Bamboo Palm is a great house plant as it requires little to no maintenance. The core of any business is its commitment to service. Let The Plant Ranch help you fill the corners of … We know the quality of the plants you order from us, because we see it first-hand! The ZZ Plant has glossy leaves that look almost fake. The burgundy and green tones add flare... Easy to grow in full shade or in the house. (A great reference to connect a picture with botanical name.

Heart of Florida Greenhouses Inc. supplies wholesale interior plants for Indepentdent Garden Centers, Wholesale Florist, Interiorscapes and Grocers. They are long-lasting, healthful, and thoughtful presents for housewarmings, dinner party take-alongs, and birthdays. Add a splash of bright chartreuse color to your kitchen or bathroom with pothos. So are we! articles and videos featuring easy, hands-on instructions. Costa Farms is a wholesale grower that discovers, develops, and grows plants for your home and life -- indoors and out.

Mercer Botanicals grows and supplies high quality tropical foliage for the wholesale floriculture industry. Try anthurium, croton, and orchids for a fresh Thanksgiving dinner look. ), This will lead to documents such as: Current Availability. This dracaena has bright pink variegation. They are maintenance free and everblooming. We strive to offer the best service in the foliage industry. We’re your online gardening resource for plant info and inspiration. The Dr. Brown Ti has bright pink leaves that change color over time. Look for plants by name, growing needs, and more. This easy-care plant has heart-shaped leaves and eye-popping color.

Costa Farms is a wholesale grower that discovers, develops, and grows plants for your home and life -- indoors and out. We can help you grow your business by having access to the finest tropical plants and set you apart from your … Thank you for contacting Heart of Florida Grhs. We started to provide small businesses across the USA high quality house plants at affordable prices. Plants make the best gifts! Sunshine Horticulture is a wholesale plant supplier that is used to handling orders of all sizes.

See, Do, Love!

more info. Share your gardens, projects, flowers, and fun with #CostaFarms. Leveraging our current greenhouse infrastructure we sell and ship house plants for wholesale, dropshipping, and corporate customers. The Anthurium gives extraordinary color in low light situations. ... Red Sister is a popular South Florida plant. Used as a... Red Sister is a popular South Florida plant. Passionate about plants? We specialize in Crotons, Dieffenbachia, Neathe Bella Palm, Syngonium, and much more.

All Rights Reserved, A New Twist on Thanksgiving Tabletop Decor. This plant will spread out and fill in an area.... Song of India is a great outdoor plant or indoor plant.

The 'Burle Marx' Philodendron is a beautiful tropical plant that can be grown indoors or out. This will include the basics all the way up to the large specimen houseplants. more info. We guarantee, you will receive the highest quality tropical houseplants from both sides of the country.

Our stock of tropical plants is plentiful and includes a number of different varieties. So many pictures of beautiful foliage. The Majesty Palm is a beautiful, slow growing, dark green palm best suited for an indoor climate or an area... Money trees are excellent indoors and also outdoors in full shade. Our articles, blogs, tips, and photos help you use plants to beautify your living spaces and enhance your life. The tropical leaves of the 'Rojo Congo' Philodendron are large and colorful. Our articles, blogs, tips, and photos help you use plants to beautify your living spaces and enhance your life. This variety of Peace lily only grows to about 3 feet and loves the indoors or low light areas. We will carefully fill your order and deliver it to your door along our many Carolina routes in our climate-controlled trucks. Get started now! Our professionals are dedicated to supplying and delivering healthy tropical plants to businesses throughout the nation. DEVELOPING INNOVATIVE PLANTS FOR THE HOME SPACE AND WORK PLACE. The Cat Palm is a great small palm.

It retains its color wherever it is placed. Special requests are taken at any time. Look through our plant gallery to find what you've been looking for. Use our drag-and-drop tool to see how plants will look in your rooms! This includes fulfilling special requests for plant selection, packaging, and shipping. Search for the best houseplants, annuals, and perennial flowers to decorate your home, yard, and garden. Our plants are sold to all segments of the wholesale buying industry throughout the contiguous United States (excluding AZ) and Canada. Easily kept at any height. Neanthe Bella. From miniature 2" terrarium plants to 17" material, we will be there for you with an impressive selection of houseplants and spring tropicals from Florida's finest growers. The wholesale greenhouse is located in Arvada, CO (Denver, CO) and consists of 10,000 square feet of indoor plants/foliage ranging from 3" starter house plants to 21" specimen plants. Bamboo-like stalks gives this plants its... starting at $49.95. 21800 SW 162ND Ave. Miami, Florida 33170 |  (800) 327-7074

This variety of croton is slow growing with lots of colors. Wholesale Houseplants Houseplants and tropicals are supplied to florists and garden centers.

This elegant, slow growing palm is perfect for any indoor or shady area. Peperomia and other houseplants are perfect for your space. Bamboo-like stalks gives this plants its... Great indoor plant that stays small and compact with colorful foliage. House Plant Wholesale. © 2020 Costa Farms, LLC. Same color scheme, new look. We deliver to Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach Counties. Check out our GIY (grow it yourself!)

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