He has also been heard on HOT ROD Live Radio. He has gained a lot of wealth from the proceeds received from the automobile show “Roadkill.” He has been anchoring the show since 2000. He was so motivated that he planned to make his career in vehicles. He has been generating a decent amount of income from his YouTube channel. Can Stubby Bob do burnouts? According to Paysa, the average salary of a Staff Editor at Hot Rod Magazine is $81,456, a year. David Freiburger is a great enthusiast, and fan of the automobile industry. The carbs are a pair of the Holley supercharger-specific 850-cfm double-pumpers we've used a number of times. David Freiburger explains that Steve was responsible for introducing him and Mike Finnegan. Moreover, he does not hide the fact that David Freiburger is a married man. Would you consider the Crusher Camaro's blown big-block as a replacement for the current big-block in Stubby Bob? Being a go-getter, he capitalizes on every opportunity to prove his authenticity, hunger, and faithfulness for cars. True to honor, KJ had the green in hand when we showed our stuff, but I turned it down. What was the total cost of Stubby Bob? The downer is that the radiator cap is lower than the engine, so the system needs to be filled by removing the hose from the thermostat housing. Why is the engine in the back—because Roadkill? Did you ever get rid of the spit rims? Twitter post about his family on 25 December 2010 (Photo: Twitter). Wouldn't the extra gearing make wheelies easier and the parts to do it cheaper? He was inspired by the affectionate recollection of the cars of his father. Along with Freiburger, she is the voice of Roadkill social media. Our challenge was figuring out how to drive the rear axle when the engine was mounted directly above it with the transmission pointing forward. We've been telling people 600 hp at the crank, which is very conservative. The suspension had a lifespan of let's say 1 millisecond after re-entry.

Celebrity Article, Biography and Net Worth. American TV Host David Freiburger is best known as the Chief Editor of 2014 popular automobile program named Hot Rod Garage. He has gained a lot of wealth from the proceeds received from the automobile show “Roadkill.”

Our crew is drastically smaller than any "real" TV show. What happened is what you saw in the episode: We were estimating how to fit the engine under the hood when I realized it really belonged out back. David was talking about a certain commodity that he admired on Craiglist, and he continued to say that if he bought it, his other half would make him live in it. For the engine installation and V-drive and everything, Finnegan worked the hardest, putting in about five days. Finnegan says he was thrown forward when the bumper hit the ground during the wheelie, tossing his foot off the pedal and causing him to crash down and bounce. In one of our favorite episodes, we threw this all together and created the world's most unlikely and treacherous wheelstander, with Stubby Bob capable of slicing a trailer hitch through asphalt like a boss. How does something like this (as wonderful as it is) remain eligible for road registration? In addition to it, he is the key member of the “Bonneville 200 MPH Club”.

It was supposed to be a real race car, but the truck ended up just pulling big wheelies all the time. Dream fulfillment engaged! His channel has 56,636 subscribers and 1,092,238 video views. Will Stubby Bob cruise at 70? He possesses a metamorphic body structure and belongs to white ethnicity. check out KJ on the premiere episode of Shift Talkers. Nope! We are pretty sure we ran it in the high ratio (5.83:1 or 6.33:1) but can't be certain. He told me that he developed his interest from his father, “Jim Freiburger.”.

David has multiplied his distributions as the achievement of the two substances. Have you ever had as much fun in your life? Holley donated the blower, carbs, fuel pumps, AN lines, and headers, and those add up to at least $7,000. David Freiburger Author Jul 26, 2018 I've never done the "here's my dad" story before, but he's the one who got me into cars and entertainment, and his story is pretty interesting. During the buildup, as we mounted the beer-keg fuel tank between the rear framerails, we spent a lot of time with straightedges trying to figure out if it was possible for any of the fittings or the tank itself to contact the ground in a worst-case scenario. It's not like we would have changed it even if we knew what it was. The trans we used was a modern, electronic 4L80E four-speed overdrive from Gearstar Transmissions. You can say that David is a chip off old block because he followed the exact footsteps of his father. He also revealed about his first wrenching experiences helping his father to change water pumps on the street of their home. From original Chip Foose renderings to super-trick high-tech small-block heads, even a billet-aluminum flip flop, there is a mountain of cool stuff hidden in David Freiburger's garage. David Freiburger’s Bio. In true Roadkill style, the engine is just patched together. Finnegan did a great job on that motor-mount plate. He has worked at Hot Rod for many years as a TV and Radio shows host, and as a Chief Editor. How much time did the project take from getting it from Finnegan's house to marking up 8 feet of road? Being a private person, he has not revealed anything to the public about his personal life. Doin’ the @dirthead_dave. As per his nationality, he is American and belongs to white ethnic background. During the wheelie scene, we only had two camera operators, one shooting live action and another on the slow motion. You don't really want to know. David is also known for his passion for cars. But that risked the sure-fire wheelstands. Wait, you mean distance? We think the truck's frame is a lot more flexible than we'd hope. From original Chip Foose renderings to super-trick high-tech small-block heads, even a billet-aluminum flip flop, there is a mountain of cool stuff hidden in David Freiburger's garage. There were many iterations of this car, as well, driven by Bob Riggle, and you may have seen the most recent one get barrel-rolled with Jay Leno riding shotgun on an episode of Jay Leno's Garage. The Automobil enthusiast has also published an article titled Where I Began- a Tribute to My Father on Hotroad Network on 26 July 2018. Ours was from CompuShift. Furthermore, Freiburger never talks about his relationship in the public. #davidfordburger, A post shared by D A V I D F R E I B U R G E R (@davidfreiburger) on Jun 10, 2019 at 7:38am PDT. The Roadkill project truck known as Stubby Bob started with a surprise in episode 44 when Mike Finnegan bought the truck off a farm as a gag. David Freiburger is the chief editor of HOT ROD Magazine and HOT ROD Deluxe Magazine. He mentioned that it made 900 hp or something like that with a big turbo, and Finnegan asked no more questions when he bought it. Freiburger is also a YouTuber. Being born on August 21 1946, David Freiburger is 74 years old as of today’s date 3rd November 2020. He got interested after being introduced to the automobile and also the entertainment industry. It's a 1950 Ford F-6 two-ton dump truck that does wheelies, and no one planned any of it. David Freiburger earns a hefty amount of money from his multiple careers. The wheelstanders of the '60s and '70s all had big-blocks, usually with 8-71 blowers. He has garnered a reasonably large viewership for his commendable talent. You bet! If you could redo the Stubby Bob build, what would you change? From the beginning till present, all jobs that he has worked in so far have been related to automobiles. Apart from revealing that he is a married man, David has never revealed anything about his kids. Finally, in 1991, he joined Petersen Publishing house as a HOT ROD staff editor.

He has received a lot of popularity from the Roadkill show that is shown on the “Motor Trend” YouTube channel. "Personally I think it's the most stupid episode yet." To top it all, any information about David Freiburger wife, family or kids is kept as a top secret. After landing at various land speed car records, David became the prime member of the 200 Mph Bonneville club. As of [Current_date format=’F Y’], David Freiburger has a projected net worth of $1 million. Though his “RoadKill” show, and YouTube channel, he talks about his passion for cars. But probably irritated. But Freiburger never said anything about his sexuality. To date, the channel has over 35,629 subscribers.

His channel has more than 56,636 subscribers and 1,092,238 video views. The big boss at the time loved this thing from day one, especially because there's been no lawsuit yet.

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