Study Abroad

Registration to Educational InstitutionsAccompany the registration process from document file collection, payment of application fee, notification of information about offer letter, to payment of tuition fee.

Consulting Friendly & AccurateProvide a summary of studies and explanations of universities or majors that match student expectations. Consultation is given personally as we assist students as friends who are ready to serve whenever and wherever.

Document TranslationEach institution wants all documents written in English. For that we are ready to help translate the academic documents of students, while providing legalized documents for the preparation of school enrollment abroad.

Visa Management, Accommodation, PickupAccompany the booking of accommodation in the destination country of study, provide briefing on visa processing, to arrange an appointment with the institution.

Free ConsultationProviding the best solution for students and parents for free. Consultation may be made by visiting the US Student Services office or contacting our agent directly at the contact listed.