It's really just a 9mm on steroids! With today’s modern ammunition you can find bullets specifically designed for personal defense, target practice, or even hunting. Personally, I am not sure if it is the necked down casing or the lack of popularity that is driving the cost, but the .357 Sig costs roughly twice what .40 S&W ammunition does.

Another giant plus to law enforcement was the fact that .357 SIG could penetrate barriers such as car metal, windshields and heavier clothing that the .40 S&W could not. That being said, 9mm vs .357 Sig is worth exploring, if for no other reason than to crush some ballistic myths. And it was also a time where several new cartridges were given their chance among law enforcement agencies in the US to potentially replace cartridges like 9mm. Break in that match grade rifle barrel correctly. And the list goes on. FBI ballistics testing during the early 2000s concluded that the modernized 9mm cartridge achieved better bullet penetration than any other cartridge on the market, while also being one of the easiest rounds for agents to handle. Plus a full capacity magazine loaded with .357 SIG weighs less than a full mag of .40. This flat shooting, hard hitting, and accurate cartridge would be adopted by several major law enforcement agencies over the next two decades. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. If you reload, or one day decide to, .40 brass is so plentiful it's practically free. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I even tried my friend's barrel from his P226 357 Legion built in 2017.

This generally leads to .357 SIG ammo being significantly more expensive than .40 S&W and other calibers, particularly when talking about practice ammo. Subscribe for the latest news, reviews, and gun deals. Thus the .357 Sig was born. .40 range Ammo is cheaper and more available for the .40 almost as cheap as 9mm if you know where to order it. That's part of the reason that my favorite rd is a S&W 40. Please check your entries and try again. Both calibers are right on target with my regular sights #6 & #8. I could see why some law enforcement agencies out West would more likely be in an altercation requiring additional range than a city police officer back East. Second Media Corp., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. Because no one wants some kid’s smashed up PB&J. The cartridge had close to identical dimensions to the 10mm, but with a shorter case and overall cartridge length, making it small enough to fit into the medium-frame of 9mm handguns. Muzzle Flash and Gun Wear - Negatives of .357 SIG.

All information is provided "as is" with all faults without warranty of any kind, either express or implied. The quest was to come up with a round they could depend on when the chips were down. Naturally you want to practice a lot with your everyday carry, and the price of training ammo quickly adds up. So now we have these two pistol cartridges, introduced only four years apart from one another, and developed to serve the same purpose. Were you to buy this box of FMJs for 357 SIG, you would pay about a third more than you would for this analogous box of 40 S&W. With the proper front sight, it should be dead on... IMHO, the 357 Sig is a sweet shooting round. I reload for the .357 Sig so cost is not a factor there. This bottleneck lets it seat a relatively smaller bullet and feed more reliably in a semi-automatic. It also retains energy at those longer ranges so it hits harder at 100 yards than the 9mm does at the muzzle. They are very similar in this regard. .40 S&W and .357 SIG each still have a loyal following even to this day, largely among law enforcement agents who were issued this cartridges back in the 1990s. It has been proven over time that the .40 S&W is superior as a one shot bad guy buster. After the FBI lost a battle royal in Miami in 1986, they adopted it. A lot of this demand was due to the aftermath of the notorious 1986 Miami FBI shootout. So you see both rounds are good rounds. Then, for $$ sake, I started shooting 9mm again around 2008/9, and I realized not only did I have a massive cranial rectal inversion over the whole thing, I found my defensive accuracy improved greatly with the 9mm.

Shoot what you can afford. .357 SIG v. .40 S&W. For this shooter it was always to close to tell. Bright muzzle flash can be disastrous, as it will cause a shooter’s vision to deacclimate to low light. Any shallower than 12 inches and a bullet runs the risk of not penetrating an attacker’s vital organs (the FBI has stated that particularly with handgun cartridges, a bullet must penetrate vital organs in order to be fatal). However, if you don't reload then it is very expensive to shoot. The 357 sig is a 9mm bullet in a 10mm case which really allows the 9mm bullets to perform at their best . Enter your email address to subscribe and receive notifications by email.

With better skills any slight performance variations between the two are liable to become moot quickly. So why didn’t law enforcement agencies and concealed gun carriers all across the country just adopt the .40 S&W and call it a day? Thread Tools. Something went wrong. They needed to be able to shoot accurately and have enough punching power to take care of business. More Info Here! The 1990s was a fascinating of period of time in firearms history. If you don't, it's hard to find and is more expensive than .40 S&W (10mm Kurz). Modern magazines for either one should feed both types of rounds but be sure to check with your manufacturer. I’m currently investing in a barrel for my M&P to allow the 357 sig to be used . It therefore exceeded the tried and true performance of the previous standard issue .38 special +p rounds. 40 S&W (Sig SP2022) 180JHP is less expensive and easier to find. To get a full picture on how .40 S&W and .357 SIG came to be, we need to go back to the year 1986.

