Right now, as I type this, I’m listening to a Shane Smith record because I’ve been down that particular rabbit hole all day. Stoney laRue made his mark on the event with what he described as the song that made his career, “Oklahoma Breakdown.” There is something special about hearing this live in Oklahoma, with thousands of fellow Oklahomans all singing along to it. This band was another standout, singing everything from Merle Haggard to Bruce Springsteen covers and doing justice to both. Home; Tour; Podcast; Social; Contact; Menu. Best headliner I saw, and a tie between this and Shane Smith & the Saints for the best thing I heard all weekend. And for the ones who are already in on the awesomeness, go see them live. They received their first taste of radio success in the early '10s, with hits including "Dance the Night Away," and "Feather in The Wind." Before the main stage opened, I had the opportunity to see two artists I’d never heard of, Kaitlin Butts and Midnight River Choir. Jack was born on December 3, 1946, in Wenatchee, WA, to Martha Matilda Roy and Henry McKinley Smith. They don’t take themselves too seriously, and I like that. Mrs. Cox was the owner and operator of Loris Seafood and Oyster Roast until her retirement, a loving homemaker, and a longtime member of Loris First United Methodist Church. It seemed the crowd went silent at the start of “The Mountain” to hear the chilling four-part harmonies. According to Fisher, Mr. Jeremy Shane Smith, 49, of Aiken was pronounced dead at the scene due to injuries... SANTA CRUZ — Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office is looking for three missing people who are from the evacuated fire zone. The thing that impressed me the most about the Randy Rogers Band was how much their live music sounds like their recordings; it is a testament to the commitment to live music throughout this subgenre of music. Let’s not get this twisted. Here are their takes on the Blue Devils’ road trip to Syracuse, which pits Duke as a one-point favorite. I think they have a bright future in the Texas scene, and I highly recommend getting to know this band. Even more, a song like “Oklahoma city” moved me because we were all together in that moment, all Oklahomans, all part of the fan base that Shane Smith meant when he said they wrote this song for us. Comedian Shayne Smith - His Special Prison For Wizards available now. It can be country or rock and is usually a unique mix of the two. It’s been a rough couple of years for Jordan Spieth, well, at least in terms of winning anyway. Jack Dean Smith, a lifelong resident of the Wenatchee Valley, passed away on Saturday, October 17, 2020, at home surrounded by his family. Jamie Lin Wilson played at a smaller stage this year, and I was upset at first because she’d been on the main stage in 2016–but she shines in this intimate setting. You’ll see that on tracks like “Geronimo” and “Feather in the Wind.” And then “All I See is You” arrives, and the fiddle is used for both, going from sweet and melodic in the beginning to just taking over and coming alive later in the song. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. I heard a lot of great music each day, but the Turnpike Troubadours are on another level. Then all at once, the fiddle broke out, and the song shifted into high gear, and my cousin, sitting next to me, broke the spell that we’d all been under by saying simply, “Wow.” I’ve been waiting for a day when I could attend and discuss a Saints live show ever since then, and it finally came Saturday (4/21) at Tower Theatre in Oklahoma City. Shane Smith, Bennett Brown, Tim Allen, Chase Satterwhite, Zach Stover, Best Live Songs: “The Mountain,” “Hurricane,” “New Orleans,” “Geronimo,” “Oklahoma City”. The event kicked off on Thursday with artists playing in a bar on site before the main stage area opened. And really good interaction with us all. She said it won’t get cut, but I think it should. Why Shane Smith & the Saints aren’t on more people’s radar I will never know. Why Shane Smith & the Saints aren’t on more people’s radar I will never know. Smith, Thomas Gerard age 63 Born 01/07/58 lived in Montrose, Minnesota Passed away 10/12/20. It was Oklahoma City, and they wrote a song about our city and the people that believed in them from the beginning. I didn’t know Suzanne Santo before she took the main stage to open things Thursday night, but I am a fan now. Shane Smith mentioned that they had come to Medicine Stone in 2015 and played in the bar, and that they had been invited to play on the main stage this year because of the tremendous amount of positive feedback and requests to hear more. Catch it Thursday, October 29th at 7pm (tonight) for a full band, pay-per-view concert, shot in 4K. Home; Tour; Podcast; Social; Contact ; Tour Due to the Covid-19 Coronavirus outbreak I have had to postpone a bunch of my upcoming shows. Cody Canada said onstage that “it is a community of people who share each other’s songs and love for music.” However you define it, there is something common in all of it, raw honesty in songs, the quality of the material, and the unwavering commitment to live music. It impressed me how many different sounds the organizers of Medicine Stone incorporated into the event. Kaitlin Butts is a name you should check out if you like more traditional country–she sang many times with just her guitar, and when her band broke into Merle Haggard’s “I Think I’ll Just Stay Here and Drink,” she had the entire crowd dancing. I got to hear Cody Canada and the Departed, the most rock-leaning group there, and probably in the whole Red Dirt scene. “She can compete with the best of them,” coach Shane Smith said. William Clark Green and Stoney LaRue followed, both of whom have been established in the Red Dirt scene for years. The Americana band American Aquarium, from Raleigh, North Carolina, followed; they seemed slightly out of place among the many Texas and Oklahoma-based artists, and theirs was the only set that I didn’t enjoy throughout. I’ll only cover the artists I heard, but here is a link to the complete lineup of artists. Medicine Stone came under some fire in 2016 for only having two women