If ever I get down that part of the country I shall try to pin down the exact spot and add a photo of it. Aircraft Captured. I did find two pictures of Alfred 11 but there were no photos of the crash site. Looking at the ground rising beyond and the line of trees in the middle ground, the crash site may well be in the big field to the right of the farm, with this photo looking east. During the war a stricken plane was coming in to land at Parham Suffolk and crashed just short of the runway. A Suffolk village has commemorated two separate World War Two plane crashes which killed 15 US airmen. NOT the B24 that crashed on Freckleton school near what is now Bae Warton. Please does anyone have information concerning the aircraft crash in wetheringsett approx 1944. Kind regards. I would really like to see newspaper or local archival accounts. Heavy parts of the plane were said to be deeply embedded in the ground and were not recovered. The Allied victory played a major role in the eventual Allied success in North Africa. At the peak point in 1942, a new airfield was opening every three days, with the highest concentration of these new sites being in East Anglia.”. The 1930s had been a time of great uncertainty, Rod explains, and the RAF’s expansion programme added airfields to Mildenhall, Honington, Stradishall and Wattisham . forced-landings in Norfolk and Suffolk. when I visit the Forum. At Beccles, many former military buildings have been swallowed up in Ellough Industrial Estate, but a pair of hangars remains. However, Lt Peacock is certainly listed elsewhere as having been killed on 21 April 1944, so it is probable the museum has that detail incorrectly recorded but the detail about your uncle is correct. […] View USAAF crash sites gallery here […], Your email address will not be published. “Whereas, in the main, these locations have quite rightly reverted to agriculture, the roar of bombers replaced by birdsong, that of fighters by the fluttering of harvest fields, there can be little doubt that memories of the past remain vibrant in Suffolk, which can only bode well for its future.”, n Ghost Fields of Suffolk (ISBN 1 904006 60 2) is published at £10 by The Larks Press. material on the crash incidents has a considerable bearing on the way the The extra survivor is listed as your uncle, so we can safely conclude that is incorrect and also that your uncle Roy died in the crash so the date you have is of both the crash and his death. They were all temporarily buried at the temporary cemetery in Cambridge, and 3 from this crew remain here in the permanent cemetery, 4 including SSgt Logan were repatriated back to the United States. Do you know…is Park Farm an actual farm, a park, or a village? Many were lost offshore or were written off while landing at airfields on Malta and Sicily. see in military service (whether on land or at sea) are protected by the Protection I lived there from 1955 – 70 and small pieces of aircraft were constantly being unearthed when the field just opposite the farm entrance was ploughed. Hi, do you have any information on any B17’s from the 95th bomb Group, I am a committee member from this group and would like to research any information you have? Richard. Footnote 1] Have a brother who lives in Costessey Michael Wright [ I was adopted ] ever come across him ? Shows “The bonds forged between the Americans and the local community were celebrated and strengthened by regular air shows, the most significant being Mildenhall’s Air Fête which marked the American Bicentennial in 1976 and continued annually until the end of the millennium. I worked at Glemham House (not Hall) for Lord and Lady Cranbroke and if I recall correctly there is a propellor blade embedded in the ground at the site where a plane crashed as a memorial ( On private land just inside the perimeter wall beside New Road) approx grid reference TM 34193 61657. Richard. Many of the runways and buildings still exist today, in some shape or form – symbols of how history was created and why we should remember to be grateful. During World War 2, some 2,500 aircraft crashed or made Richard. If ever this way look us up. Much has been written about the latter period. Do you have any info on B17 crash at Bovingdon herts 1942-3 on a weather check flight, Visited site years ago and found some parts. One B17 certainly crashed at Home Farm Hoxne. Museum staff using techniques developed over the years have carried out all of https://www.ww2wrecks.com A variety of wrecks -ships, aircraft, submarines and vehicles, battlefield archaeology, interviews and first-hand accounts – Enjoy! “The need for escort fighters was demonstrated right from the 8th’s first missions in 1942, as the Luftwaffe proved more than reluctant to let their homeland be bombed into smithereens. On 24 March 1945, a B-17 Flying Fortress, from Deenethorpe airfield in Northamptonshire, crashed nearby. The aircraft crashed in farmland near Park Farm which is about one mile east of the village of Hoxne in Suffolk. That’s why I knew I had the correct person. “The heart of airfield activity would be the Technical Site, where could be found the operations block, bomb-sight store, MT (Motor Transport) section, parachute store and workshops, as well as various buildings dedicated to the training of pilots, bomb-aimers