With the animals in question displaying similar behaviour.

2007/03/20 - 20 sightings in the tour, 1953 to 2001, all Tasmania.

Even though we were 2007/03/22 - 24 sightings including 1 mainland from this month. I asked him what other animals he was concerned about and he went a bit quiet for a while, looking at the bottle of Cascade light in his hand. eg 4:00pm : How features of coat (colour, length, marks) : Describe any sounds or calls the animal made. Unfortunately, I cannot say with absolute certainty that I saw a Podcast Episode 7 - Behind the scenes on The Hunt for the Tasmanian Tiger.

's Chris Coupland to call him directly on the telephone. Tasmania's Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment (DPIPWE) recently released a document detailing eight reported sightings of the Tasmanian tiger, or thylacine…

The man kept his secret for 40 years before directly contacting T.R.U. me.

Podcast Episode 8 - Victorian and Tasmanian sightings, Thylacine Skulls and Locomotion! described the incident as best as you can. appearance and movement, which seemed bizarre. I was on "high-alert" for more animals, and as we rounded a sweeping This animal is hardy and adaptable; it can withstand winter snow and frosts, summer extremes of more than 30 deg C. The Thylacine was exported to Zoos in Great Britain, Europe and The United States a wide range of environmental conditions in rainfall, temperature. he said.

about 2 meters, very slim and sleek coat. These animals could have entered the Strezlecki Ranges or Baw Baws Ranges. Unfortunately, the response was negative. Map of reported sightings in the south west of Western Australia. It was acre property at these coordinates, September 2001 - Gingin Western Australia, Sighting Report - 2012 Between ross and campbell town. avoid a possum which was standing up on it's rear in the middle of the He said "It's not just quolls." I asked, and he became a little furtive and said "Sort of."

A combination of dry eucalypt forest, wetlands and grasslands perfect habitats provided in the Australian Alps.

I had been at my garden which is on the ridge and had gone down through a track id cleared down the hill. When they turned up he approached them and asked "if they saw the dog back there with stripes on its back?" check my Cray pots and the animal walked across the track in front of A young boy grew up in a small community with intense interest in his natural environment and familiar with the local animal species due to spending all of his time in the bush. A marsupial carnivore would seek a preferred habitat. It is believed that family groups could contain up to six members and the mating season from accounts was from September to October with 3 or four young being born in November or December. thylacine (I wish I could), but I know what I *did not* see. The young man remember thinking “my god then I don’t know what that is then!”.

I began explaining about 1080 being the best fox bait because most native animals had some resistance to it, as it occurred naturally in the environment in the vegetation, and explained that when it was buried and widely spaced, the chances of quolls getting a lethal dose were much reduced. Thylacine search: Hunt for elusive Tasmanian tiger long thought extinct ramped up after recent sightings Bernard Lagan, Sydney Monday April 13 2020, 12.00am , The Times Animal seen: Unsure. Podcast Episode 7 - Behind the scenes on The Hunt for the Tasmanian Tiger! "This picture doesn't show their legs- they are way more muscular than this". An animal trotted off to the side of the road as he drove past. There are still many thousands of square kilometres of bush land that have had no more exploration than an aerial survey. (see map below). An analysis of the 1973 Doyle footage of a thylacine, Chaotika Thylacine - Photographed September 2006, Carnivorous Marsupial Challenge - terms and conditions, On the trail of the tiger - thylacine sightings map and tour, 2007/04/08 - Correction to Naarding sighting location (based on Guiler book, yowiehunters website), add 1961 sighting at Sandy Bay where thylacine was killed by fishermen, 2007/04/06 - 9 new mainland sightings including: Snowy Mountains near Thredbo (2000 approx); Strezlecki Ranges, Victoria (1958); Wilson's Promontory, Victoria (1993); Northern NSW (1996 - 2006), Northern Territory (2003); NSW-Vic photo (1977); Bourke, NSW (1949), 2007/04/02 - Added 3 sightings from Victoria, 2005/6, 2007/03/28 - Now 38 sightings total including Hans Naarding, Klaus Emmerichs sightings (1982, 2005) and expedition information from David Fleay and Eric Guiler, 2007/03/26 - fixed bug where .kmz file had subfolder and tour not automatically checked. describe in as much detail as possible the narrative or details of your As we got closer and

At first it struck him as been a big dog but it had obvious dark stripes going across its back and tail. over the top of a concrete culvert on the left (south) side of the road, T.R.U. The property was called "Whynot" near Silent Grove and the sighting was about two and a half years before he was talking to me- about 2005. The animal was no more than 10m from the front of the vehicle. (At the time of the sighting he had no idea of what a thylacine was). I have heard other stories from the eastern side of the great divide in northern NSW from old timers, (usually second hand), and a first hand story from the snowy mountains in NSW where a Thylacine was seen eating a rabbit on the side of the road in about 1985, and another story from the early sixties near Byron Bay- two blokes travelling together came to Kakadu and told me about a woman in Byron who had been hounded out of town for claiming to have seen a Thylacine, (including by the storytellers) but then they saw it too, and felt really bad. then passed the spot, I said something like "Holy sh!t, did you see Copyright © 2017, T.R.U.

Reports of thylacines made directly to T.R.U. This is the second similar sighting reported to TRU within this area. As largely a nocturnal animal they hunt during the evening, night and early morning on grassy plains and open woodlands. Were thylacines ever released on mainland Australia? I beeped again and moved my car forward when they snarled and ran of the road.

He proceeded to tell me about how he and his wife owned a property at the edge of a deep gorge in the Torrington area where they had a deer farm. I thought it was a wild dog but the stripes on its back and the way it walked made me think it was a thylacine.

sighting : To your knowledge has a sighting been made of this animal in this area before? The young man was familiar enough with the bush to know that it was not a shadow pattern he knew what this out of place and foreign and abnormal animal species. The Thylacine from all accounts is an extremely shy animal, avoiding all contact with humans and lying low and remaining out of sight during the daylight hours, becoming active hunters at night.

spotted quoll running over the road, and also had to brake quite hard to long tail held straight out. Thylacine Sightings in the area before: No. the guy told me "and they have such weird arses." and he put his finger on the picture of the thylacine. Post Extinction Thylacine Sighting Google Earth Tour: Print View | Note: You can now browse the full list of Tasmanian tiger sightings contained in the tour, right here on the website. that?".

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