Before he could reemerge, Kyoshi fled back to the Avatar mansion. Dairin paled and informed the Avatar not to mention it to anyone, bringing an abrupt end to the tour. Not wishing to be locked up by Kyoshi, he told her he was not being given much of a choice to fight her or not, and Kyoshi responded that she was not giving him a choice. Kuruk dissipated, and Kyoshi bent them to the surface. [3] When she returned to Jinpa, she learned that Fire Lord Zoryu had invited her to the Fire Nation Capital to celebrate the Festival of Szeto, an invitation she accepted after learning that Rangi and Hei-Ran had returned to the Fire Nation. A large group of warriors made her their patron, and go by the Kyoshi Warriors, and wear battle attire that matches her's in honor of Kyoshi. Having absolved themselves of their debt to the Autumn Bloom Society, the friends thus excused themselves and retreated from the Yellow Necks' camp. Kyoshi is the first known Avatar to have had descendants. He was successful until he reached the peninsula where Kyoshi lived, finding the Avatar waiting for him. Avatar [29][28] To Kyoshi's own unease, she increasingly employed tactics similar to those of Jianzhu, and began to feel deeply conflicted about her way to do things as the Avatar. Stance Training They returned to the stalls, and Rangi explained that she had in fact been miserable at the academy. [52][68][7] By her forties, she would no longer "take any BS from anyone". Before dissipating, Yangchen advised her to replace the clay turtle relic she had broken after she escaped Jianzhu's mansion and tried to practice earthbending with it. The group made their way into town, Rangi disapproving of the nascent poverty and the city's black reputation as a gambling den. Hei-Ran explained privately to Kyoshi that she was coming along to act as bait, and that Kyoshi would not have a good chance at capturing Yun without a sacrifice. [29] He subsequently became her confidant and friend, although their working relationship was often strained due to Kyoshi's unwillingness to do what was expected of her: namely, to aid and work with the four nations' elites, despite many of them being corrupt as well as self-serving. Because of Kyoshi's act, the people of Chin Village on the mainland founded Avatar Day to vilify Kyoshi, and all succeeding Avatars, for the death of their leader. After Rangi departed to leave the pair alone, Hei-Ran clarified that she would have killed Jianzhu if she knew what he did, and Kyoshi affirmed that she also would have done so. He explained that he never intended to hurt her, as she was the only one innocent in the entire affair. Hobby Fearing for the family's safety, Kyoshi decided on a whim to challenge Xu to a duel per the daofei code of conduct, to halt his reign of terror before it could truly begin anew.[22]. Kyoshi manifested herself through Aang during his trial for Chin's death. Turf Wars Part One (flashback) (chronological)"The Meeting" (actual) (release order) [12] Kyoshi later blamed her parents for her misfortune, and came to hate them as well as all criminals in general. When Aang sought the advice of his past lives leading up to his final duel with the evil Fire Lord, he grew disheartened by the fact that each Avatar encouraged him to go the direction he did not want to go: violence. In hopes of combating the injustice, Kyoshi not just apprehended the triad's members but also prevented the eviction of Loongkau's residents and exposed the police's corrupt connections. Nevertheless, these efforts had little impact. Kyoshi expressed her gratitude for reaching him, but he showed her another area of the Spirit World: a drained, dead swamp that had been formed out of Yun's anger. She proceeded to train an elite platoon of earthbenders called the Dai Li, though their subsequent corruption weighed heavily on Kyoshi in her afterlife.[9]. Yun was captured and his group scattered in an ambush at sea, leaving Kyoshi to confront Tagaka. At that moment, a fox appeared from a nearby bush, guiding Kyoshi to a spring in a nearby forest. Eventually, Kyoshi mastered the Avatar State, becoming feared and effective while restoring order in the world. Rangi said she did not know, but she would always be there by Kyoshi's side. To do so, she first cut down to the earth's mantle with earth and lavabending to sever the landmasses, followed by airbending to push the island out to sea.[8]. She is from the Earth Kingdom. Kyoshi told Lek that she was glad he was the one raised by her parents if it could not have been her. She apologized for not being able to firebend the day Hei-Ran tested her in Yokoya, but Hei-Ran declared that she was the one who needed to apologize. Kyoshi, Yun, and Rangi were best friends during their time at the Avatar mansion near Yokoya Port. Personal information The members then took it upon themselves to train her to bend the four elements; Wong and Lek training her in earthbending, Kirima training her in waterbending, and Rangi training her in firebending.

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