New York has imposed new travel restrictions. Yes, he is back. Now there's a new surge in coronavirus cases and severe restrictions are coming back. … then let us make a small request. After the virus, investigate the president's actions and come up with some dirt, some kind of a scandal, and put it all on national television, wall-to-wall. Host Stuart Varney is now asking the former acting director of ICE whether we're "maybe importing the virus" via immigration through the US southern border click here to become a subscriber. Thank you. So think about that when our political leaders here figure out how to address the second wave. Adapted from Stuart Varney's "My Take" monologue on "Varney & Co." on Oct. 26, 2020. Bush and H. Ross Perot. Like you, we here at Raw Story believe in the power of progressive journalism. The $1,200 coronavirus "stimulus checks" that Americans have been receiving are popular, according to polls that also show most people want additional pandemic relief money. “I have enjoyed … Seven months ago, Europe locked down. 11/02/20 9:00 PM EST, Video & Audio The daily case count is rising. “Both the product as well as those who administer it or provide it.”. Stuart Varney: “You know what that means? Media Matters caught Varney on Fox & … It's either a long dirty laundry list, or a cleaning solution. But Fox Business host Stuart Varney is no fan of handing out more checks (not to mention direct deposits and even debit cards ). “These are some of the largest clinical trials of vaccines in history.”, “We believe by the end of the year that it’s highly credible that we will have in the tens of millions of doses of FDA gold standard vaccine,” he continued. 11/02/20 8:45 PM EST, Video & Audio But what else can they do? Coronavirus (COVID-19) Stuart Varney… Pharmaceutical companies that produce COVID-19 vaccines through the federal government’s “Warp Speed” program will automatically have liability protection, Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Alex Azar said on Monday. Our goal is to create a safe and engaging place for users to connect over interests and passions. Here's why Fox Business' Stuart Varney says no more stimulus checks. Kayleigh McEnany wants everyone to think Biden supporters will burn businesses in Dem cities because why not? He … Raw Story readers power David Cay Johnston’s DCReport, which we've expanded to keep watch in Washington. They won't say it, but it's so unlikely that he'll pull this off. There is no end to the Democrats' contempt for this president. 10/28/20 1:27 PM EDT. I really am. After the virus, investigate the president's actions and come up with some dirt.”. More. The Republicans effort to disqualify 127,000 ballots voted in Texas drive through early voting centers was denied by a Bush appointed Republican judge late on Monday. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. Sean Hannity hyped massive Trump rallies that have been linked to COVID-19 outbreaks. VOTE! VOTE! Stuart Varney Sings Kumbaya: We Are 'All Sharing A Unique Experience' With COVID19, Larry Kudlow Chides Unemployed While Cushioning Wall Street, Part Infinity, Sanjay Gupta Reacts To Trump's Call To Slow Down Testing For COVID-19. BIDEN MAKES 'ABSOLUTE GUARANTEE' ABOUT MIDDLE-CLASS TAXES. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Shorter Randy Rainbow: Vote for the one who pays his taxes. Thank you. It will be greatly appreciated and help us continue our mission of exposing the real FAKE NEWS! Will we go back to the stay-at-home days of April? They are unwilling to continue sacrificing their personal and economic freedom. For the first time, tens of millions will be working from home. Click to learn more. Fox Business host and uber-Trump supporter Stuart Varney opened his show by trying to claim the coronavirus is bringing us all together in the "great shut down." Varney said that more than 100 million Americans have a 401(k) retirement fund or an IRA tied to the stock market. What will we do here? It is the great shutdown.". Likely candidate Joe Biden is sidelined, he gets no traction. Unhinged from corporate overlords, we fight to ensure no one is forgotten. Get a free book with your Raw Story subscription. ", "I mean we're heading into an election where Texas is a toss-up and a South Carolina Senate seat is a toss-up. Meanwhile, never fear, Wall Streeters, the pandemic is just fine. A graphic that accompanied one segment that aired read “Coronavirus Impeachment Scam.” ... Stuart Varney and Neil Cavuto. And unlike other news outlets, we’ve decided to make our original content free. Raw Story is independent. View our. Polls suggest Trump is expected to lose re-election. "This is a Monday like no other," Stuart … Speaker Pelosi has something up her sleeve — how about a new round of investigations, timed for September and October, right before the election? Investigate, investigate, investigate, and come up with an October surprise. At this stage, the Democrats are not looking good. Click to donate by check. But we need your support to do what we do. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. Can you imagine the reaction in America if there were another stay-at-home order? After chants of "Fire Fauci! “Right now my focus is let’s get FDA gold standard approved vaccine out there for the American people. Legal Statement. Trump can never be blamed for any of his screw ups. 10/31/20 4:17 PM EDT, Fox Business host furious at calls for commission to investigate the government’s coronavirus response, Laura Ingraham: Donald Trump is holding super-spreader events because he knew “how important his campaigning was for the psyche of America”, NBC Nightly News segment places equal blame on Democrats and Republicans for lost trust in election process, Tucker Carlson: It’s “demonstrably insane” to warn of white supremacist violence, Complaining about Sen. Kamala Harris, Fox host invokes concentration camps, Fox's Brit Hume claims Supreme Court’s 2000 Florida decision has since been “vindicated”, Fox News host Mark Levin and former Trump official Richard Grenell lie on Twitter about old photo of Joe Biden, Chuck Todd airs Trump's baseless conspiracy theory about doctors and COVID-19 without debunking it, Fox is behind Trump’s conspiracy theory that doctors are inflating the coronavirus death count to make money. Click to learn more. He is demanding a 9/11-style commission — more investigations with him in the chair. Do these 4 things now. The speaker went to the very friendly territory of CNN, and called for quote, “an after-action review.” You know what that means? The COVID crisis has slashed advertising rates, and we need your help. You now use your email to login. FAQ - Updated Privacy Policy. Make a one-time contribution to Raw Story Investigates, or click here to become a subscriber. We’ve revealed financial scams that prey on veterans, and legal efforts to harm workers exploited by abusive bosses. … then let us make a small request. And even worse for the Democrats, the president looks good in the polls, his performance thus far against the virus gets popular approval. Seven months ago, Europe locked down. Before ending the interview, Varney wondered if pharmaceutical companies would be shielded from lawsuits. Fox Business Opposes Paid Sick Leave On C-Virus, After The Trump Presidency, Trump Will Continue To Be Ridiculous And Appalling, Election Eve Rallies: Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, John Legend And Lady Gaga, Federal Judge DENIES GOP Effort To Disqualify 127K Ballots In Texas - UPDATED, Kayleigh McEnany Launches A New Conspiracy Theory Into Left Field, Jeanine Pirro Encourages Trump's Thuggish Convoys, Trump Hints At Firing Fauci After Election, Polls Show Trump Down In Polls Almost Everywhere, Pennsylvania AG Tells Trump: 'Just Let The People Vote'. It's time for the closing show, with the campaign coming together for a final GOTV event in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. NEW! European governments are desperately trying to avoid the draconian measures of the past because they know they'll meet resistance. at a campaign rally," Trump told the adoring throng to wait until after the election. Garrett Graff at Politico Magazine runs through the many creative ways Trump can continue to be corrupt and degenerate as an ex-president. Invest with us in the future. Here's why Fox Business' Stuart Varney says no more stimulus checks. Stuart Varney: 'We've Got To Open Up Businesses As Fast As Possible To Avoid Economic Catastrophe', GOP Congressman Calls Help During COVID 'A False Utopia', Surprise!

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