I tried to search online but couldn’t find it. I know I’m getting the piss taken out of but can someone tall me what Hun ton means. I understand it’s slang for the oncoming of an erection, but what is the literal translation and are you able to provide the phrase in Thai script please? 2./3. Does it matter though if they want to watch a ‘wideo' or that their favourite colour is ‘led', or that ‘sa-wimming' is their favourite ‘sa-port', after which they might enjoy a nice ‘i-sa-cream'. Not sure about your transliteration but the first one sounds like “I’m not good, I don’t love you anymore.” Not sure about the second one either but “tam pid” is to do wrong, so it’s somehow about who is right and who’s wrong…, Hello! while women use the word “chan”. ----- Our mission is informing people correctly. You can also use this word to call the attention of a waiter/waitress. “Khun kru” could be “teacher”. This is like A for Apple but in Thai, there are specifically designated nouns to accompany each alphabet. Thanks, This is the latest thing. Then you simply need to find the word you were looking for and click on it to see the result page for it. what does words mean? I guess you mean either “jeb maak maak” (big pain, hurts very much) or “jeb maak mai?” (does it hurt very much?). Note: Thai language has its own script with 44 consonant letters, 15 vowel symbols that combine into at least 28 vowel forms, four tone diacritics, and an own set of numerals. If you want to move to and live in Thailand hassle-free, become a subscriber. Oh! Look saw ha Teach and travel Thailand and Asia with full support and training. Later it took on the use it has today. what does mee kwam suk maak maak mean please Just an idea…, “chob jai maak” {I guess you mean “jai”, not “chai”) means as much as “to like/be pleased with/amused at something very much.”, Hi can you tell me meaning of below words, 1.mai moho tdae bini pai ti pattaya mai dai.. laeo, 2.ge mai pen rai gep satang dee gwa tirak, 9. tdae pom ja mee holiday 10 wan ti gaoli. Sorry mate, don’t know any Thai song for that occasion. I find it so difficult to even remember stuff because of the their diffrent letters. There are times I have called ‘Pi’ which is used to call older people even though they are clearly wearing high school uniforms and I am wearing a university uniform. One last wrinkle…. What’s the mean of ‘i mi di mi rak you leaw. Could you please help me by telling what “tirak non lab lor?” Means, “Are you sleeping/can you sleep, darling?” TIRAK means “darling” – that’s essential Thai vocabulary . There are some standardized transcription systems but I don’t like either of them very much. “suay tee sood” = “most beautiful”. I'm currently getting my Master's in Management at University of Melbourne. Be careful with this word, as using it will establish your inferiority. Elder Uncle: ลุง /lung/ I’m not sure. I think this combined with some english in it . Although ajarn dot com has never shirked from handing out some just criticism of Thai education and culture, I felt it was only fair to balance worthy criticism with worthy praise. The honorific is followed by the person’s name or nickname. Mary. The sentence is uttered by a male speaker, hence the polite yet meaningless “krab” at the end of the sentence. This is very funny because I just talked to my friend about it. For those of you you're not acquainted with it, there are five tones when speaking in Thai: high, low, middle, rising and falling. Teacher X or Ajan X is often used as a form of address among (young!) Also, don’t use this to refer to older girls you’re romantically interested in – they don’t want you to point out that age difference! The Thai language has much influence of languages such as Pali, old Khmer and Sanskrit. It taught me a lot more. Respect and smiles, are indeed the name of the game in Thailand. I found it somewhere and so curious to know the meaning, The first sentence i type is a word language of thai but i don’t understand it. I know that you’ve already got a boyfriend/girlfriend. Respect is the name of the game. Don’t confuse this word for ‘you’, which has the same spelling. 4. Some great information there Hugh. Tq ? I’m not a native speaker of English – maybe that is one of the reasons why a “hey you” said with a smile goes down a lot better than a grumpy “madam”. Also, “I want to poo” does this mean anything to you in context with the previous qn i asked? Or you could just take it all on board, stay aloof, know when to wai and that's about it. May I know what is the meaning when a Monk saying “mao” when praying for people in temple? Kob kuhn mak ja! น้อง – nong 4, Use this before the first name only when referring to friends and family that are younger than you. 4.chan pud tit talok. I would like to know the meaning of all these: I pwd khi Yang ne – yang is yet. You simply respond by telling them what languages you can speak . Thanks. There’s a TV advert that points this out. 4. another well written an informative post its normally pretty easy to pay the correct amount of respect to meeting new people just using age that’s about as in depth as i go but always with a smile and you can’t go far wrong in Thailand, Hugh and Catherine – I love words and these are just poetic to me. Would you have an idea of what I should do? “ja” doesn’t really mean anything but just makes it sound more “sweet”. 2. I have 2 sons. Our children were instructed to call their nanny พี่ /pêe/ (older sister). Not quite sure what “p” you mean”? No idea at all. The temple was hidden underwater for 20 years after the construction of the nearby Pa Sak Cholasit Dam. But even servants are due their honorifics. คุณหญิง – khun 1 yeeng 5, The Thai equivalent of “Lady”. “pompui” means “chubby”. I’m guessing it might not be the bar as I got the word typed as poopeh, not that i can find anything online ? Thank you. Powered by Nirada. An older servant might be referred to as ป้า /bpâa/ (auntie). And if we leave this honorific off then it’s possible that we are forcing a familiarity with our Thai acquaintances that we have not yet earned. In Thai, we have a lot of words to call a stranger. Thai to English transliteration is unfortunately not that easy (German with all its umlauts is actually much more suitable to transcribe Thai.) Thanks so much for your help, I really appreciate it. Like I said, we suck at spellings. Just one last wrinkle. I’ve used Khun a lot but I didn’t know all the other honorifics. Currently living in Thailand, Filipino, 23 years old. After a while it will probably be done more or less correctly and instinctively. New posts will not be retrieved. So yes, that’s great news. คุณหนู – khun 1 nuu 5 – I typically see this used either sarcastically or jokingly as a way to point out a girl/woman who has been spoiled by her wealthy father. Have a guess at other alphabets to see if you might be able to figure it out. The mark of a total loser is when you hear excuses about it not being their culture. Thank you. Sure you got that right? Subject pronouns are frequently omitted, often with nicknames of the speakers used instead. Did you know?

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