So with all this going for it, why doesn’t everyone chuck the .40’s and switch to the .357 Sig? The best way to examine any potential differences in power between the 9mm and .357 SIG is by comparing ballistics gel testing data. Regardless of one cartridge’s measurable superiority over the other, that the 40 S&W is far more common may be the greatest argument in its favor. The FBI didn’t want a repeat of that occurrence. If you don’t mind snappy, and you got the dough for ammo, go with the .357 Sig, and at least get the energy you deserve. In some cases substantially better. Both are fairly snappy if shot from similar firearms. Was looking for a USP compact in 9mm and found a pristine 357 Sig. When your average shooter is picking his every day carry, he needs to take the cost of practice into consideration. The 9mm provides struggling shooters the best chance of success while improving the speed and accuracy of the most skilled shooters.”. This could give you the chance to try out both and see which one you like without the full expense of another pistol. Now that we’ve covered some background information on .357 SIG vs .40 S&W, let’s dive into a side by side comparison of these two calibers.

History of .357 Sig vs. 9mm. Smith & Wesson got right to work. Gun control is like trying to reduce drunk driving by making it tougher for sober people to own cars. While these cartridges remain in production, there’s no evidence suggest that their popularity will ever reach new highs. It’s a great round and out performs the 9mm +p rounds consistently . He doesn't have a college education, for that matter he doesn't have a high school education, but I trust his knowledge and experience where … I'm thinking I'd choose the .40 bullet in the 165gn Gold Dot at around 1100+ over the 125gn commonly loaded in the .357 Sig at about 1300fps for deer size game. Two Cents: The .357 SIG is a specialty round excellent for penetration due to its high velocity. The biggest knock against .357 SIG vs .40 S&W and other calibers is its availability and price. LEO needed a round that could do the job in anybody’s hand while being fed into a semi-auto, and good ole’ Jeff Cooper answered the call in 1983 with the 10mm. .40 S&W meanwhile continued to grow in popularity throughout the 90’s, and then in the 2000’s a new and improved 9mm re-established itself as the best all around semi-automatic handgun cartridge in the world. You don’t want your everyday carry to jam during a life and death encounter. .357 Sig vs .40 S&W I've owned both calibers in Glock models. It is also a little harder to reload.

Reloading 357 SIG is about the same cost as 9mm. Also, a 357 SIG’s powerful muzzle velocity comes at the price of accelerated wear and tear to a pistol. The only sell for me is if it stays true to the .357 magnum round.

Honestly, I don’t even like being around a 40 at an indoor range. Because no cartridge is perfect. This doesn’t make the 40 S&W or the 357 SIG bad, of course. 9mm remains the cartridge to beat in the world of modern handguns, and until something truly revolutionary comes along, this will likely remain the state of things. The .357 Sig with the stock spring in the 32c does not like to be suppressed. Charter Arms Bulldog, guard dog in your pocket. offers the most popular calibers of ammunition from 9mm to .223 as well as brands that you trust – like Federal and Winchester – because you deserve the best! A round that passes straight through does not maximize the expansion and shock that a slower, heavier round does. The shootout continued until five good men were injured and two more lost their lives. The 40 s&w out performs the 9mm +p 124 grain loadings . The 357 SIG ammo is more expensive then the 40 S&W and 9mm.

It’s rough. So with all this going for it, why doesn’t everyone chuck the .40’s and switch to the .357 Sig? The FBI likely knew that 10mm wouldn’t be an effective long term solution, and for this reason they put in a request with Smith & Wesson to develop a brand new cartridge, one with similar ballistics of 10mm, but with more manageable recoil. One FBI report summed it up best: “The Ballistic Research Facility has conducted a test which compares similar sized Glock pistols in both .40 S&W and 9mm calibers, to determine if more accurate and faster hits are achievable with one versus the other. Personally, I am not sure if it is the necked down casing or the lack of popularity that is driving the cost, but the .357 Sig costs roughly twice what .40 S&W ammunition does. (It’s a lunch box.). Like it was said before, if you reload, that's another story. 357 Mag sounds “cool” but , the recoil is unpleasant. Mags are common for 40/357. I am going with the .40 S&W simply due to availability and $. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The slide would not go back into full battery until the trigger was released. Both the 40 S&W and the 357 SIG have got their fans, but any reputable online ammunition retailer could tell you that neither cartridge has supplanted the 9mm. I prefer .357 Sig but I have .40 barrels for my G32 and G31 and have no issues carrying either. The 32c was the only .357 SIG in their inventory and it was pristine. ), A little history lesson, and something to ponder…, I am glad I bought the 9mm conversion. Go with the .40 especially in your situation.

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