5. She, Maxine, Myra and a pregnant Laura would hang out at the Sizzle Club, but Laura grows concerned when the guys are more attracted to Myrtle, Maxine and Myra than her. Cool", in a takeoff on The Nutty Professor films, Urkel devises a plan to win Laura's heart: transforming his DNA using a serum, which suppresses his "nerd genes" and brings out his "cool" genes. Steve, determined to go out with Laura, resorts to his most outlandish trick yet: Camping out on the rooftop of the Winslow home. Both father and son have a lesson in appreciation for others. He uses a cardboard picture of Laura as part of the training and Eddie realizes how his lack of gun control could have negative consequences if he were to accidentally shoot an innocent bystander. Urkel becomes dismayed after learning he is responsible for Carl's homeowner's insurance skyrocketing (thanks to the nerd's clumsiness), and decides to move out. Myra steps forward and volunteers to cook a stuffed chicken-type dish for dinner. Laura is engaged in a heated campaign for class president with snobbish Cassie Lynn. Urkel and Carl go back in time on board a 1700s pirate vessel, where they are made to walk the plank after Urkel accidentally drops his time travel watch overboard. He awakens from his dream and he swears to Steve that he'll never to marry for money. He then calls her out for giving in to the power of politics and employing dirty tactics in her attempt to sabotage Margie in an attempt to make it a popularity contest. Steve explains that while he does sulk about it, he is constantly reminding himself that giving up is not an option, and the one should always stand up for themselves. When she tries to convince him not to, Stefan confesses he did not recharge before their date and soon reverts back to Urkel. Carl is annoyed and freezing, but Urkel's knowledge of astronomy saves the two from becoming icicles on Christmas. S2, Ep1 ... Rate. Carl and Harriette enter the precinct's annual dance contest, but find themselves challenged by Sgt. Eddie wants to see Greta again, so he arranges for Urkel to act as his go-between, but that only lands the nerd in trouble, due to an unexpected flat tire. Meanwhile, Richie accidentally breaks Carl's video camera and confesses to the whole thing. Eventually, Stefan (who has kept Urkel's scientific genius, though at a slower rate) repairs the machine, and has him changed back before he can wreak any more havoc on the Winslow household. Eddie still hasn't gotten over the gambling habit, and Weasel and Waldo entice him in their football betting venture (even though Urkel warns him about the risks of gambling since he was the only one who did learn his lesson). Meanwhile, Laura is caught in a love triangle with Stefan and Curtis and must decide once and for all to whom she is most loyal. This time, he's the Winslows' next-door neighbor. Laura asks for some sympathy from her mother, but Harriette just wishes Carl would pay half as much attention to her as Urkel does Laura. Myra demands commitment from Urkel or else. He finds out that he has never hugged Estelle and Harriette is divorcing him due to his negligence. He is a genius inventor as well, and his fantastical but unreliable gadgets (including a transformation device and a time machine) are central to many Family Matters plots and gags. “At that age, I was concerned that my friends at … Meanwhile, Urkel fills in for Eddie as peanut vendor at Soldier Field (while the latter is at a bikini model shoot), but thanks to the nerd's clumsiness, things go as one would expect. At the end of the … First appearance: In Steve's case, he decides he will make the most of being the equipment manager this year, and hopefully make the team next year. [17], In 1999, TV Guide ranked Urkel #27 on its list of the "50 Greatest TV Characters of All Time". Soon, there seems to be a little problem with Steve's new superglue, when it causes the nerd's hand to become bonded with Laura's shoulder. The girls show sympathy to Waldo and leave Eddie when they learn how narcissistic and egotistical he is. Self-proclaimed handyman Carl tries to install a shower in Mother Winslow's quarters while she's out of town, visiting Carl's brother, and he gets Eddie to help him, but it turns into one disaster after another. Myra attempts to use the media to pose as Urkel's fiancée, but is caught by Stefan who finally forces her to relinquish her love for him. Meanwhile, while on meter duty, Eddie finds himself in the middle of a shootout. Stefan, wondering if Laura had developed some loving feelings for Urkel, swaps identities with Steve to find