This could indicate that he wasn't afraid of being arrested as a known follower of Jesus. Rather than quoting non-Bible sources, the method used to shed light on the beloved disciple in this study is to just compare scripture with scripture and let God’s word guide us to the truth. The account speaks of the “Beloved Disciple” at the Passover dinner. That would make him a follower of John the Baptist. When they find out Jesus's tomb is empty, Peter and The Beloved Disciple race there. Carson, DA. Also, John 20:2 clearly depicts Mary Magdalene and the Beloved Disciple as two different people. The beloved disciple attests to the full humanity and death of Jesus. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. John, the beloved disciple and author of the fourth gospel, was probably the youngest apostle as well as the only one of the twelve who did not die a martyr’s death. He might have been an initial follower of John the Baptist and involved to some extent in the priestly circles of Jerusalem. 1985. These arguments seem plausible to many people. New Interpreter's Bible, Nashville, TN: Abingdon Press. Church tradition does provide a name. Daily Study Bible. WHOEVER the beloved disciple was he was not John – because that unbiblical idea forces the Bible to contradict itself, which the truht cannot do. Peter, however, is the first to go inside and “doesn’t understand.” The beloved disciple “sees and believes.”. John 11:16 indicates that some of the other disciples saw Jesus raise him from the dead, so they must have known about the incident. 2004. Taken together, these items of evidence seem to indicate that the Beloved Disciple was a man, that he lived in or near Jerusalem and had a home there, and that he may have personally known at least one high-ranking Jewish religious official. Thus Jesus had at least two friends or secret disciples who lived in Jerusalem. The Apostle John had the distinction of being a beloved friend of Jesus Christ, writer of five books of the New Testament, and a pillar in the early Christian church. This is why the fourth gospel is named John. In fact they never even mention this "Beloved Disciple" (as he is often called). In fact the tradition identifies John as the actual author of the gospel, not just the source of information for another writer. Obviously, this could also be taken figuratively to suggest that the beloved disciple would continue to witness to Jesus through his writings. It would also mean that he had been with Jesus from the very beginning. When Peter asks Jesus what will happen to the beloved disciple, Jesus says, “If it is my will that he remain until I come, what is that to you?”. Jesus secured the upper room for the Passover from someone he knew. T. Summerfield, M. A. "The Gospel According to John." "John." Some scholars even argue that the Beloved Disciple wasn't a real person, but a symbolic figure created to represent anyone who embraces Christ as his redeemer. The beloved disciple is the one to recognize the risen Christ on the morning shore. But here’s what National Geographic has to say about it: The reference from John 19:26 reads, “The disciple whom [Jesus] loved.”  When Mary and Martha ask Jesus to come quickly when Lazarus was ill, they said, “he whom you love is ill.” Some people have accepted Dan Brown’s fiction in the Da Vinci Code as gospel and that Mary Magdalene was the “Beloved Disciple.” But she’s already mentioned as being at the cross when Jesus asks the “Beloved Disciple” to care for his mother. There is also scholarship that suggests the “beloved disciple” may have been Lazarus. While most scholars dismiss the idea that she married Jesus, or bore him a child, a few still think that she could have been the Beloved Disciple. But I will leave off replying at this point, and let you to do what you will with the biblical evidence that has … He probably was not one of the Twelve and has gone to great lengths to hide his identity. WEB: I don't speak concerning all of you. John, beloved disciple » Refers to Christian love twenty-five or more, times in his epistles » Beloved disciple. It is thought that these individuals were the actual authors of the Johannine literature – the Gospel, the three Johannine Epistles and the Book of Revelation. These are the only passages on which scholars can agree. Copyright © 2020 The closing words of John's Gospel state explicitly concerning the Beloved Disciple, "It is this disciple who testifies to these things and has written them, and we know that his testimony is true." When he and Peter race to the tomb after Jesus’ resurrection, he wins. This proposal appears to fit the known facts. The Gospel of John gives a detailed description of the interrogations of Jesus by the Jewish leaders