All Youth, High School and Rookie Rugby clubs or organizations that work with youth or high school kids must be affiliated and list under the residing state's State Rugby Organization for governance and affiliation to USA Rugby. In order to compete at the Club 7s National Championship, players must play for the Club in at least two sevens Qualifying Tournaments (or other tournaments as pre-approved by the 7s working group of the Performance Game Board), scheduled at least one week apart, prior to this USA Rugby Championship Event. USA Rugby members are a part of one of the most rapidly growing sports in the country. Each club must have an appropriately certified USA Rugby coach with a current, paid registration affiliated to the club. Please log in with your Sportlomo User Account .

After completing each module, download the certificate you will receive from WR and email it to where it will be uploaded into your USA Rugby member profile. United States of America Rugby Football Union, Ltd. Site designed, developed and built in-house by the, 2014-2015 Competition Management Handbook, suitably trained and experienced front row players, Minor Participation in Adult Rugby Waiver Request, Be registered as a club for the current membership cycle, Maintain a roster minimum of fifteen players, Enter all league and qualifying matches into the online Competition Management System, The Competition Management System is located at, Be determined on the basis of competition and not allocation, Fulfill the minimum number of contests stated by USA Rugby or the club's Competitive Region, Be considered in good standing with the local governance to which the club is affiliated, Match rosters may list a maximum of 23 players, Match rosters must indicate an appropriate amount of, Clubs may travel with an event roster ranging from a minimum of 20 players to a maximum of 28 players, Up to five players named to the match roster may be non-resident players, ten may be named to an event roster, Only citizens and those in possession of a permanent or conditional resident card are considered resident players - any player unable to document this status will be considered a non-resident for the purposes of eligibility, Clubs must maintain appropriate documentation for all U19 front row players and 17 year old participants in any position, Players must register to a club prior to representing the club in league/qualifying matches, Those seeking to change club affiliation may submit an, All players must be reflected on a club's public roster or have requested transfer on or before April 1st to realize postseason eligibility (October 1st for WPL Competitions), Players may not participate for more than one club in qualifying competition unless approved for transfer and may not participate prior to appearing on a club's public roster, The eligibility regulations specify only two circumstances meriting mid-season transfer: December graduation from college and geographic relocation for non-rugby reasons, Unless relocation is necessitated by non-rugby circumstances, athletes should not expect to realize transfer following qualifying match participation, A missed registration/transfer deadline will not be waived on the basis of early or unexpected return from injury, Transfers must be sought through the submission of, Proof of graduation is required to accompany the eligibility waiver request, in the form of official transcripts or a Diploma copy, No transfer is required to train with compliant senior clubs or to compete with such a club in friendly matches, socials, or non-qualifying tournaments, Clubs may select a limited number of non-residents for participation in qualifying competition, A non-resident player is one who does not possess a U.S. Their passion for the game is undying and this creates an enthusiasm that promotes growth and excitement for the sport of rugby. High School and Youth players who register directly through a State Rugby Organization (.

All transfers must be initiated prior to the expiration of the March 15th registration and transfer deadline. All clubs and individuals must follow all. Play Rugby, Inc (dba Play Rugby USA) is a 501(c)3 approved non-profit organization incorporated in New York. Share: Visit Website; Request Info; 520 Eighth Avenue, 2nd Floor.

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