If Weiss was there to assassinate him, why not do it then? Senator Huey Pierce Long, Jr., at the Louisiana State Capitol on September 8, 1935. During Long's years in power, large expansions were made in infrastructure, education and health care. He made a call from the patient's home and then left. The official investigation maintains that this was when Weiss drew a pistol and shot Huey Long. Realizing that it was locked, they went to get the keys. Weiss's gun shot .32 slugs. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. (I live in Lafayette, LA.). Even if Weiss pulled a gun, there were enough bullets flying around that it's likely that Long was hit by one. Pavy was the daughter of Judge Benjamin Henry Pavy (1874–1943) and Ida Veazie (died 1941). Carl Austin Weiss Sr. was an American physician from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who was implicated in the assassination of U.S.

Covering up that sort of thing would be more likely. I think in Louisiana, it’s always been an unofficial but accepted truth that the bodyguards did before it. A bit of hyperbole perhaps but the point is that any “conspiracy” that involves more than a small number of players who have a compelling reason to keep it on the down low, is most likely going to come apart. He was president of the Louisiana Medical Society in 1933. After dinner, Weiss went to visit a patient's home. On three separate occasions that night, Weiss would attempt to approach Huey, but he would be brushed off or ignored each time. I always thought John Goodman (when younger) would have made a great Huey Long. In his stump speeches he regularly named Morgan, Mellon, and Rockefeller as the main enemies of the people who's votes he was trying to get. When they returned, they found that it had been moved to another spot. In 1936, the investigator concluded that Senator Huey Long was fatally shot accidentally by his bodyguards but the official Investigation ignored this. Long had been a supporter of Franklin D. Roosevelt in his first 100 days but soon began to advocate for policies against what he saw as Roosevelts compromises, this lead to a split with him in June 1933, Long would begin to advocate for a total redistribution of wealth to the poor and disenfranchised in what was termed the 'Share our wealth program' and set out to plan his own presidential bid for 1936 in alliance with the influential Roman Catholic Priest and Far-Right radio commentator Father Charles Coughlin. In 1932, he returned to Baton Rouge to enter private practice with his father. It was on this date in 1931, that Dr. Donald Pavy was born. Gerrymandering is wrong, no matter who does it. Under Long's leadership, hospitals and educational institutions were expanded, a system of charity hospitals was set up that provided health care for the poor, and massive highway construction and free bridges brought an end to rural isolation. But one of Huey's aides, Sidney Songy, made open claims that a group from Standard Oil (Rockefeller) was actually behind Long's murder. I saw a reenactment and the actor playing him looked just like Weiss. Grevemberg claimed that he did not come forward until forty years later because the Louisiana State legislature was filled at the time with pro-Long politicians who would not believe the story or support an inquiry. For one, he had made a house call that night to a patient of his and had planned on following up with them the next day. It is possible that Weiss really did pull a gun on Long and perhaps even shot him but Long could have easily been hit be “ friendly fire” as well by a bodyguard who panicked. Weiss gun was then likely taken from his car and placed on or near his body but no one thought to check the caliber at the time. The Pavy-Opelousas connection In 1933, Weiss married Yvonne Louise Pavy of Opelousas, the seat of St. Landry Parish. The Pavy family was part of an anti-Long political faction. As measured by the number of mourners, Weiss's funeral is believed to have been the largest ever held for an accused political assassin in the United States. Their children included three sons, Alfred Veazie Pavy (1899–1979) and the twins Albert Lionel Pavy (1902–1986) and Alfred Dudley Pavy (1902–1930), and four daughters, Yvonne Louise Pavy Weiss Bourgeois (1908–1963), Marie Aline Pavy (1911–1998), Evelyn Laperle Pavy (1904–1974), and Ida Catherine Pavy Boudreaux (1922–2015). Cookies help us deliver our Services. I've read a fair amount about this one, and I've always thought Weiss was framed. House Bill No. Namely, that because someone wanted him dead, they must have been involved in the slaying... some people whose names were included in that list of powerful enemies Long named were involved in his assassination, Mod. Carl Austin Weiss, Sr. (December 6, 1906 – September 8, 1935), was an American physician from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, who assassinated U.S. In 1933, Weiss married Yvonne Louise Pavy of Opelousas, the seat of St. Landry Parish.

Press J to jump to the feed. It's still pretty interesting. A doctor and close friend of Huey's allegedly approached the mortician and asked him to step away from the body. He did postgraduate work in Vienna, Austria, and was thereafter awarded internships in Vienna and at Bellevue Hospital in New York City. In 1933, Weiss married Yvonne Louise Pavy of Opelousas, Louisiana, the seat of St. Landry Parish. It’s anecdotal but the writer James Lee Burke whose novels often take place in Louisiana, has always maintained that Longs body guards killed him. Is the dispute, Dr Carl Weiss Jr believed Long's bodyguards fired the fatal shot when trying to shoot his father. I'm from Louisiana and in my 30s.

However, ballistics tests conducted by the police determined that the slug had not come from Weiss's gun at all. Pavy was the daughter of Judge Benjamin Henry Pavy (1874 1943) and Ida Veazie (died 1941). Huey Pierce Long Jr., nicknamed "The Kingfish", was an American Politician who served as the 40th Governor of Louisiana from 1928 to 1932 and was a member of the United States Senate from 1932 until his assassination in 1935. Interesting to know that there's a plausible halfway point between the official story and the conspiracy theory. And, I'm also kinda mixed about Long's legacy, although I think, overall, he was a dangerous demagogue. It's something that I didn't learn in history class. He established the long-term political dominance and dynasty of the Long Family. Many now believe that Carl Weiss had actually punched, slapped or otherwise struck Huey Long on the night of the Assassination, he had likely done this due to a comment or insult made by Huey Long when Weiss had blocked his path to try to plead his father-in-laws case a third time. Senator Huey Pierce Long, Jr.

He was a devout Catholic and a relative of Dr. Carl Austin Weiss.

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