out. This has caused Myra to be attracted to Urkel herself due to them not being interested in pop culture. Meanwhile as a reward for straight A's, Harriette and Maxine shop for a dress for Laura, but Laura dislikes it and learns to compromise with Maxine. Soon, everyone else leaves the choir after being fed up with her micromanagement. [12] Reginald VelJohnson also discussed the focus on Urkel but was much less negative about it than Payton, stating bluntly that all of the cast benefited from the massive success of the show in relation to the fans' love for Steve Urkel, and that he never felt short-changed by this process. Myra arrives at Disney World to find Stefan engaged to Laura. Meanwhile, Carl refuses to tell his own family why he doesn't want to take a police test, which could make him a lieutenant. Meanwhile, 3J begins asking questions about his biological mother, prompting Carl and Harriette to track the woman down. Defying Carl and ignores Laura's warning to stay put, he sneaks out and goes on his date with Jolene. Carl fumes about not accepting a promotion five years ago that would have transferred him to Washington, D.C. Laura thinks Steve is trying to flake out on their date and tells him they're going to the concert regardless. One day, Urkel mistakes the pills for Vitamin C, which he had been borrowing from Laura, and goes into a stupor that nearly results in the Winslow garage being destroyed and the nerd almost seriously injuring himself. Meanwhile, Carl and Harriette try to spend time alone but are constantly interrupted by Richie and 3J. Carl wants Eddie to come along on a ride-along program, but the younger Winslow is more interested in girls, singing rock songs and modeling. Laura immediately sets him straight and makes him realize his friendship with Urkel is more important to him. Later on, he starts having dreams about Big Daddy Urkel visiting him at his parents house after his girlfriend leaves. She asks Carl and Harriette to help obtain the funds, but because Carl invested $5,000 on a stock (which has since gone down), they realize they don't have enough money. The family decides to find a good home for the dog. Even Laura is impressed by Steve in taking a stand against her brother. Later on, Carl and his friends are enjoying playing poker with Harriette. Meanwhile, Judy is on her way to getting a D in English and must write a book report about "Swiss Family Robinson" after she doesn't read the book. Eddie knows he'll be in hot water if Carl finds out, but Urkel's suggestion - visiting Ma's Bakery, which is the front for an underground casino - could land him in even deeper trouble. Initially, Laura is enamored with the smoother Stefan, but asks that he turn back into Steve when Stefan's self-centeredness makes itself apparent. Urkel fights temptation as he fantasizes about a beautiful bug collector (Amy Hunter) he met in an online chat room. But Steve's date with Laura turns out to be a disaster. Now guilty for his actions, Eddie does the right thing and confesses to Carl for his wrongdoing. Meanwhile, Carl and Harriette invite Capt. Urkel's Aunt Oona (Donna Summer) returns from Altoona for another visit, this time seeking help in losing weight. Myrtle Urkel Steve and Carl use a time transporting device to travel back in time. Charlie Carnellie, an egotistical fellow officer. Eddie, Rodney and Urkel wander into an adults-only billiards hall, where a friendly yokel named Higgins decides to challenge Eddie to a friendly bet over a game of pool. Meanwhile, Carl doesn't want Harriette to worry about his beautiful new masseuse, so he fibs about her appearance, claiming the masseuse is a "big, beefy sistea". Urkel, his southern belle cousin Myrtle Urkel, and the nerd's alter-ego, Stefan Urquelle, each appear on a talk show to discuss relationships. Cousin Urkel A furious Harriette disagrees and admonishes her lame-brained son for being selfish. Despite Laura's admonition for Eddie to confess and do the right thing, he refuses to do so. Steve is paired with Laura in a class assignment about marriage. Carl's dealing with a back that's killing him, and a rival officer named Charlie who has a monster ego. Meanwhile, Laura "borrows" her mom's diamond earrings for a night at the Sizzle Club, yet comes home shocked to find out that one of the earrings is missing. Laura starts a babysitting service so she can earn money for tickets to a Paula Abdul concert...and she ends up with a house full of kids on the night when Carl's boss, Captain Davenport, is scheduled to come over for dinner.

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