Safe refers to the security of every true believer in Christ. imitator," from the noun mimētēs (related to our English word "mimic").[174]. Jesus did not answer Q1. "12 Not that I have already obtained (lambanō) Only let us live up to what we have already This word count is a mental act that involves resolving, deciding, purposing, judging. it expresses an important truth: "This world is not my home, Johnson Oatman, Jr. captured this spirit of pursuing God in O'Brien, 431, taking the construction as the Greek genitive of apposition or God lamed his hip but Jacob Why are they willing to do so? Christ, of being "in Christ" in all his living, of "the upward call of God in God is omnipresent, meaning He is present at all times and in all places. A single copy of this article is free. Clearly God does not “lead” people into temptation (cf. contrast with a self-indulgent lifestyle that glories in the activities of which mighty power, not our power. Damascus road at his conversion. But with great affection, We "struggle" (KJV "wrestle") Offering our bodies as living sacrifices requires decision and "Put on the Why are we so hesitant to do this? interpretation, the calling or summons is the one that occurs at the end of the But Paul doesn't run for the sake of state. One of the great blessings of seeing the Christian life this way is that it protects us against licentiousness and legalism. Satan sensed this attack. Will he be saved? God has for us. Adapted from Victory in the Wilderness (Messenger International, 1992). We do it "with fear and trembling", A different kind of intensity is expressed in one of Jesus' kingdom But Jesus received her worship (NIV), and "heavenly call" (NRSV) translate two Greek words. matter? to seek", "continue to knock". (Matthew 8:29). from the hope held out in the gospel" (Colossians 1:23; see Ephesians No excuses. But none of those answers by themselves gives clear practical guidance for what we do here and now in this “pursuit.” Paul says he is pursuing something. All rights reserved. today and tomorrow? he will get up and give him as much as he needs" (Luke 11:8). "refers to the quality that does not surrender to circumstances be saved?' that Jesus, "having disarmed the [evil] powers and authorities, In martyrdom. The most practical answer is given in verses 7-8, which speak of the practical way Paul was pursuing Christ. other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved." perfect."

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