There, she committed to moving from the sidelines to the frontlines in the global human rights movement.

And I always remember those two little girls in that bathroom crying because Rosa Parks was there. Rosa Parks is at our little ole’ school in East Oakland and she’s a hero.’ And I said, ‘Well, yes she is but she wanted to be here.’ Then they said, ‘We know but we didn’t want her to see us all crying and everything. One little girl with long brown hair and big blue eyes said to me, ‘What is wrong with people?

And he was in awe of the school. Do you mind sharing with me your favorable memories but also lessons learned and challenges from your experience? Spiritual Activism and Social JusticeIn this talk Ericka Huggins will share her personal experiences of finding life-affirming balance as an activist, and as a mother while on trial for her life. There is no normal. ‘We gon’ be alright!’ [Laughs]. And we formed coalitions with them and as a matter of fact, as a result of our coalition with the Third World Women’s Alliance, we formed a coalition to end infant mortality in Oakland. And when she did that, a blanket of silence fell over the whole crowd. And so we started clinics. It’s always been young people who’ve led the way, the trailblazers. For the past 20 years, she has also taught relaxation and mindfulness in California youth correctional facilities in addition to many Northern California public school districts and community colleges. Anyway, so that day Rosa came and one of the girls presented her with flowers. Ericka Huggins is a human rights activist, poet, educator, Black Panther leader and former political prisoner. It is being talked about now, thank goodness, as radical self-care which is different from a manicure-pedicure or a day off. Be the first to ask a question about Insights & Poems.

Since then, she continues to incorporate meditation and mindfulness as a part of her spiritual and political practice.

Former Black Panther Party member Ericka Huggins; and legal scholar Adam Winkler. It keeps me sane. Or leftist political officials? But that is a different kind of book than the one I am writing. I could see Harry Belafonte and Lena Horne. And I stood there by myself on the grounds. Schedule. But we knew there was a part of the FBI that was focused on Black liberation, we knew that much. EH: “I joined because it was a part of that vow I told you I made at the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom but specifically I was impressed about what I read in a magazine about the Black Panther Party. So, I hope that answers your question.”. The men could cook.

Always.”, “And we just did our best––to those of us who are still alive and well and who have done some healing. He was my perfect friend. She hadn’t come there to chat with adults—she had come to be with the children and we knew that. Black Panther activist Assata Shakur was pulled over by New Jersey police, shot twice and then charged with the murder of a police officer in 1973. You didn’t have this but I am so glad this exists.’ And I said, ‘That is how we intended it. He was a little bit older than me. She just didn’t get it and she shouldn’t and she should never make excuses for it. I knew that at a very early age. But a few days later, she asked me about it and I told her about the vow. I was a tall girl––I am a tall woman––but still I wanted to stand there by myself so I could sort of see everything. I know of no other lecturer who is so able to combine vivid personal anecdotes and astute historical analysis. For me, it is difficult. The men could teach just as the women could teach. This talk will focus on everyone's capacity to find inner stability in the face of continual daily challenges, so that we create healthy ways to sustain our work and activism over the length of our lives.Creating a Toolkit for ResiliencyThis session will be of direct benefit to students, faculty and staff as well as community participants. She is now a facilitator with and leads dialogue about race and other inequalities. That was something else I learned that day when I saw all those people. I was always looking at how it would play out in the tapestry of my life. Spredemann, C.S. Let us know what’s wrong with this preview of, Published Ericka Huggins, George Sams, Warren Kimbro, and the other members of the New Haven Black Panther Party present in the house on May 18, 1969 had … Bio. Now, it is different. We intended it to be a model so people can use it wherever we are in the world.’ And he said, ‘Let's hope they do.’ And he gave me a big hug. I really got to know a lot of the Black and Brown trans women in a really humanly intimate way.

I watched her. In 1974, she published and co-authored a book of poetry with Huey P. Newton, Insights and Poems, that detailed her experience of incarceration and her struggle for liberation. Long before Elaine Brown sought the Green Party Presidential nomination in 2008, she was that chairwoman of the Black Panther Party from 1974-1977. For the past 37 years I have lectured across the country and internationally on issues relating to the well-being of women, children & youth; restorative justice as the antidote to punitive justice; whole being education, and the role of spiritual practice in sustaining activism and promoting social change. Barbara was a student at San Francisco State College (now University) before she joined the Black Panther Party. What made me think of it now is that there is a chapter in there on the Young Lords. The men changed the diapers for the little ones in the Child Development Center, the daycare, that was connected to the schools. I accepted it. I am sure you know that but we lived it. Pride is a funny, funny thing but I know how you mean it. Within three months of their daughter's birth, Ericka was widowed when John Huggins was killed on … Elaine [Brown] actually talks about this in her book, A Taste of Power. CopyRight © Black Women Radicals. I am safe.’ She was cooking something and she didn’t want to look at me because she was pissed off. She did not just come in and talk about herself. For the past 30 years, she has lectured throughout the United States and internationally. You are not just 20 anymore. As an example, John and I had conversations all the time about our relationship and what it would mean. ", — Adrienne Pegg, Holistic Health Educator, County of Alameda CA, "...what shines forth from her talks and presentations is a living example of what it means to be human, courageous and of service while being filled with integrity and humility. Dr. Mealy got involved in the Black Panther Party after the murder of Fred Hampton in 1969. She has an amazing history and background, yet she focused on the present and was more interested in our future than her own.

