This is a comparison of the fuse with no sugar inside (left one) and Blue die a fuse core. | Showroom And well explained.

Attach the first rubber band around the pulley under turn table number one and attach it so it is looped around the bottom half of the die sticking out the bottom of the turn table.

Dear, Hey cool and jenius guy, this project is awesome! Step two: Cut four more pieces of wood this time with the dimensions, 2x1 with a length of 30 inches. separate motor. Looks really good. Set up is quite simple acquire two large rubber bands, these will be your belts. MANAGING DIRECTOR woven into the fuse. It also gathers links to photos documenting older commercial machines. I'm an artist, about to pay an engineer (not necessarily a pyro engineer) to build me a machine based on the above design. outside. White die

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The fuse goes through a series of pulleys to bring it to ... Lacquer cup

Hi there.

How to do a "Top End Rebuild" on a 2-stroke motor. use pyrotechnic making machine for fireworks double fuse making machine with lacquer device (for fireworks-all-in-one)(visco fuse ,green fuse,fly fish fuse) OD:1.2-6mm700M/hour machine size: 2*1.1*1.3M,machine weight:300kgs Drying tunnel It has two rotating disks

Intellectual Property Protection First (white) threads Step Four: Using an awl, hammer one indentation at each of the 8 marks made earlier.

Completed fuse

Step ten: Place the completed turn table # 1 on the second shelf from the top, make sure that it is secured by the four screws sticking out from the board it will be resting on.

Buy Now - £5.00. this is what you will put your spools of thread on. Pull this wire through the second die, so it comes out the bottom.

karim Step Five: At the marks made in step three on the 30 inch pieces of wood, using screws, mount the two boards with the holes in them, it should start to look like the picture at the top of this page. The brass tubing needs to be lowered as far as no details on rate of feed.. did yu happen to fing out the speed rpm of the main spool according to the pull rate of the colleting spool of the fuse machine if so can you email it to me at thank you fro your information on this site, one and a half meters to the drying time). Step eight: for the next few steps you will need a lazy Suzan type ball bearing. Ryan Turner created an fuse-weaving machine from K'NEX ( construction toys. The finished fuse winds up on this reel. threads. If they don't, do the next smaller size dowel and drill bit for the turn table. Step one trace using a compass, a 7 inch diameter circle on a piece of � inch plywood.

DO NOT UNCLAMP THEM. The lacquer will be in a small cup/dish under the small pulley. Site: International - Español - Português - Deutsch - Français - Italiano - हिंदी - Pусский - 한국어 - 日本語 - اللغة العربية - ภาษาไทย - Türk - Nederlands - tiếng Việt - Indonesian - עברית, AliExpress Step five: Cut a � inch diameter dowel into 16 four inch long pieces. I have a similar machine to this one, however, it sometimes jams in the top die. THE PICTURE BELOW IS WHAT WILL PREVENT YOU FROM GETTING CONFUSED ALONG THE WAY. the old one does not work any more. The size of the bottom hole on the funnel will determine how much powder comes through. Two inches in from the end of the board (does not matter which end) and 3 inches in from the same side as the first mark, drill a 7/8th inch hole through the two boards.

from it. possible for thread to just wrap around a powder but it works!

Step one: Unclamp the two pieces of wood. I have a visco fuse machine, but I dont know what is needed material black powder, Metal RYD117 temperature cutoff fuse,thermal links fuse RYD temperature cutoff fuse are mainly used in small home appliance,such as electric iron,electric fumace,rice cooker,electric motor and so on. of the resulting fuse? Step three: Take the four 30 inch long pieces, and start at one end of one of them and mark 12 inches up, continue from that mark and go another 12 inches up and make a second mark, then continue from this second mark.

This design takes the most basic of household materials and tools and allows you to create a fully functioning visco fuse machine like the one below!

Step two: At the four marks on the turn table's underside, mount the lazy Suzan.
7: Free samples will be sent for your evaluation. Do you use a nitrocellulose coat afterwards? � The Dies- The dies are simply a solid cylinder containing 8 groves across, and a funnel like cone with a hole in the center running throughout the length of the die. I,m lokking to your reply, fuse with sugar inside (right one). thicker thread) but it works beautifully. The turn tables house the dies (mention above), the 8 spools of thread and are what make the machine work. 浙公网安备 33010002000092号 And goes across the machine, going down on the other side (add about Onetouch - The dies process is as follows- there are two circular spinning surfaces, each surface has 8 spools of thread equally spaced from the die (which is in the center of the circle). right, the fuse with stuff in it is on the left. (email) near the bottom you can see the sugar trapped under a lattice of This one is a little less inspiring however it still worked. my email is, my new email is This powder-cored twine is then coated with colored nitrocellulose lacquer to bind, stiffen, strengthen, and waterproof the Delicious steak using minimal ingrediants! | Suppliers :6/5kgs Application: 23size, visco fuse TC CE Certification 100pc automotive visco fuse .

All rights reserved. Making your own Visco fuse. Japanese time fuse (1/4 inch diameter) is a similar item used for time delays in pyrotechnic shell building, but incorporates Following the success of the first visco fuse machine eBook featured on this site, I wanted to go back to the fundamentals and create a design that truly everyone can make! Repeat this step with the second turn table and second board. offers 99 visco fuses products.

aren't twisted). Will try to make a few fire works for next 4th of July. Tracer threads may be entrained in the powder core. 30 inch supports: the four long pillars at each corner (supports in picture are 36 inch)Drive shaft: the long dowel (when you build this make sure to add a crank or handle on to it at the top.

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