"Brides should be wearing them, dancing beautifully surrounded by 200 people," laments shop owner Armanda Toska, who also produces a reality TV show centred on weddings. This blog is a personal account of my service as a Peace Corps Volunteer. The vow is a kind of oath, with the deity being both the … "Changing the date of a wedding is bad luck, which is one of the reasons we decided to keep it," said Erion Mucollari, a 30-year-old computer engineer. 4) Brides do NOT smile- it signifies that they are sad to leave their family and makes all brides look absolutely pissed off on wedding day. Wow!! 2) They have at least two consecutive days for a wedding: one with the bride’s family and one with the groom’s family. The video to come will most likely have 2 hours footage of this “driving on the streets”… trust me, I have seen one too many wedding videos. "We Albanians are very energetic people, we like to celebrate, we like music, to party loudly with a large number of guests. Couples who set their wedding dates before the virus arrived in Albania, where it has claimed some 35 lives, must also contend with local superstition. The First Election Day Results Are Already In, Thanks To A Quirky Old Law. Often both families throw celebrations, with village festivities that can last for days. Cheers all around. Albanian nuptials traditionally bring together hundreds of guests for lavish feasts and all-night dancing, with families often taking years to scrape together enough money to afford them. She will be getting help from an event planner for further arrangements. We started preparation at 4pm: setting tables, starting to cook, and running last minute errands. In any case, the bride-to-be also has no choice but to wait as the pandemic has stranded her fiance, a construction engineer, in Italy for the past three months. Excellent job , great posting for this site ,lovely and Faboulious,Awesome writing...Bathmate. But money is often no object when it comes to wedding bashes, with a price tag that can mount to tens of thousands of euros. No two weddings are the same. Bledi & I taking a quick break to eat some food before more work! I’m worth $1.3M. So she is taking her time with the preparations, seizing on the recent reopening of the Geraldina Sposa wedding salon in Tirana to try on some gowns. the cakes and the not smiling part at the 2 things im glad we didnt have to do! How can I protect my assets? I'm sure there will be many more weddings to come... Tyler & I ready to enjoy festivities after hard work. So, don’t be alarmed when you see the car preceding the bride & groom’s with a person fully hanging out the window equipped with the world’s largest video camera slung over their shoulder. Albanian weddings are in many ways similar to American traditions, but here are the major differences I have noticed: 1) No ceremony or exchanging of vows is ever done; the “wedding” is equivalent to our receptions. Cutting the cake... yes, the ones you never eat. I loved each and every detail from this ceremony. It celebrates the union of the two families and involves inviting everyone from the local community. Small gatherings are permitted, but such a ceremony is out of the question for Demollari, a 31-year-old prison director who wants a big blowout with more than 300 guests. 5) At least 10 times more food is served at Albanian weddings: mmm mmm good. Summer in Albania is just like summer is the US: weekends are full of weddings left and right. In Albania's strongly family-oriented society, marriage is "a very important institution because it perpetuates family ties," said Aferdita Onuzi, an anthropologist. RIDICULOUS! By 9pm, we were shuffling hundreds of plates from the basement kitchen up to the tables while the crowd gathered outside the doors and the live band tuned up for the night. The tradition varies from region to region, but the dowry is composed of items like pillows, blankets, carpets, and pieces of furniture. The most common Albanian wedding tradition is the jav' e nuses, which is a week long celebration before the wedding. It is still a tradition in Albania for the bride's family to give the groom's family a dowry. For now, party spaces are quiet while dresses hang idly at wedding shops. Within the world of monks and nuns, a vow is sometimes a transaction between a person and a deity, where the former promises to render some service or gift, or devotes something valuable to the deity's use. The celebrations will often start seven days before the actual ceremony marking a week long event known as jav' e nuses. What Are Some Albanian Wedding Traditions. 1) No ceremony or exchanging of vows is ever done; the “wedding” is equivalent to our receptions. 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