So, in that scheme,but no writing, correct? I have yet to try this fix for the DE40LF but it should work too. I've seen one from form font, but I think they are a bit overpriced. Log in or register to post comments; Description: Xcelsior 0.62.1. 456                  Good Service Staten Island Bridge Re-construction Project. If I have enough free time I'll most likely scratch model one since the only 3D model of the 40 LFW is not accurate, the ones I used to see and ride 4 times a day (now all of them are retired in RTA) but they had seven of the circular lights on the rear three on each side, and then one single brake light in the middle.

OMSI 2 Vienna Route 24a (LU 200 M11) OMSI 2 South London (Route 3) OMSI 2 The Bus … I appreciate any help!

A further development of the ZiU-682G-012 trolleybus was the ZiU-682G-016 modification, produced since 1999. By building with New Flyer, you are choosing a fleet that efficiently serves your community, makes your city smarter and safeguards precious resources. Bellow are official products listed and digitally sold by New Era Transit. download. Is it possible if anyone who also has a You Tube channel could do a tutorial on how to install the different sound-mods featuring the different types of engines and transmission types to the buses they'll work in best?

nice mod sir.

Mod adds new traffic lights, redesigned the route schedule, added route 215, changed routes: 63,149,167,170,191,194,206,656,672.

35’ Xcelsior Omsi Bus Simulator Mods © 2020.

See profile page for system specifications.

It was doing this because you needed to download Morpji's D40LF sounds pack in order for it to work. I have uploaded (finally) a fix for the DE40LF tank, as it was recently brought to my attention. Awesome jobs on the busses, are there any repaint's in the works for the buses? Keep an eye out for it!

Unfortunately, there isn't a good model of yue Xcelsior available, and there is currently one in WIP, as far as I know. Create your website today. In that scheme, however no writing on the CNG tank itself.

If you have a question, suggestion, comment , just post below!

A workhorse of the TTC, come to OMSI! Includes a Diesel. The 'T' comes to OMSI! For all the SoCal Bus fans!

Night routes removed from the schedule Installation method: Transfer the folders from the archive to the root folder of OMSI... Omsi2 – Plates for The Map (Michurino 0.5), Omsi2 – Mercedes-Benz O530 G + O530 V2, O520 V2.

​D40LF version available upon request.

I have been using the NFI_C40LF ever since this little tweak, keep in mind I just got OMSI 2 yesterday so I was shocked on how easy it was to edit the OMSI stuff. I'll be getting both OSMI 2 and Chicago Downtown in a few weeks and if it's ok I'd like to post some of the You Tube videos I plan to make using some of the repaints you gave me.


So, this problem is fixed. Here is the changelog so you know what's being added: -Fixed position of tank (mtabus5102)-added DD50G sounds (Dash5155)-Changed model.cfg files-Fixed most errors (one should appear, but click it away.Shouldn't be major). Also, welcome to the forum!

Long Beach's gas-powered GE40LF has arrived in OMSI!

OMSI 2 SolarisScania 15 Meters (Repaint MostransavtoSochi2014) Omsi 2: Cayuga USA 0.7 Route 49, New Flyer XD60 MTA SBS OMSI 2 – MAN … And one other thing. Edited once, last by MTA3306 (Jul 18th 2015). Edited once, last by MTA3306 (Aug 9th 2015). I copied the DBC_CityBus_40LF.bus file and renamed it to NFI_C40LF. Performance is guaranteed only on version 2.3.004 of the game.

This does not include J's variants.More info and download bus: Chicago DowntownMods in Sky: 4GB:, OMSI 2: Route SB91 to GEBuer Rathaus | NovaBus LFSA, The GHOSTBUSTERS Backlot Movie Coaster! BDFM             Good Service MTS D60LF and C40LF in the old scheme and a C40LF in the new scheme!

When completed, it will include Natural Gas (XN Series), & Hybrid (XDE Series) variants shared among 40' & 35' buses. Download our complete list of measurements, engine and capacity specs. LACMTA 3-Pack.


ACE                  Good Service
download. New Flyer Industries is a transit manufacturer of buses.

Enjoy! Thanks for the fix. Description: The assembly is not the final version. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. Today, I upload version 2.0 of the New Flyer C40LF mod. A workhorse of the TTC, come to OMSI! 3 pack of skins from sunny Los Angeles! D60LF update coming soon. I then went into the new bus file "NFI_C40LF" and went to the model line and changed it from "model\model_DBC_Citybus_40LF.cfg" to "model\model_NF_C40LF.cfg". I assume it works with the latest version then.

About that 40LFW, from what I see on google images, there are a few different models.

I also remember them make a sound similar to something like toot tot toot lol but I can't find a video of them doing it anywhere lol. It would be a challenge, but I'm down for a challenge.

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