Book Ericka. I wasn’t looking for something that had been around for a while and had been prey to the understandings and directives of the United States government. We were so grateful to have her. I love how pure children are. I had the honor of being an instructor at San Francisco State University, California State University-East Bay and the Peralta Community College District in the last fifteen years. Huggins moved to New Haven, Connecticut to bury her late husband and to be with his family. Watch The Tavis Smiley Show - Season 14, Episode 83 - Ericka Huggins; Adam Winkler: ... See All Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions Trivia & Quotes. I got to understand what their lives were like. Her extraordinary life experiences have enabled her to speak personally and eloquently on issues relating to the physical and emotional well-being of women, children and youth, whole being education, over incarceration, and the role of the spiritual practice in sustaining activism and promoting change. But you will love this book because it is about radical women of the 1920s until the book was published around 2010.”. And he did and looked at me and nodded.

She can read the room and move with it seamlessly. That might have been middle class and upper class, quote-on-quote Black people, who were frightened because we were talking about redistribution of wealth.”. It always does. “Oh, and I didn’t tell you the day Maya Angelou came to the school and read poetry to the children! But my mother said, ‘Well, I know you. I meditate every day. I don’t sometimes even care about the answers, I just know that it is important to ask very important questions if you have them and discuss it with others. And the way I explained to her what I was doing is that I felt called––you know how some people felt called to the church––I felt called to serve humanity.

However in May 1969, she and Bobby Seale, co-founder and national chairman of the BPP, were targeted and arrested on politically motivated conspiracy charges, which sparked “Free Bobby, Free Ericka” rallies and protests across the country. That day in the student union building when we both read that article, we knew we were leaving Lincoln. She spent 6 and a half years in prison before escaping and fleeing to Cuba in 1984. And the American Indian Movement, the Third World Women’s Alliance––we couldn’t work directly with the Second Wave Women’s Movement because they were very, very racist and their notions of feminism it opened but at that time they were not open to see issues of women of color as feminist issues. I am telling you that makes me feel so humble and with pride. Remember: Abuse of the image system may result in you being banned from uploading images or from the entire site – so, play nice and respect the rules! Matter of fact, we told them, ‘You can do anything. After high school, he joined the Navy because he wanted to be of use but he didn’t want to go to college. Before she was the mother of one hip-hop’s biggest stars, Afeni Shakur was part of the infamous Panther 21. I told Rosa I would be right back and I quickly went around the school to try to find them. Photo Credit: Bob Fitch.

And I think this is something that doesn’t get talked about enough.

Resources. I said, ‘Well, I wouldn’t use that word stupid but I do understand how you feel about it.’ And she said, ‘Yeah!’ She was such a stand up. Ms. Huggins is a beacon of light in a complex world. People visited all the time. I didn’t think it. She wanted to give us the chance to speak as well. But then Lena Horne did the most amazing thing. Her words on natural hair in the 70s remain inspiring. He was the dearest and kindest. Contact.

Well, that was a big ole’ mistake they made because we were running everything behind the scenes. What happens with the trans person when they begin to create the medicine cocktails that stop the progression of the virus and in its work to suppress the immune system, those drugs were not compatible with the hormones trans people were having to take. But my mother was most frightened for me, even though she was the one who would continually tell me to always work to uplift our people. I did a lot of work with them in the San Francisco Tenderloin, which is where primarily people who live in the Tenderloin are Southeast Asian but the Tenderloin also had a huge population of transgender people. Without hesitation and in a very direct but calm manner, she asked me why I felt this way (which made me even more nervous than I already was), as she noted her mother’s characterization of “nerve-racking” was something not so positive.

We didn’t know how to do that in the Black Panther Party. songs they sang were only words, that all the garlands were. And I also talk to young moms. She encouraged us to drop our shyness and use our great voices because they are important and crucial. In 1979, ten years after her release from prison, Huggins returned to California state, county and federal prisons and jails to share her experiences of yoga and meditation. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Attending this event was a great experience. And the article said that as well.

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