UK And Europe

Europe has the most population after China and India. Some of the most famous European countries include Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain. England or UK has a long history in the world of entertainment such as classic stories written by William Shakespeare, or music played by the Beatles and Rolling Stones.

Europe has the most population after China and India. Some of the most famous European countries include Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Spain. England or UK has a long history in the world of entertainment such as classic stories written by William Shakespeare, or music played by the Beatles and Rolling Stones.

A Destination for Students All Over the World

In France, students are allowed to work approximately 35 hours per week. Before that, they have to get a residency card and social security that can be obtained from their school or university. In France, the minimum wage is 9.40 euros per hour, excluding a 20% tax deduction. Meanwhile, in Germany, students have the opportunity to work part-time approximately 120 days per year. The minimum wage for every working hour is not determined. Usually, for one hour of work, students can receive approximately 6-10 euros. The condition is quite different in Spain. International students in Spain can request work permits from local authorities to work up to 20 hours per week. Work permits cannot be more than the duration of a student visa. It is important for students to remember that the work done must be related to the study program they take there. Furthermore, students can only work full time up to 3 months during the holiday. Apart from European countries, the UK government provides work permits for international students for 20 hours a week when the school semester runs, and full-time employment opportunities outside the semester (holidays). However, you still have to consult to international advisors at each institution before starting to work because if you violate the rules, it can influence your visa.

Climate Condition

Western Europe (including the British islands and lowland countries, northern Spain, most of France and western Germany) has mild summers and winters. Especially in the UK, the rain is quite often throughout the year. June is mostly the ‘driest’ time all over the UK. Meanwhile, the rainy months are mostly in October, December and August. The Mediterranean zone (Portugal, southern Spain and France, Italy, Greece, and southern Slavic countries bordering the Adriatic Sea) are quite different because they have warm winters, sunny summers, and pleasant spring and autumn. On the other hand, Spain has weather patterns similar to those found in the Mediterranean zone, although it is slightly drier and cooler. Central and Eastern Europe also have different condition, they are categorized as cold and humid summer. On the other hand, Europe, namely Northern Europe (central and northern Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia) has a sub-arctic climate, which is a long, hard and very cold winter that often brings snowstorms. Finally, in the mountainous zone, the tundra climate dominates the highlands throughout Europe. Areas that experience this type of climate include the highlands in the Alps, Pyrenees, Carpathia, Balkans and mountains in Norway. As the second coldest climate zone in the world, summer isn’t really here.

The Accessibility in Europe

European countries are close to each other in distance, making it easier for you who want to go traveling. Generally, transportation in Europe is quite complete starting from trains, planes, rental cars, trams, metro, buses or boats. With the addition of Channel Tunnel and cheaper airline rates, Europe is more easily accessible than in previous years. You can easily reach most of Europe areas from the UK with just a few hours by train or direct flight by plane.

Enjoying Various Entertainment and Culture

European countries have maintained their own unique customs, traditions, cuisine, entertainment and festivals, including the UK. Many things can be found when you visit other countries and that can be an unforgettable experience, for instance, costume parties in Italy called Carnival of Venice; or coming to one of the famous jazz music festivals at the Copenhagen Jazz Festival in Denmark; celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland; enjoying flower and tulip festivals in the Netherlands; or feeling the excitement of the San Fermines Festival in Spain. On the other hand, the UK organizes various international sporting events such as the Summer Olympics, Golf Tournament, until All-England (Wimbledon) championship which is one of the world’s leading tennis competitions, as well as horse racing celebrations including Royal Ascot, Derby and Grand National Steeplechase. UK is also very famous for their football clubs like Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, and many more.

Living in the United Kingdom

Apart from the European continent, Britain is a country with a parliamentary monarchy. The government system is based on the prime minister and his cabinet. The United Kingdom still maintains the existence of kings and royal queens who act as heads of authority and become a symbol of the unity and sovereignty of the British state. The government system that still adheres to this kingdom is still celebrating the Queen’s Birthday every year in the weekends of June. In the celebration, there are many parades and parties. Most shops are close because of that, and all families gather together. Besides that, if there is a royal family member who is getting married, there will usually be holidays.

Simple Educational System

Broadly speaking, education in Europe has seven levels including Early Childhood Education, Primary Education (generally a period of six years), Lower Secondary (period of two to three years), Education, Upper Secondary Education, Post-Secondary non-tertiary Education, short-term tertiary education, Bachelor degree, and master degree. The curriculum used in their education is the European Baccalaureate; this certification is different from the International Baccalaureate (IB). On the other hand, in the UK, there are four levels of education, namely: Primary Education, Secondary Education, Further Education, and Higher Education, plus there are terms of the key stages 1,2, 3,4′. Steps 1 and 2 are taken in elementary school until the students are around 11 years old to continue to stages 3 and 4 in high school. Then, there will be a test at the end of the stage called the GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary School) taken by students around 16 years. After receiving the GCSE exam and graduating, students are required to choose between continuing their study or starting the work life.

List of Institutions Represented by AS Student Services

1Bellerbys College
2Birmingham City University International College
3Bournemouth University International College
4Brunel University London International College
5Cambridge Ruskin International College (Anglia Ruskin University)
6Coventry University London Campus ISC
7Durham University ISC
8Glasgow International College (University of Glasgow)
9Hertfordshire International College (University of Hertfordshire)
10Holland ISC (Groningen, Vrije Universteit Amsterdam, Twente, Hanze University of Applied Sciences)
11International College Portsmouth (University of Portsmouth)
12International College Robert Gordon University
13International College Wales Swansea
14Istituto Marangoni ISC
15Keele University ISC
16KIC London (University of Birmingham, University of York, Cranfield University, City University London, University of Westminster, Aston University)
17Kingston University, London ISC
18Lancaster University ISC
19Leeds ISC (Leeds Beckett University & University of Leeds)
20Liverpool International College (University of Liverpool)
21Liverpool John Moores University ISC
22London Brunel International College (Brunel University London)
23Nottingham Trent International College (Nottingham Trent University)
24Plymouth University International College
25Royal Holloway ISC
26The University of Sheffield International College
27University College Dublin ISC
28University of Brighton International College
29University of Huddersfield ISC
30University of Leicester ISC
31University of Lincoln ISC
32University of Northampton International College
33University of Strathclyde ISC
34University of Surrey ISC
35University of Sussex ISC
36University of York International Pathway College
37UWE Bristol’s International College (University of The West of England, Bristol)