out as friends, they eventually began dating each other. He was livid when Steffy and Rick become involved, and blew up Rick's car. The doctor looks at the results and confirms Caroline's pregnancy, which shocks her. Both Brooke and Steffy, Hope's bridesmaid, spent a long time with Hope to attempt to convince her one last time not to marry Thomas, in which Hope responded once more that it was in everybody's interests. Thomas reiterated what he had said, that Hope can never know that Phoebe is Beth. This causes Thomas to remember his deep feelings he had for Hope when they went to Cabo earlier that year. Carolien sounds upset and starts to cry and Thomas insists on coming over. When not writing or watching soaps, she can be found at the gym or taking a walk. Thomas explains he was trying to raise a family with Caroline which didn't work out, resulting in his return. Caroline eventually confessed the truth to Thomas, which lead to their brief return to L.A. on the heels of Bill's shooting - both of which as prime suspects. After the revelation had unraveled, Caroline and Ridge were distant for a period. Thomas reunites with Steffy to comfort her. Thomas admitted to Taylor, Ridge, and Steffy that he set Rick's house on fire and blew up his car for revenge, but claimed that he wanted to scare him off, not kill him. Liam closely followed. But Taylor overhears their conversation and tells Ridge, but again believing that Brooke came onto Thomas which was why he kissed her. Caroline questions whether she can get paternity results but the doctor states it's too early in the pregnancy to tell. Hearing Liam explain this, Thomas banged on the door and ordered Hope not to listen to him, before eventually barging his way into the room, punching Liam, and dragging Hope through an internal exit towards the roof. Thomas congratulates them and Ridge claims he called Thomas over because he's had his doubts about their relationship. Thomas left town for college again and later began working for Forrester Internationals. The Bold and the Beautiful has been on the hunt for an actor to take over the role of Thomas Forrester, and they didn't have to look too far from home to find the lucky performer: Matthew Atkinson, who played Austin Travers on B&B's sister soap, … The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) casting news reveals that the new Thomas Forrester has been cast. It caused them to have weird dreams and imagine themselves in an odd alternate world. Ridge not only cuts the Taboo Line, he also moves him down into the Forrester's Shipping Department as a somewhat punishment. Hope broke the news to her friends and family the next day that they would be marrying tomorrow, much to unanimous shock. Ivy is grateful for Thomas saving her; Wyatt starts becoming more jealous that Thomas is seemingly getting more involved in Ivy's life. Of course, fans will simply have to tune in to see what will be in store for him next! Bill was shocked, as was Brooke when Bill told her. She refused treatment when antibiotics could affect both her unborn daughters and gave birth to them. Ridge comes to the rescue of Brooke and his son. While Emma was distracted, the vehicle gained closer, and bumped the rear end of the car. How do you think Thomas' Hope and Hope doll obsession will end? They share a kiss and begin to date, and he proposes to Hope in Mexico where she briefly accepts by saying 'its too soon now, but maybe someday it will happen.' This guy was drastically different from Bold and the Beautiful sweet and sexy Thomas Forrester. At his request, Amelia brings Douglas to his father for a visit. DAYS RECAPS: What you missed the Week of October 26, 2020, THE SCOOP! "It was actually a long time coming," Atkinson reveals of stepping into Thomas' shoes. Ridge leaves and reunites with Brooke and tells her everything. Get real time updates directly on you device, subscribe now. Whilst Douglas was asleep in his bed, Thomas set up a mini projector with a holographic image of a ghost, to shine against Douglas' wall, on a timer to turn on after a set amount of seconds and turn off shortly after. If his name rings a bell that’s because he played on The Young and the Restless as Austin Travers. Douglas was very grateful of this. Also during this time, Caroline called Thomas insisting on seeing him but Thomas insisted it isn't a good time. Who's Who: Read a biography of Thomas Forrester. Towards the end of the reception, Thomas pulled Flo aside and asked her to leave, to which Flo responded in anger about how wrong the marriage was, and that if Hope knew the secret, that it would all change.

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