Then it is a simple task to open the case and bridge the immobiliser points. You’ll find them used in virtually all modern vehicles made within the last 2 decades. Given that the point of an immobiliser is to make the car difficult to hotwire and that the Meridian fails horribly at doing this (not helped by how inept most Meridian installers seem to be), I’d suggest replacing it. A more basic version of a category 6 tracker. Happy to send a photo if you have an email address. :-). Hiya! May I please ask how I may go about this issue or in other words (how to start my car even though it has been disabled by finance company?). The security feature of the car immobilizer and alarm system are the same. Immobilisers will vary by manufacturer but the basic principle behind them is the same. It all depends on who has installed it (if at all). The quality of the installation from most of the car audio shops is shocking. There may be a time when your immobiliser doesn’t work properly and you find yourself unable to start your own car. Suggestions? In older cars, they didn’t have car mobilizer systems. There could be all sorts for reasons why the car does not run, from a blown fuse (common if the car has been jump started the wrong way) or electrical issue, to a faulty ignition coil or even an empty fuel tank. Sometimes if you have a bad alarm system or someone has done something to trigger the alarm, then it will cause the immobilizer to deactivate. I also need proof of vehicle ownership before I remove a security system. Posted by on May 16th, 2019. My question is where is the most common places to hide the button? (delayed response due to being on holiday) Given that the point of an immobiliser is to make the car difficult to hotwire and that the Meridian fails horribly at doing this (not helped by how inept most Meridian installers seem to be), I’d suggest replacing it. Car started…. Home | About Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy | Sitemap, Car Immobilizer System Function and Bad Symptoms. Alternatively, you could try leaving the key in the ignition to see if this reactivates the system. I have the code but don’t know where the hidden button is or the device where I need to key in the code. If the communication is unsuccessful, then you won’t be able to unlock your door. Most systems have an over-ride number which I assume you don’t have. There is not much I can do without knowing what make of immobiliser you have or being able to see the car. Immobilisers have been fitted as standard on all cars since 1998 so if your car is less than 20 years old, the chances are it will have a factory fitted immobiliser, unless a previous owner has taken it out or disabled it. This may seem convenient and simple to do, but it can also be a hassle if your car immobilizer system is not working. Or has the key been lost and you are not using a none coded one? Required fields are marked *. On the other hand, if the token is bad, then these systems will remain disabled. Lost and duno what to do. Modern car keys are more than just pieces of metal. Similar to category 1 but without an electronic alarm. Learn how your comment data is processed. In this article I will explain about part of theft deterrent system in your car, called immobilizer. Required fields are marked *. Hi, I bought a 1996 honda accord LXI, and I was wanting to get an immobiliser in my car. Where the purchase is driven by price most people will choose the cheapest immobiliser and installer. is a trading name of the H Bauer Publishing Limited Partnership which for general insurance distribution is an Appointed Representative of Vast Visibility Limited, 8 Princes Parade, Liverpool, L3 1DL,which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under Firm Reference Number 566973. If you are keen to get one then fill in the contact form so I can go into details without making your details public. If the car is on finance then the finance company legally own the vehicle until it is fully paid for. Basic Function of Car immobilizer. If you’re not sure, or want to find out what type of immobiliser you have, check your car handbook or ask a mechanic or engineer at your service or MOT. No "5 star" nonsense or misleading sales spin here! Hi , my mum brought a ford laser a few months ago and she went to start her car yesterday and nothing , the car turns over but won’t go and we think it is an immobilizer , she contacted the previous owners and they didn’t know it even had an immobilizer so we don’t have any codes . 0212679631 is my number if u could throw a text . It takes more time, knowledge and skill to install an immobiliser effectively. I got in touch with Rover UK They had no code for it either maybe too old. Since your key is really a key fob, it needs to communicate with the immobilizer system in order to unlock the door.

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