and by Pilate. But god still had work for His beloved disciple to do. This can often lead to forced conclusions which, although theoretically plausible, require a straining of the available evidence. People have generally assumed he is one of the Twelve (because it is believed that only the Twelve were with Jesus at the Last Supper), but the text never says this. March/April 2006 pp. The Pillar New Testament Commentary. However, the evidence for identifying John Zebedee as the Beloved Disciple is far from conclusive. In a sense, the beloved disciple gets everything right: twice he is found in a location that indicates his loyalty to Jesus (John 18:15-18, John 19:26-27); he responds appropriately by believing at the empty tomb, even when he does not understand (John 20:3-8); he also recognizes the risen Jesus from afar while the other disciples do not . Overall, Lazarus seems a good fit for the evidence, and many scholars think that he is the best candidate. The Beloved Disciple could have been a third. But before we get to their arguments, we first need to list the main items of evidence: Item 1. Upon first pass of this name, my much younger elementary-aged self thought, “that seems like an arrogant nickname to … The Beloved Disciple. The Beloved Disciple spots Jesus on the shore, but Peter's the one who jumps off the boat to swim to him. Interestingly, John is never named in the Gospel that has traditionally been attributed to him. In 21:24, it is stated that “This is the disciple who has written these things,” an obvious reference to the beloved disciple. In addition, John 21:24 implies that the entire Gospel of John is based on this disciple's memories. Each chapter examines a different character from the Gospel of John as an illustration of the many different ways that a person may come to a testimony of Christ. Beloved Disciple is the same great Bible study with a new look! The Bible singles out one disciple of Jesus as the one whom "Jesus loved" and the book The Disciple Whom Jesus Loved takes a closer look at what scripture tells us about this beloved disciple and the special role he played in the life of Jesus. It asserts that the Beloved Disciple was none other than John the son of Zebedee, the brother of James, and one of the original twelve disciples. It states the he “was known to the High Priest.”. Thus, unless this is a deliberate attempt to deceive, the person in question was a male. The Beloved Disciple and His Book - Then Peter, turning around, saw the disciple whom Jesus loved following, who also had leaned on His breast at the supper, and said, “Lord, who is … Andrew isn’t mentioned much in the Bible—and there’s even less information available about the circumstances of his death. The name of the beloved disciple is known only by the Evangelist, and he chose not to reveal it. A disciple mentioned only in the Gospel of John and never identified by name. The authors of the other gospels appear to be unaware of any earlier visits to Jerusalem. His house was also close enough to Jerusalem to serve as a home for Jesus' mother. In his book The Passover Plot, author Hugh Schonfield argues that the Beloved Disciple was an otherwise unknown priest who lived in Jerusalem. The Vision of the Beloved Disciple: Meeting Jesus in the Gospel of John "The Gospel According to John." The book also suggests that the Last Supper took place in this priest's home. For instance, in a fragment of the apocryphal "Gospel of Mary", the disciple Levi tells Peter "Surely the Savior knows her very well. Eric Huntsman, Becoming the Beloved Disciple: Coming Unto Christ through the Gospel of John (Springville, UT: Cedar Fort, Inc., 2018). By all accounts, he was probably a Judean. In other translations, John refers to himself as the “Beloved Disciple.”. Beloved Disciple: The Life and Ministry of John - Leader Guide by Beth Moore provides the step-by-step guidance for a leader to facilitate this 10-week women's Bible study. Nonetheless, the beloved disciple is thought to be a historical figure, who was involved in Jesus’ active ministry and in the early church. Acts 1:14 says that she was part of the early community of believers, known as the Nazarenes, who lived in Jerusalem during that same period. Beloved Disciple: The Life & Ministry of John Bible Study Book by Beth Moore John the apostle must have thought he had seen everything. But the gospel, or parts of it, could still be based on John's memories. Such a disciple was the beloved John. However, this does not mean he escaped all persecution. Domitian decided that he had best be content merely with getting John away from the people, so he had him banished to Patmos, a small island in the Aegean Sea.

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