• Earlene Steffany

    Bachelor of Arts major in Psychology / The University of Adelaide (Australia)
    The University of Adelaide was pretty much a dream for me to go to and AS Student Service helped me out every step of the way. From providing the needed expectations to join the university, to helping out with handling emails and enrollment; I was able to get into Uni of A. So a million […]
  • Keisha Philia Ibrahim

    BA (Hons) Computer Animation Arts and Design / Bournemouth University UK
    AS student Service BSD City helped me get into my dream university in the UK, Bournemouth University for Computer Animation Art and Design. I met them back in 2019 when I started to take my higher education seriously. Since then, they’ve been helping me find good universities for the major I’m interested in, animation and […]
  • Nicholas Adam Kusnadjaja

    BA of Architecture with International Year One / Newcastle University UK
    I have found that AS Student Service BSD City have helped me and my family specify a very important decision in our lives in a way that was very personal for us, different from those we’ve seen. With all the external matters aside such as availability, awareness, completeness of information, in-hand assistance, just to name […]
  • Karen Agni

    Diploma of Art and Design, Bachelor of Design / Monash University
    Pelayanannya gercep bangett, very very informative and well-explained, detailed. Semuanya bener2 diurusin dan dibantu isiin form2 persyaratan dsb. AS team jugaa sangatt sabar, telaten, flexible dan veryy friendly. They give us many recommendations or preferences start from accomodation, visa/documents or the other things. Also, If u are confused with anything, just directly ask them. AS […]
  • Dimitri Sava

    International Foundation in Humanities and Social Sciences / INTO Manchester - The University of Manchester
  • Lauren Edelyne

    Bachelor of Business / Monash University
    Friendliest staffs ever! AS Student Yogyakarta has been really helpful on arranging and ensuring everything I need for my study, trustworthy!
  • Ravelia Gunawan

    Diploma of Engineering / UNSW Global
    Super helpful and very kind, very informative and quick to respond ! Definitely a 10/10!
  • Glenn Navero Sitera

    Bachelor of Business / University of Technology Sydney
    AS Student Service Yogyakarta really cares about their student’s needs, with great services they’ve been really helpful to help me prepare for my study abroad.
  • Thesya Evania Gabrielle

    Bachelor of Computing Science (Honours) / University of Technology Sydney
    Pelayanannya bagus banget, staf nya ramah banget, menjawab semua pertanyaanku dengan kesabaran penuh. AS Student Service Yogyakarta juga membantuku dalam memilih jurusan dan universitas yang tepat dan juga membantuku mengurus hal² lain seperti akomodasi, visa, dll. Stafnya juga baik banget bisa memberi saran dan solusi kalau aku ada kesulitan selama kuliah. Pokoknya mantab dan recommended!
  • Alenna Supit

    Bachelor of Commerce
    So grateful! AS Student Service Yogyakarta was helpful to the end, everyone is so friendly, thank you!
  • Lie Phing

    Bachelor of Design: Animation / RMIT University
    A very good service! Para staff di AS Student Service Yogyakarta sangat supportive, & telah membantu saya dalam memilih Universitas dan juga jurusan yang tepat. Saya senang karena saya mendapat berbagai masukan, bertukar pikiran, panduan dan juga dukungan yang saya butuhkan oleh mereka, terutama oleh Kak Rere dan Ko Chris. Hal tersebut juga dirasakan oleh […]
  • Vincent

    Master of Data Science / Monash University
    Excellent, quick response, and the advice is to the point! Thank you AS Student Service Yogyakarta
  • Helen Aurelia Soenong

    Bachelor of Medical Science / Doctor of Medicine / University of New South Wales (UNSW)
    AS Student Service BSD has helped both me and my sister get into the university and the major of our choice. Throughout the application process, I felt very supported and listened to. They helped me fulfill all the requirements for both my application and my student visa. One of the main strengths of AS Student […]
  • Roland Lausandy Soni

    BEng Aerospace Engineering with International Year One / Queen's University Belfast
    Saya sangat puas dengan pelayanan AS Student Service BSD, sangat cekatan sesuai kebutuhan kita, baik prihal University ataupun visa semua lancar dan selalu ada solusi di setiap kendala, sehingga saya tiba di kampus pun tidak ada kendala sedikitpun, semua berjalan lancar.
  • Dunamkon Natalia Kakyarmabin

    Diploma of Commerce & Bachelor of Aviation Management / Griffith College & Griffith University
    “AS student service BSD has always been responsive to any questions I have, they provide me with information and they understand who I am and what I’m trying to do. I really believe in that. And, every time I make contact with them, they let me know they have accepted it and they have told […]
  • Amadea Nixie

    Bachelor of Education (Honours) / Monash University
    I am pleased to say that I had a very encouraging and helpful experience with AS Student Service BSD. Although I had an uncommon interest, I didn’t feel lost and was even reassured to chase my passion with the spot-on options provided. They humbly informed me beforehand about the study outcomes and the opportunities for […]
  • Justin Audricius Ethan

    Foundation & Bachelor of Commerce / University of Sydney Preparation Program and University of Sydney
    AS Student Service has delivered a superb quality service as my agent, in particular, its team’s fast responses to any difficulties I had previously (e.g., visa application). I recommend to anyone that is looking for certainty, credibility and simplicity to go for AS Student Service as they acknowledge your time is limited and valuable, hence, […]
  • Kartika Nur Rahma Putri

    PhD - Civil Engineering / UNSW Sydney
    Staf yang membantu saya sangat baik dan helpful. Saya dibantu mulai dari pengurusan Letter of Offer, CoE, visa, sampai persiapan keberangkatan. Semua service yang diberikan excellent dan sangat membantu sekali. Semoga sukses terus untuk AS Student Service Yogyakarta.

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