United States

The advanced technology, research and innovation in the US have made the country very valuable to be an international study destination. Added to that, it provides a great number of institution and famous universities which are ready to be the foundation of your career.

Various Levels of Education

Several high schools are being offered by the US based on the qualifications and locations you want. Community college includes some schools in which you need to spend approximately a two-year period of study, while university is an educational program in which you have to spend approximately four years to graduate. Community college offers a two-year program to get Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Science (AS) degrees. Besides, students studying in community college will get academic recommendations that can be used to continue their study.

Four-Season Country

The weather varies greatly across the America continent, including in Alaska and Hawaii. America has four seasons. Generally, spring is in April-June. Summer is usually in July-September. Fall takes place in October-December. Meanwhile, winter usually occurs in January-March.

Innovation Center

An article of the US online media entitled “Innovation rankings: U.S. institutions are on top” revealing that based on the data from a science journal called Nature, nine out of top ten innovative institutions in the world are located in the US. Therefore, the partnership relation of the US is broader including with scientists, investors, and business and policy makers.

Opportunities to Pursue Career

There is a great number of educational programs and courses in various fields. Therefore, you can focus more in the field you are interested in. In addition to that, educational institutions in the US also offer various English courses to help students prepare for their university life, internship and also work.

International Entertainment Centers

When you have the opportunity to study in America, there are lots of experiences that can expand your career opportunities and also your perspective. One of them is to experience various entertainment forms there, such as: Sundance Film Festival; St. Patrick’s Day; and the Comic Con International Festival.

List of Institutions Represented by AS Student Services

United States
1 Baylor University
2 Bellevue College
3 James Madison University
4 Lipscomb University
5 Long Island University
6 Merrimack College (Pathway)
7 Northeastern University (Pathways)
8 Oglethorpe University (Pathways)
9 Pace University (Pathways)
10 Richard Bland College of William & Mary
11 Roosevelt University (Pathways)
12 Texas A&M University Corpus Christi (Pathways)
13 The City College of New York
14 The University of Vermont
15 UMass Boston
16 UMass Dartmouth
17 UMass Lowell
18 University of New Hampshire
19 University of Tulsa
20 Virginia Commonwealth University
21 West Virgina University
22 Western Washington University (Pathways)
23 Widener University
1 Royal Roads University ISC
2 Fraser International College
3 International College of Manitoba

List of University