Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 5 Replies; Designer Designer … Projects we are working on include milling on many faces on … Mastercam is an awesome program that can work very complex geart paths/machines. And if you have access to a CNC to practice your g code on that would be great as well. This may have severe functionality issues with Mastercam. most of my work, I did certain parts in solidworks and then did other details in mastercam before coding it. r/engineering is a forum for engineering professionals to share information, knowledge, experience related to the principles & practices of the numerous engineering disciplines. SolidCAM, le logiciel leader de la FAO intégrée est complètement intégré dans SOLIDWORKS et Autodesk Inventor. All Rights reserved. No other CAM program that runs inside of SolidWorks has graphics that look so bad. Mastercam For SoildWorks has quality solid chaining! Powered by vBulletin® Version 4.2.5 I don't use it but feel free to ask your question about Pro/E. However it is an extremely complex program that allows for automated tool change, very highly detailed pass numbers/geometry, and very fine adjustment. Mastercam For SolidWorks has chaining you can actually see and it doesn't disappear when you rotate the model! Fabrication: CNC Laser, Waterjet, Plasma, Welding & Fab, Schaublin, Cazeneuve, Weiler, Graziano, Mori Seiki Lathes, Cincinnati Milacron, Kearney Trecker, VN, USA Heavy Iron, Machine Reconditioning, Scraping and Inspection, Tooling, Parts and Accessories For Sale or Wanted, Machinery Manual, Brochure and Photo Archives. We have several CNC lathes and milling machines in our workshop including a 5 axis MAZAK J-300 and a HAAS VMC. but like I said the people at essex seem to like it and they run some pretty interesting parts. Instead of using the obsolete, outdated, graphics engine that CNC Software owner Mark Summers refuses to upgrade in stand-alone Mastercam, Mastercam For SolidWorks is using SolidWorks graphics engine. Just wondering ifanyone can lend a suggestion to which one they prefer and reasonwhy ? nothing too complex? mastercam for sure. Being new to the market I am chasing some unbiased opinions of some of the CAM solutions available ie. Sign up for our eNewsletter now to stay in-the-know.

Mastercam is a Windows based manufacturing CAD/CAM solution for 2 through 5 axis milling/routing, turning, mill-turn, 2 & 4 axis wire EDM, 2D and 3D design, and surface and solid modeling. View Profile View Forum Posts … I Know Essex uses mastercam in solidworks, they showed me during a tour, In college we trained with both mastercam and solidworks. len_1962, Johnny SolidWorks, Atomkinder, pikefisher liked this post 11-29-2017, 08:59 PM #20. nmachine. Read the sidebar BEFORE posting. Last modified on Oct 23, 2007 10:55 PM. We are now able to change a color of a solid face!!! To learn more, please refer to the cookie policy. Mastercam is an awesome program that can work very complex geart paths/machines.

The latest industry news—straight to your inbox. So I made the 3D model with Solidworks, convert it to Mastercam file, and then Mastercam tell the CNC machine to make the part? Iowa State Engineering students use MasterCAM as a stand alone. Why Mastercam Is Really #1 In The Marketplace. I am decent with Solidworks, might be good enough for a CSWP, just didn't want to pay for the test. However I don't think you understand the difference between CAD and CAM. We'll bring you the most relevant peer-to-peer conversations happening in the trade and tips and tricks to help you get the job done. To find out more about the categories of personal information collected and the purposes for which such information will be used, please refer to our privacy policy. browsing data or IP addresses) and use cookies or other identifiers, which are necessary for its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the cookie policy.

You accept the use of cookies or other identifiers by closing or dismissing this notice, by scrolling this page, by clicking a link or button or by continuing to browse otherwise. … At what? Can't import from SolidWorks very well and if it does, the WCS is all messed up. No one else has this question. hsmworks will do the job but you definitely have much more control over what you do in mastercam.

than hsmworks....more complex parts and more control over toolpath? Are there other CAM programs that are better than mastercam? In case of sale of your personal information, you may opt out by sending us an email via our Contact Us page. CAM allows you to take a part designed in a program like Solidworks (CAD), and convert it into G code for a CNC to produce. [/sarcasm]Yes, Mastercam has not done squat with solids since its release back in V8. if you used those two software for a week you would know the difference. r/engineering is **NOT** for students to ask for guidance on selecting their major, or for homework / project help. We are currently looking at getting CAM software for solidworks. If you can't figure out which fits your situation, you have bigger issues than selecting a CAM package.

easy parts? hswworks is easier to use but mastercam is hands down way more powerful. Learn more about us.

Outcomes. Copyright © 2020 vBulletin Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved. We are currentlyusing MasterCam X2 as a primary CAM package. I have the choice in front of me to either learn Solidworks and it's HSM express/works toolpath module or get a seat of Mastercam which I have long experience with but will still have to import from solidworks thru engineering. Thanks for the input . Visibility: General 3386 Views. that's not an opinon, it's a known fact if you have used both.

It's not very impressive.

SolidCAM est la seule solution de FAO à proposer iMachining, son module révolutionnaire, breveté et inégalé . SolidCAM, HSMWorks, MasterCAM, CAMwork etc.

that's because you want to sell your training software for Mastercam, OPPS MY BAD, WRONG SOFTWARE. Mastercam For SolidWorks X6 was released this week. Mastercam For SolidWorks doesn't require you to constantly extract wireframe from the solid! We are looking into one of these CAM packages. Categories: SolidWorks. Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS ® is an integrated software solution combining the world’s leading CAD with the world’s most widely used CAM.. With this product, you can standardize your database of CAD files with no need to compromise the quality of your NC programming. This website or its third-party tools process personal data (e.g. Practical Machinist is the easiest way to learn new techniques, get answers quickly and discuss common challenges with your peers.

Curious to hear what limitations anyone has experienced with HSM works and/or express. This will be a separate and distinct product from the existing SolidWorks. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply.

that's because you want to sell your training software for Mastercam. It serves aerospace, automotive, energy, medical, die/mold, composites, and consumer products industries. Hi there, I recently graduated as a mechanical engineer. "[sarcasm]What do you mean???? SolidWorks isn't changing kernels.SolidWorks will offer a new cloud based product that uses the Catia V6 kernel. Do you really think surfcam is far better than mastercam? With more than 10.6 million unique visitors over the last year, Practical Machinist is the most visited site for metalworking professionals. i also sell solidcam and solidworks videos, so please don't assume, i'm merely giving my opinion based on 10 plus year of using almost half the Cam software out there. Still unemployed, I been noticing that a lot of employers want me to have experience with cnc programming, especially with mastercam. However I don't think you understand the difference between CAD and CAM. it all comes down what you're trying to do. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the engineering community. If you can purchase a copy of Mastercam for educational purposes I would recommend it. MasterCAM is primarily a CAM platform with a little CAD to aid in the process of CAM; it may or may not fit your business model.

Question about Pro Engineer CAD software?

Register for the world’s largest manufacturing technology forum for free today to stay in the know. Mastercam Solids in stand-alone Mastercam has seen little or no significant improvement since it was initially released many years ago.

Stand-alone Mastercam features a 25 year old wireframe modeler with the Parasolid kernel tossed on top. Personally I think all CAM systems suck in comparison to clever use of macros. CAM allows you to take a part designed in a program like Solidworks (CAD), and convert it into G code for a CNC to produce. I had high hopes for it when I found out they had combined but so far all I hear about is how it constantly messes up or crashes. Press J to jump to the feed.

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