on the lineup. She was 88. There are still two people reported as missing -- 21-year-old Shane Smith and 37-year-old Micah Szoke. It’s because while the fiddle for the Saints is at times melodic, like on “New Orleans” or “Quite Like You,” it’s also used for rhythm, similar to the way Turnpike and Old crow Medicine Show use it. Billy Bob's Texas has two great shows this weekend and we've got tickets to both of them. The fiddle can only run so free, and you can’t enjoy it breaking free and taking over everything right along with the crowd. Just message us from the 102.3 The Bull mobile app for your chance to win. But they should be, and I do hope they will keep coming back to Medicine Stone. She was born August 12, 1939 in Wabash, to Paul Edward and Lottie (Hostetler) Bolinger. Yes, Spieth has struggled on the PGA Tour since his last victory at The Open Championship in 2017, but the 27-year-old Texan still lives a pretty good life. The sounds in Red dirt music and at Medicine stone are quite diverse, but there is a common thread running through it all, the quality of the music and the care that these artists put into their songs. And Jamie Lin, we need some more new music from you soon. Phenomenal harmonies, ridiculous fiddle playing, good songwriting, interesting production…just get on board with this band. She has a new album out that you will find a review for shortly. This was written in honor of what Shane Smith calls their first fan base outside of Texas, people who would actually come out night after night to their shows. So rather than reiterating that for a bunch of different artists, I thought I’d highlight some of the lesser known artists that impressed me, and maybe introduce some of you to their music. Texas/Red dirt is very hard to define. Friends, if you’re not listening to Shane Smith & the Saints, you’re doing it all wrong. Celebration of life for Thomas Smith is soon to follow. The night closed with Jason Boland & the Stragglers, another band you should absolutely see live. This time, their opener was simply a couple minutes of high-spirited fiddle music which eventually dissolved into “The Mountain.” This was a very cool way to lead into things, as one of their biggest strengths is Bennett Brown on fiddle. 21-year-old Shane Smith, last seen Aug. 20. Lanette was born in Imperial, Nebraska to Verlon and N. Lucille (Ridlen) Dinnel. This was taken into account, and several more women were included on the 2017 list, many of them highlights of the whole weekend. However, the quality and care in their music was much the same, and they showed it on highlights like “Losing Side of Twenty-Five.” The lead singer, BJ Barham, stated that “if we can get 6,000 people to come to the middle of fucking nowhere just to listen to some music, it proves people still care about music.” The night closed with Turnpike Troubadours, and I could have devoted an entire article to their performance alone–all I can say about them is please, please go listen to them live. From the moment they kicked off with “Doreen,” until they closed with “Long Hot Summer Day,” they had the attention of everyone in the crowd. I’ve been a fervent fan ever since Medicine Stone 2016 when they blew me away in about 8.6 seconds with their a cappella opening to “The Mountain.” It was the first time I’d attended Medicine Stone, the first band I heard on the main stage, and the first I’d ever heard of Shane Smith & the Saints. Also, you’ll be glad to know they are working on a new record! Shane Smith & the Saints are: Henry Reinke, 70, Shane Smith, 21, and Micah Szoke, 37, are missing. Another one of these that’s massively underrated. New concerts announced and tickets on sale now for Copper Chief,. Shane Smith contract and salary cap details, including signing bonus, guaranteed salary, dead money, roster bonuses, and contract history The senior ran in the Hortonville Sectional at Greenville Lions Park Friday afternoon and finished fourth with a time of 19 minutes 06.2 […]. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=88mlm-L2l_A, Okay, I’m breaking my own rule. The main stage opened that night with the increasingly popular Jamie Lin Wilson, whom I also had the pleasure of interviewing during the festival; you can read that interview on Country Exclusive in the coming days! I’ve been a fervent fan ever since Medicine Stone 2016 when they blew me away in about 8.6 seconds with their a cappella opening to “The Mountain.” It was the first time I’d attended Medicine Stone, the first band I heard on the main stage, and the first I’d ever heard of Shane Smith & the Saints. He also enjoyed taking long Motorcycle rides to new grill/pubs. Shane Smith & the Saints, of Austin, Texas, opened on the main stage–with their harmonies, smart lyrics, and unique sound, they were definitely one of the highlights of the whole weekend. It wouldn’t have been the same on an album. Very glad to have been able to include them in this 2018 concert series. The fiddle can only run so free, and you can’t enjoy it breaking free and taking over everything right along with the crowd. The same can be said for their four-part harmonies–you can hear this on a Saints release, but until you’ve actually witnessed this live, been blown away by their version of Band of Heathens’ “Hurricane” or heard the opening of “Geronimo,” you can’t fully appreciate it. Friday offered the best lineup, and the attendance reflected this. Survived by mother, Nancy Smith; sisters, Debra Smith and Barb Merwin; brothers, Gary, Greg, and Donny Smith; daughters, Sherrie Hughes (Harley Hughes), Michelle Skjod (Joey Skjod); son, Shane Smith; grandchildren, Caidynce Hughes, Jackson Skjod, Scarlette Skjod and Luke Skjod; mother to Sherrie and Michelle, Roxanne Osmundson; mother of Shane, Jennifer Carpentier; along with many beloved nieces and nephews. She grew up on the family farm near Enders, Nebraska. Randy Rogers & Wade Bowen: Hold... Lexington County Coroner Margaret Fisher has identified the motorcyclist who died as after being struck by a vehicle on the Interstate 20 Westbound near exit 39 at approximately 12:30AM on Sunday.

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