The outside casing of the balls were made of plastic but the insides were styrofoam and weighed only 2 lbs. According to adrian zmed the producers of grease 2 wanted a rock star to fill the role of the leader of the t birds johnny nogerelli. The first Grease 2 bike I built will be up for sale (minus the tank with the flames. Two of the newer Boy/Girl Greaser dancers had names that were actually spoken in dialogue: Ivy Austin 'Girl Greaser' was called Francine by Tom Villard 'Boy Greaser', Ivy's dance partner. Though the connection was never acknowledged in the movie, Johnny Nogerelli was originally intended to be the cousin of Danny Zuko from the first film. In this house, we worship Stephanie Zinone, goddess of Motorcycle Heaven. Michelle Pfeiffer spent alot of her spare time on the set knitting. Lucinda Dickey is credited as a Girl Greaser chick in the movie, but also appears as a preppy girl who sits in front of Stephanie in English class. It remains unknown if the footage will ever be released. Demon tweeks stock an extensive range of motorcycle grease supplies. At a bowling alley Stephanie becomes angry with Johnny and kisses Michael. On Xanadu (1980), the two formed a romance which led to marriage. This is the first of Michelle Pfieffer's bad girl roles; continuing with Witches of Eastwick, Married to the Mob, Batman Returns and culminating with Hairspray. Gary and Michelle filmed extra scenes out in Griffith Park, Ca. Allan Carr had asked his Grease cast member Lorna Luft to appear in that number with Lowe, but she said no. ", Michelle Pfeiffer and Maxwell Caulfield did not get along during filming. Keep your Danny Zukos. 24 Things You Notice When You Rewatch Grease 2 From The Outfits To Wait Michelle Pfeiffer Was In This Olivia Palermo Outfit, Why Grease 2 Is An Underrated Cult Classic Methods Unsound Olivia Palermo Outfit, Terribly Awesome Grease 2 Cinefilles Olivia Palermo Outfit, Movie Mojoe Cool Rider It S Maxwell Caulfield S Birthday Olivia Palermo Outfit, Youtube Raiplay Il Paradiso Delle Signore Puntata Di Oggi Video, Grease 2 Is Actually Way Cooler Than The Original, Media Tweets By Grease2 Net Grease2dotnet Twitter, Clint Eastwood S Motorcycle Collection Grease N Gasoline Grease N Gasoline, One Of The Lead Honda Cl77 Used In The Grease 2 Movie Motorcycle, Cool Rider Scena Benzinaio Grease 2 Youtube, Grease2 Blackbikerjackets Motorcycles Michellepfieffer Michaelcaufield Tbirds Pinkladies Greasers Iwannacoo Grease 2 Michelle Pfeiffer Favorite Movies, What Is The Motorcycle In Grease 2 Bikebound. Maxwell Caulfield in this movie has been described as a James Dean lookalike. Matt Lattanzi was cast as Brad, one of the Preptones. Cher initially signed on to play Paulette Rebchuck but backed out, complaining of a low salary and not having a finished script. Most of her scenes were already filmed, but stand-ins were used some scenes, such as the talent show sequence. Michelle Pfeiffer helped him cut his birthday cake. Directed by Patricia Birch. At one point in Grease 2, Michelle Pfeiffer goes into a fugue state and sings to Rex Manning in motorcycle heaven even though he's not dead. The bike that Micheal buys–therefore, the motorcycle in Grease 2–is a Honda Scrambler. It was built as an off-road-ready version of the more commonplace Honda C77 Dream and CB77 Super Hawk. Grease 2's Original Ending Featured A Flying Motorcycle Grease 2 had a number of scenes cut, including a fairly key sequence in which Frenchy helped Michael become his "Cool Rider" alter-ego, a distasteful bra-stuffing scene, and one character, Goose (Christopher MacDonald), accidentally slamming a door into his girlfriend's nose.

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