By using our website you agree to our privacy statement and you consent to our use of cookies. Click the button below to start the test. Can I take anyone with me to the test centre? All questions in the Life in the UK Test are multiple choice. Keep in mind that the vast majority of people complete the test using no more than half the allotted time (about 22 minutes). Click here for more information about biometric residence permits. You are advised to study the learning material in the official handbook before attempting the test. What should I do if I need to cancel or change the date of my test? How many questions does the Life in the UK Test have? Do I need to take any supporting documents with me to the test centre? If you don’t have one of these, a pre-paid credit card can be used. To select an answer, click on the white circle next to your chosen answer. Before taking the practice test, your supervisor will log into the test software at your station and verify your details on the computer. Can I take a written test? The Divine Right of Kings was the view held by many English monarchs that they were directly appointed by God to rule. The Divine Right of Kings was the view held by many English monarchs that they could seize lands belonging to the nobility as they wished. You get your result on the same day as your test. Chapter 3 : A long and illustrious history. Examples of acceptable documents include: You will not be able to take the Life in the UK Test without one of the above documents, so please ensure you bring it with you. You have passed the test. What is the Life in the UK Test pass mark? Need immigration advice? You have 45 minutes to answer 24 multiple choice Life in the UK Test questions. You will be informed of your result shortly after finishing the test whilst you’re still at the test centre. When you arrive at your test centre, you will be sat in a room with other people taking the test. The supervisor is there to help you. Following are some tips that will help you to pass the Life in the UK Test. Can I take books, notes or other study material into the test with me? Can I listen to the questions and answers? However, if you are in Scotland or Wales you can request to sit the test in Scottish Gaelic or Welsh when booking. You will also be able to pick a time that suits you. The test lasts 45 minutes, so you don’t need to rush. You will be taking the test with about 15 other people, although this depends on time and location. Only basic computer skills are required to complete the test. You will be required to select at least one correct answer, depending on the question type. The test is entirely computer based and will be conducted on a computer provided by the test centre. When you’re booking the test online, you’ll be asked whether you have any special requirements. If you need to go to the toilet or get some water, do so now because you won’t be able to leave your seat once the test starts. When you click on one of the boxes a tick will appear like this: ✔. Can I choose the date and time of my test? If you arrive with less than 5 minutes remaining, you may be prohibited from taking the test. The Official Life in the UK Test consists of 24 Questions with a pass mark of 75%. The Life in the UK Test is simply a test of knowledge; its questions have not been designed to trick or confuse you. Simply choose the one that is most convenient for you. Your memory functions better when you’re well rested. Life in the UK Test Web has already helped thousands of candidates to pass their Life in the UK Test successfully and we continuously work to provide the best online training possible for candidates. . Robert Burns wrote only in Scots language. You will encounter four different types of multiple-choice questions during the test. You must book […] Know that if you prepared sufficiently, you’ll pass the test. Have your say. You must get at least 18 answers correct to pass. You will be asked to provide the ID you used during your registration along with the supporting document that states your name and address. As well as passing the Life in the UK Test, applicants must now also have an English speaking and listening qualification at Level B1 (ESOL Entry 3) or above. Can I take a practice test before taking the real test? SW1V 1LWPrivacy. If you’re from a country where English is the national language, such as the USA or Australia, you’re exempt from this language requirement. Elizabeth I came to the throne when, following a long reign, her cousin Mary died. Individuals from EU member countries have a greater pass rate (86%) than those from outside the EU (68%). A number of the organisations where the test centres are based also offer various courses and training. If I live in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland, will there be test questions specific to those place? Good luck! If it can be avoided, try not to bring too much with you to the test centre. Both answers must be correct to get a point. The Life in the UK test is a computer-based test with 24 Questions. How do I know how much time I have left until the end of the test? If you’re not comfortable with using a computer, you should practice using a keyboard and mouse to build up your confidence before taking the test. You’re not allowed to take family or friends into the test room with you. In this question, only one answer needs to be selected. To the bottom of the screen, you will see Previous question and Next question buttons. Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC). However, you won’t need to sit the test if: You must book your test online at Remember, you’re allowed 6 incorrect answers. You have to finish following quiz, to start this quiz: You answered 0 of 0 questions correctly, (0). You’re suffering from a chronic physical or mental illness. Please keep in mind that the document must include a photo that looks like you and must not be out of date: NOTE: A biometric residence permit is a card that contains: It also shows your immigration status and your entitlements while you are in the UK. Will the questions be the same next time? What types of questions are there in the Life in the UK Test? Ensure your personal details are entered correctly into the system; it is your responsibility to make sure these details are correct. You will also see a Questions left to answer reminder at the bottom of the screen, informing you of the number of questions you have left to answer. If you have a visual or hearing impairment, you will still be required to take the test. How long is the Life in the UK Test valid for? After passing your test, you will be presented with a printed pass notification letter which you will need to sign before leaving the test centre. You can call the Life in the UK test helpline on 0800 015 4245 for advice and information about booking the test. When you book your test, you will be given a choice of five test centres closest to your home.

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