Studying in Singapore might be a long life dream for many people. Many people all over the world have unforgettable experiences while visiting this country. The progress of the country makes it receive the title of “World Greatest City” by well-known international media, CNN. Singapore is the golden bridge for students to experience new experiences.

The Quality of Future Education

There is no doubt that Singapore has won the educational market in Asia. This is because the Singapore government is raising the quality standards of education by focusing on the strategic planning, knowledge and innovation. The success of the country in “Global Schoolhouse” and “Singapore Education” make Singapore become a model of education for others both regionally and globally. Some educational institutions in Singapore have also collaborated with international universities. So, you just need to determine what major you want to take and you will get guaranteed education from the Singapore government.

Full of Recreations Outside Campus Life

Singapore is a small country which is located very close to Indonesia, supported with a fairly strict education system. However, do not consider living in Singapore will be boring and lacking of recreations because this country has a many interesting attractions outside the campus life. One of the examples is that you can go to Kent Ridge Park, where the final battle of Singapore was held during World War II. This park has been designed with jogging trails, fitness centers, and other facilities. In addition for those of you who like outdoor activities, there are also other options such as the Singapore Botanic Garden.

Prestigious National Festival

Various ethnic groups and adherents of religion mingle very well in Singapore, starting from the Chinese population, India, Caucasian, and Malay; up to Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus and Christians. It provides its own cultural values with the presence of various cultural events or festivals that make people amazed. Some of the events including Chinese New Year, Vesak Day Celebration, Eid al-Fitr, Little India, Hungry Ghost, and mid-Autumn Festival can be very exciting experiences for students studying there.

Open Scholarship for Public

The quality of life offered in Singapore is very high hence the high cost of living. However the Singapore government offers several opportunities for international students to get scholarships: 1. The Singapore Scholarship of the Embassy of the Republic of Singapore, 2. Lee Kong Chian Graduate Scholarships at the National University of Singapore, 3. INSEAD Syngenta Endowed Scholarship(s) for Emerging Country Leadership, 4. INSEAD Nelson Mandela Endowed Scholarship, 5. ASEAN Foundation Research Scholarship, 6. United World Colleges (UWC) International Youth Scholarships, 7. Asian Development Bank (ADB) — Japan Scholarship Programs, 8. Science and Education for Agriculture and Development (SEARCA) Graduate Study Program.

Student Organisations

For those who are new to Singapore or feel unfamiliar and have difficulty socialising, you can join the organisations formed by fellow international students. The aim of the organisations is to help students who want to exchange experiences and socialise with individuals from the same nationality. With the opportunity from these organisations, you don’t need to worry about adapting to a new environment.

List of Institutions Represented by AS Student Services

Singapore, Malaysia, & Thailand
1 Raffles Design Institute
2 Curtin University Singapore
3 Management Development Institute of Singapore (MDIS)
4 William Angliss Institute Singapore
5 Monash Malaysia
6 Le Cordon Bleu Dusit, Thailand


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