and air gunners,” explains Rod. Well done for all of this. Thank you very much for responding to my inquiry. The views expressed are theirs and unless specifically stated are not those of the BBC. issued a Licence authorising those things to be done and they are done in I take it you know of this page? Aviation archaeology or "wreckology" as it is often called, is The name of your brother is familiar to me but I don’t think I knew him. Myself and a colleague have been metal detecting at Park Farm Hoxne for 15 years, in the early days we unearthed numerous fragments from the crashed aircraft, also included were many complete,bent and broken rounds of admonition. Portman House, 120 Princes StreetIpswich, IP1 1RS, Non-league and grassroots football in Suffolk set to be halted due to new Covid-19 rules, Joe Wicks staying at ‘incredible’ Suffolk barn, Coronavirus rates rise in some Suffolk districts but fall in others, Infection rates drop across almost all of Essex - but Suffolk remains a mixed bag. “When George Orwell renamed Great Britain as ‘Airstrip One’ in his seminal novel, the experience of the Second World War must have been fresh in his mind. I’m eager to keep going. They were all temporarily buried at the temporary cemetery in Cambridge, and 3 from this crew remain here in the permanent cemetery, 4 including SSgt Logan were repatriated back to the United States. The plane had been shot up over Peleliu, taking out the hydraulics. . Thank you so much. museum. A typical site would account for 175,000 cubic yards of concrete, 32,000 square yards of Tarmac, 20 miles of drains and up to four-and-a-half-million bricks. Incidentally a couple of years ago I happened to be in a WW2 vintage aircraft flying over Cambridgeshire (RAF Glatton is just north of here) and the pilot took us over the American Cemetery. The siege effectively ended in November 1942. Having an extensive archive of Hi Roger My Uncle Jack Anderson, who was a TEC 5 appears to have died in that same crash. Anything would be most appreciated. Kind regards I could have searched for many more years and not found the wonderful sources you did. Do you live in this area now? Four of the crew were able to bail out and survived. I am trying to find out any information about a B-17 Flying Fortress plane crash May 31, 1945. Again, thank you so much for replying. Despite the efforts of British and I have gleaned a lot of information but what is missing is the exact crash site location. The ceremony was held on the 70th anniversary of a B-24 Liberator bomber crashing in Westhall, near Halesworth, on its return to nearby Holton airfield on 25 June 1944. Man charged with drink driving after collision A man was charged with drink driving after a collision in a village. I am sure every USAAF crash site was photographed. Thank you again. Mostly concerned with the site of the pilot who died, Lt. Earl H. Bond, Did you find out about crash site?never heard of this one……paul. General Erwin Rommel, in de facto field command of Axis forces in North Africa, recognised its importance quickly. The BBC is not responsible for the content of external sites. The ceremony was held on the 70th anniversary of a B-24 Liberator bomber … I am following up a story of a B-24 that crashed near Swansea during the war with the loss of all hands. What does developing a Covid-19 vaccine look like? Lt Stewart Barnes, co-pilot, killed Our industry faces testing times, which is why we're asking for your support. By May 1943, they had sunk 230 Axis ships in 164 days, the highest Allied sinking rate of the war. artefacts are captioned. © STIWOT, 1999-2020. When they attempted to land, they realised that the apparent airstrip was a sandbank and crashed. Aviation archaeology or "wreckology" as it is often called, is the study and field investigation of aircraft crash-sites. I moved from Norwich in 1964 although I have been going back on a regular basis as most of my remaining family and some friends live there. When you have time, look at http://www.thanksgivingfield.org and open up the Uplifting Guide and Mission 115Z PDFs. “The complete airfield – flying surfaces plus supporting buildings – would cost around £1 million, a ferocious sum of money in the 1940s,” says Rod. Other times – such the as the request about the P-47 above – searches all end up pointing to the same very limited resource. Good luck with your research and I will Keep Lt Reed in mind when I am doing work ok on my Shazam project Hi Richard, Thanks for your efforts much appreciated, as a police officer done many duties at Madingly, very impressive place. Still unearthing bits of plane from around crash site but would like to know exact crash site if possible and any photos. It seems likely the survivors were wearing parachutes and were able to get out of the aircraft and open them. Prisoner accused of walking out of jail before returning next day, Driver of grey car sought after teen cyclist injured in crash, Majestic wine shops to stay open as ‘essential retailers’ in lockdown, Everything you need to know about Suffolk... in America. dad was a tailgunner and radio operator from 9-1-44to 10-45.best mom remembers he was shot down over dewey france and the French resistance got them back to England.

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